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To think starting at 645 is too early when you finish at 11?

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Listentomyvoice Tue 25-Nov-14 16:48:32

Im sure this is against the law - am I wrong?

AmserGwin Tue 25-Nov-14 16:51:26

Starting what???

Listentomyvoice Tue 25-Nov-14 16:52:57


SmokingGun Tue 25-Nov-14 16:54:04

With what kind of breaks?

FlossyMoo Tue 25-Nov-14 16:54:38

Depends. What is the industry and has the person "opted out" of regulated working hours?

Pippidoeswhatshewants Tue 25-Nov-14 16:54:51

Is that 6.45am to 11pm?
What kind of position is it? Manager?

Birdsgottafly Tue 25-Nov-14 16:55:32

I've done those hours, whilst working in Social Care.

They aren't illegal, but you shouldn't be doing them seven days a week.

I regularly did 16 hour shifts, my friends still do and so does my DD as a MH Manager.

Listentomyvoice Tue 25-Nov-14 16:55:56

Don't really have set breaks. But don't you have to have a certain amount of time between finishing for the day and starting again? Or am I wrong?

Just started a new job and can't cope with the hours. But I want to point out they're actually being illegal otherwise might have to work a months notice.

Tykeisagirl Tue 25-Nov-14 16:58:41

If you're doing that day after day then it's wrong, you are meant to have a minimum of eleven hours off between shifts, and if you don't you should be paid extra to compensate. If it's an occasional long shift followed by an eleven hour break then it's ok. I've done those kinds of hours working in theatre, it's quite normal in that particular industry.

FlossyMoo Tue 25-Nov-14 16:59:31

Try here OP it may help.

SmokingGun Tue 25-Nov-14 16:59:42

What type of work are you doing?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 25-Nov-14 17:00:58


I work in a Hotel and we are exempt from the "11 hours between shifts" law. As long as reasonable rest periods occur within the week, we are expected to finish at 11.30pm and be back at work at 7am.

Catswiththumbs Tue 25-Nov-14 17:01:19

Presuming you mean 0645-2300??
What breaks?

Doing a split shift like that is ok. When I worked I hospitality I did 0600-1300, 1730-"late" (if it was a wedding maybe 0230)

It was crap, but expected.

Now I do 0600-1800 (or 1800-0600) and the company I work for are strict on a 12hr rest period between shifts.

If you have opted out of working time regulations it's tough

TheBatteriesHaveRunOut Tue 25-Nov-14 17:01:36

Is this any use?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 25-Nov-14 17:02:03

I should add, we start at 7am and finish at 3.30pm, restarting at 3pm the following day (to work til 11.30) - so get a 23.5hr break.

loveka Tue 25-Nov-14 17:02:18

My understanding is it is meant to be 11 hours between shifts. Look on the Unison website for guidance

I honestly think those hours are unfair and unsustainable as there is no time for adequate rest.

ouryve Tue 25-Nov-14 17:02:57

Rules here

That's less than 8 hours between shifts - barely time for a shower, dinner and a decent night's sleep, even with minimal travelling time. Regardless of legalities, you can't sustain that indefinitely, unless you get some decent breaks through the day.

Listentomyvoice Tue 25-Nov-14 17:03:44

Batteries thanks that's helpful. I was sure it was against the law.

Tiptops Tue 25-Nov-14 17:05:36

Yes it is against the law. There should be 11 hours rest between your last shift and your next.

Tiptops Tue 25-Nov-14 17:08:08

'Daily rest

Workers have the right to 11 hours rest between working days (eg if you finish work at 8pm, they shouldn’t start work again until 7am the next day).'

Listentomyvoice Tue 25-Nov-14 17:21:16

Thanks. Writing letter of resignation now!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 25-Nov-14 17:24:45

What industry/job is it?

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 25-Nov-14 17:28:20

It is really dependent on industry certain ones including mine are exempt and even then you need to check your contract to make sure you have exempted yourself from the working time directive.
Yes, it maybe illegal, but it is not clear cut.

Listentomyvoice Tue 25-Nov-14 17:34:39

Definitely didn't agree to work more than 48 hours a week. But in any case surely you still have the right to a decent break between shifts.

Fleurdebleurgh Tue 25-Nov-14 17:37:53

I work in hospitality and events. Ive finished at 4am before and had to be back at 10am.

Its in my contract that we have 'opted out' of the Working times regs.

Suck it up.

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