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To ask for advice re cleaners?

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Thisishowyoudisappear Mon 24-Nov-14 08:25:51

I have a cleaner coming this week - it's the first time I've ever employed one and I'm a bit nervous about it. I'd really appreciate some general advice on how to start the relationship well so it works for both of us.

I actually don't mind housework and my house is not too dirty generally, but I have a health problem that means if I do tons of cleaning I can't do other things that I'd rather do, like DIY and gardening, so DH is more or less insisting that we have a cleaner. So I guess that adds a bit to the anxiety as I actually feel slightly guilty about getting a cleaner at all. We don't have any DC.

Anyway I suppose I am a bit U for worrying about this at all, but please be gentle and give me the benefit of your experience!

DuchessDisaster Mon 24-Nov-14 08:33:32

1. Make sure you have a good supply of cleaning materials, dusters etc. if you are providing them.
2. Tidy up, so your cleaner can clean rather than move things around.
3. Make a list for each room you want them to clean, including what you want done and which cleaning materials to use.
4. Differentiate between tasks that you want done every week and tasks that are less frequent.
5. Remember to offer your cleaner a cup of coffee or tea.
6. Check that your cleaner is comfortable with the number of tasks and that they are able to complete them in the time available.
7. Ask for feedback for next time, in case there is anything extra you can do beforehand to facilitate the cleaning process.

thegreylady Mon 24-Nov-14 08:35:35

Decide in advance what you would like her to do in order of priority so if you want a deep clean with furniture moved and paintwork washed then what will take longer than a dust and hoover. I ask mine to do a thorough clean of kitchen and bathroom and a surface clean everywhere else. Once every month or so she does extra time and cleans out the fridge etc. She always moves furniture to hoover in the living room.
You could give her a list but emphasise that you are aware of time constraints. If I am in I make my cleaner a coffee before she starts and if I am out I leave her the makings (which she rarely uses). If she goes over time I pay extra. She started coming while I was having chemo 8 years ago and she is wonderful.

HeyheyheyGoodbye Mon 24-Nov-14 08:36:09

Don't feel guilty! Providing employment is a good thing smile

I think the PP covered it really well. So long as you're all on the same page about what can be achieved in the time a lot you shouldn't have any problems.

YY to making sure the place is tidy first, having lots of cloths, facilities for them to make themselves tea/coffee etc!

merlehaggard Mon 24-Nov-14 08:37:02

I have 3 kids (younger 4 and not yet in school, and eldest an adult), work 18 hours per week over 3 days and I have a cleaner for 2 hours per week. She comes every Tuesday (whilst I'm at work), we pay £20 and she cleans every room of a good sized 4 bed house. We just make sure that the house is completely tidy Monday night and when we go to school/work. It is very nice to walk in after work to find it all done. She does all the dusting, wiping, hoovering etc of all the rooms including kitchen and bathroom. She often asks for specific cleaning products that she likes to use, that I buy.

She is very good and very quick. That said, i do occasionally find she might have missed a mirror, etc but I couldn't clean the house in 2 hours and I won't be nit picking. I trust her 100% and she has cleaned for us for a lot of years.

kathryng90 Mon 24-Nov-14 08:56:17

Love my cleaner and she makes my life so much easier! Mine comes twice a week for 2 hrs each time. She does surface cleaning of each room (big 5 bedded) plus she has a routine of windows, skirting boards, behind stuff and inside kitchen cupboards.
She uses my cleaning stuff and I have a kitty which she replaces it with. She uses her own colour coded cloths! She has been coming 4 years since my last baby was born and never let me down.
Tidy beforehand so she can clean
Ask if she wants a drink
Pay her on time (mine likes bank transfer)
Thank her (she once told me some clients don't?!)
I pay mine an extra twenty quid at Christmas!
And enjoy!

Thisishowyoudisappear Mon 24-Nov-14 09:41:25

Thanks everyone! That's really helpful. And I feel a bit less guilty too. I will use the checklist and advice. Glad I braved AIBU and asked. smile

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