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to think that jobs should actually be in the area the job advert says they are?

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QoFE Tue 25-Nov-14 18:15:31

I'm fucking fuming having totally wasted my time and money this week over this issue.

Applied for a job I saw advertised locally. Job was stated as being in Smalltown about 5 miles away, nothing in any of the job spec or application form to suggest otherwise. Got a call on Friday inviting me to an interview and was told that a letter was in the post with details/address etc. Cue mad panic as I didn't really expect to to get an interview. Bought decent clothes. Arranged childcare.

Letter arrives and interview is actually in Bigcity nearly 40 miles away. Rang up to check how often I'd need to be in Bigcity as getting there is a total PITA (horrible drive, worse on public transport, frequent terrible traffic and constant roadworks on the route), and it turns out I'd need to be there at least weekly for team meetings, that all training is done there, and that all records and files are there so all paperwork has to be done there too. Its not even a well paid job, only just over NMW.

I didn't apply for a job in Bigcity, I wouldn't have applied at all if that had been clear! What a waste of everyone's time.

Why do they do this? Having done some digging I now see they are advertising the same job as being in many many Smalltowns all over the country when presumably its the same there too hmm

RussianDollss Tue 25-Nov-14 18:18:10

It's misleading of them to do this. Were they prepared to pay mileage and travel time for you to travel to Bigcity?

QoFE Fri 28-Nov-14 20:58:10

Mileage yes (but at a low rate). Travel time no shock

Funnily enough they have just reposted the job ad this afternoon (still not mentioning the travel aspect!).

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