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to take a 4yo to see Paddington

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NeverFreezeLobsters Wed 26-Nov-14 17:40:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mistymorningmemories Wed 26-Nov-14 17:41:42

I'm taking my 3.11yr old. Why do you think your dd would be traumatised?

Pico2 Wed 26-Nov-14 17:43:54

We'll be taking our 4 yo. Why would it be a problem?

NeverFreezeLobsters Wed 26-Nov-14 17:45:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrincessOfChina Wed 26-Nov-14 17:46:15

Isn't Frozen a PG? I wouldn't worry about it.

suitsyousir Wed 26-Nov-14 17:49:11

Ive seen it. Unless your child is particularly nervous or very easily frightened they should be ok. There are one or two scary moments (along the lines of toy story 3 incinerator scene) but other than that it's fine. And youll enjoy it too smile

JammyTodger Wed 26-Nov-14 17:49:25

I've been taking DS to kids club at the cinema a couple of times a month since he was 2.5. He loves it and can't wait for Paddington. The trailers for it look great.

Phantomteadrinker Wed 26-Nov-14 17:53:38

I'm taking my 2yo with my 6yo. He loves the cinema and has been a few times, I think 4 is certainly old enough.

sillymillyb Wed 26-Nov-14 17:55:03

Ds is only 2.5 and hides every time the trailer comes on.... Which is a shame as he loves the cinema and I quite fancied it. I reckon you should be ok with a 4yo though!

SomeSunnySunday Wed 26-Nov-14 17:59:36

I'm taking my 3 year old (and my 6 year old). It depends on your child. My 6 year old is more likely to be scared than my 3 year old.

specialsubject Wed 26-Nov-14 18:13:14

isn't a big plot line that Padders is going to be stuffed by the Nicole Kidman character if she gets away with it?

doesn't sound very marmalade-sandwich to me. But then I think the new Paddington is completely the wrong shape...

Leeds2 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:17:28

I am going on Friday with OH and my 16 year old. Can't wait!

Please tell me it's absolutely fab, Suits!

I am not keen on Paddington's shape either, Special.

JuniperTisane Wed 26-Nov-14 18:20:01

I saw the trailer and decided not to take DS1 who is 4 because I'm certain it will be too scary for him (he's scared of the bbc gruffalo).

katienana Wed 26-Nov-14 18:20:45

I'm thinking of taking my 2yo for his first cinema trip by the time he is 4 I expect him to handle Saw and The Exorcist.

steff13 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:21:42

We took our 4-year-old to see Big Hero Six a couple of weeks ago, and Paddington was one of the trailers. She cracked up laughing at it. I think we would take her.

NeverFreezeLobsters Wed 26-Nov-14 19:30:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catgirl1976 Wed 26-Nov-14 19:45:59

I'm taking my just turned 3 year old. This will be his first trip to the cinema. I'm hoping he will be fine, though prepared to leave if he isn't.

Fingers crossed he will love it.

ACED Wed 26-Nov-14 20:01:44

and if you buy 2 loaves of Warburtons 'Paddington' promotion bread you get a free child's ticket to see Paddington : )

Bulbasaur Wed 26-Nov-14 20:05:26

I think you'll find more difficulty having a 4 year old sit still through a 90 minute movie about a stuffed bear than you will with her being traumatized. grin

MajesticWhine Wed 26-Nov-14 20:09:10

I'm taking my 4yo. She's been watching the trailer on YouTube for several months, but she's quite the movie buff.

suitsyousir Wed 26-Nov-14 20:40:02

Leeds2 I was never into Paddington as a child but I really enjoyed the film.

NeverFreezeLobsters Wed 26-Nov-14 20:58:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IdkickJilliansass Wed 26-Nov-14 21:13:31

Wasn't it given a PG rating because the dad wears a dress in one scene?

Poolomoomon Wed 26-Nov-14 21:19:14

Pg ratings are quite often a lot of poppycock anyway. The reasons they give movies that rating can be extremely minute, I pretty much ignore PG as a general rule wink.

I don't like the new paddington animation, he looks really freaky and I'm not a fan of this new funny duddy CGI shit anyway. However I do think my 4 yo would enjoy it. First time I took him to the cinema was his third birthday to see wreck it Ralph but he was too young at that point. I only got him to stay still for the duration by bribing him with food grin. He sits and watches movies at home now though so I think he'd love the cinema. Either taking him to see this or Get Santa.

Hulababy Wed 26-Nov-14 21:25:39

Anything which as any form of "mild peril" is a PG.
I would just read the reviews or the IMBD if on and make my own mind up.
DD was 3 for her first cinema trip - also a PG iirr - and she loved it.

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