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To ask for your help with this?!

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DixieTreats Tue 25-Nov-14 16:06:37

So I pitched for a brief recently - and got it. Upon receiving the details, I have absolutely NO idea how to go about this and I wondered if you kind lot would give me some opinions as to what WTAF it means:

"Topic: Varied
Tone: Witty/Sharp
Extensive research needed: no
Extra notes: Content writer required to provide comments/dialogues for a group of cartoon characters (10 individuals) of diverse personalities (London black cab driver, a business woman, a city banker, an Indian shop keeper, a single mum, a homeless person etc.). This is an on-going project where members of this group individually or in sub-groups (not more than two characters per scene) comment on current/social topics/issues of the day or of interest. Topics and comments/dialogues will be of your own choosing. Their views/stances reflective of their socio-economic background.
You will be required to pair the 10 individual characters as you wish to provide 25 different scenes each week. Each set of five (5) scenes will require a different topic so altogether five (5) topics and twenty-five (25) scenes (dialogues) per week"

The only other bit of information that I received was a load of cartoon sketches.


OwlCapone Tue 25-Nov-14 16:17:10

You need to find 5 things to comment on each week and pair the 10 characters to make those comments within 5 scenes. I imagine it's a comic strip of 5 scenes, each strip featuring one pair from yr list of 10 characters.

DixieTreats Tue 25-Nov-14 16:49:54

Thanks Owl! I have no idea why I find this so confusing - I'm normally quite an intelligent old stick :/

saiyme09 Tue 25-Nov-14 17:53:23

That brief sort of reminded me of a cartoony cross of eastenders/mock the week/have I got news for you... Not much help I'm sure but owl covered the rest!

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