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So Brangelina have a row on a balcony

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Noellefielding Wed 26-Nov-14 13:52:48

(I know, I shouldn't look, but it's addictive)

and some US rag implies their relationship is OVER?

God if I split up with dh after every row we'd have split up a thousand times!
What do these papers think marriage is? Are none of those people married?

Got99problems Wed 26-Nov-14 13:55:19

Haha I'm now imagining some of the headlines me and DH would get if we were famous and the paps followed up everywhere!

WipsGlitter Wed 26-Nov-14 13:56:34

I know. They also point out she smoking but neglect to say so is he!

Noellefielding Wed 26-Nov-14 14:02:30

I know, I am no massively Angelina acolyte but I do think the press are nobs about her.

I mean how do they think any normal woman is that slim? Really? I mean these women surely must smoke, have an eating disorder or take drugs to keep them so skeletal. I mean some are born skeletons... but I bet a lot of them smoke.

(blissful reverie emoticon of my once skinny ass sashaying around like a gorgeous fox)

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