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to expect more notice of a shift change than this?

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jammygem Tue 25-Nov-14 12:43:06

I was supposed to work 12 to 6 today, was told yesterday when I came into work that my shift has been changed to 2 until 11. There was no asking whether it's OK, no apology, just "your shift tomorrow has changed to this".

Apparently they didn't notice when doing the rota last week that we had this evening event on. They realised this on Thursday.

I'm particularly pissed off because I had plans that I've already had to cancel 3 times because of work. And because I'm on a proper contract I have to do whatever shifts they give me - they were just very lucky that the casual staff on tonight were still able to do the shift.

AIBU to think we should have been given more notice? Or at least asked instead of told, and actually apologised to? I really hate my job, it's been making me very ill recently and I've been applying elsewhere. Usually I just cry before shifts and generally dread work, but this time I'm not upset, just so bloody angry. This small thing just seems to be the last straw for me, and I feel like if the tiniest thing happens today at work I may just flip out.

Fizzielove Tue 25-Nov-14 13:14:46

What sort of work do you do? Can't you speak to your manager and explain how you feel ?

BTW YNBU - you should be given notice if your shifts are changed.

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