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StillSquirrelling Wed 19-Nov-14 21:49:24

Following on from the very divisive thread from earlier, asking whether one has a starter before Christmas dinner or not, I am now feeling a bit nosy curious as to what people actually eat on the big day. Here's what ours usually looks like:

Pre-breakfast: Kids usually have some chocolate from their stockings that we politely decline in sharing

Breakfast: Oven goes on for the turkey and we warm croissants and pain au chocolat in it whilst we are waiting for it to get to temperature. These are served with lashings of tea, freshly squeezed breakfast juice (orange and grapefruit) and butter/jam

Mid morning: Probably some more chocolate or some Twiglets savoury nibbles if we fancy some

At some point in the morning we will take all the Christmas dinner peelings to give to our sheep, along with a Christmas swede for each of them!

2pm (ish): Main event - no starter - which comprises turkey, roast spuds, sometimes new potatoes too, roast parsnips <vomit>, sprouts, mashed carrot and swede, broccoli, peas, pigs in blankets, our special stuffing (cooked in its own dish not in the turkey - pack of stuffing with extra fried onions and a pack of sausage meat, all mixed together and baked) and possibly some Yorkshire puddings if we are feeling particularly hungry. All served with fizz of some sort (Shloer for the kids) and lashings of gravy etc

Pudding may or may not be served after dinner (DH is the only one who likes xmas pud)

Some point in the early evening: a buffet style supper of cold turkey and possibly a baked ham, pickles, cheese and biscuits, fruit and possibly more chocolate.

wheresthelight Wed 19-Nov-14 21:57:34

breakfast is usually the norm or cereal and or toast

dinner - turkey, ham, stuffing (paxo best) roast pots mash pots roast Parsnips peas sprouts green beans carrots Yorkshire puds

pudding xmas pud/xmas cake if you can fit it in

tea whatever you can be arsed to get yourself cos I will be asleep grin

KurriKurri Wed 19-Nov-14 21:58:12

There is only me and grown up DD we have:

Breakfast: - Croissants with jam, cup of tea.
More tea while we open our pressies
Post pressies: -Proper coffee and chocolates

Christmas Dinner: No starter. Chestnut Wellington(we are veggie) roast potatoes, roast parsnips, sprouts or broccoli, carrots, stuffing, cranberry sauce.
Trifle for pud. Glass or two of wine.

Tea: - Cheese and crackers, crisps, nuts etc. Christmas cake, more trifle if there's room (!) More wine.

During evening we graze on bits and pieces, more chocolates, more wine.

When we feel completely sick, we go to bed grin

CherryLips1980 Wed 19-Nov-14 22:08:22

Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs (made with cream) [fat] and bacon. Then I go and sort my horse out while DP walks the dog. Afterwards we open our presents to each other/ones we've had from friends/family we won't see.

We have lunch at DP's dads with his lodger/friend, DP's sister, husband and her two kids and his brother, wife and their two kids. This year there will be DP and I with our DD. (She was there last year too, but only 6 weeks old. This year there will be more awareness!) Lunch is 'proper, traditional' turkey Christmas lunch (same as you listed, OP) and trifle for dessert - there might be xmas pud although I don't think anyone actually likes it. There will be wine although I suspect I'll be having lemonade with the I will be 5 months pregnant by then. After lunch we open our presents from the people we see there.

Usually, DP, (DD) and I (plus DDog and Dcat) then drive down to my parents (150miles away) and open stockings/presents there. Tea is chocolate from our stockings/maybe a sandwich. This year, however, DP & I have to work on 27th so we maybe won't go to my parents over Christmas as we would like some relaxing time to ourselves at some point. Yet to broach that subject with them though hmm confused

StillSquirrelling Wed 19-Nov-14 22:09:18

Oh I adore trifle! I'm not normally a big cake fan and so for years as a child my mum would always make me a trifle instead of a birthday cake grin

It's never actually occurred to me to make a trifle for Christmas pudding but I think I may this year as it's a nice non-stodgy one that doesn't sit heavily on the tum

velocity1 Wed 19-Nov-14 22:10:05

There are 5 adults in the house now, so it's a bit boring really.

Breakfast - individual boxes of cereal, when the dc were small we used to wrap the boxes up and put them in the bowls

Lunch - no starter here either, a roast of some kind or other, last year we had lamb, haven't decided this years yet. An assortment of veg, depending on what they all fancy when I do the shop, although it always includes brussels.Roast potatoes, with mash for the 2 awkward people that won't eat roasties. Yorkshires, because I'm not allowed to cook a roast without them, stuffing, bread sauce, and gravy, regardless of what the meat is. None of us are drinkers, so we have Schloer usually, rather than alcohol

We tend to have pudding in evening, then it's whatever anyone can be bothered to prepare, plus sweets, biscuits and cake smile

simbacatlivesagain Wed 19-Nov-14 22:10:38

Breakfast- warm smoked salmon rolls and champagne. Coffee for those who want. Bacon butties also offered. Cereal, croissants, cereals etc all on offer to those who want. No full English

Lunch. 5 courses (sorry!). Soup with bread, fish (Usually salmon, prawns and potted shrimp, quail eggs). Turkey and beef with all usual trimmings (stuffings x 2, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, brussel sprouts, parsnips, red cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots, homemade cranberry,gravy) . Christmas pudding and ice-cream and fruit in alcohol. Cheese. Champagne with 1st 2 courses. Wine choices with main. Port with cheese. Chocolates with Coffee.

Supper- steamed salmon with left over meats/salads/breads

Late- often pizzas for teens.

We have 11 staying over usually.

We often do this twice with 20 on the 2nd run about 27th/28th- then we do 3 courses with beef and chicken not turkey.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 19-Nov-14 22:13:43

Bang on Squirrel, that's exactly what we'll be doing this year except we're having beef instead of turkey for a change. I usually serve an alternative pudding as well for those mad guests that don't like Christmas pudding.

Oh and we have to have stollen cake too. That's a given. grin

icclemunchy Wed 19-Nov-14 22:15:24

We have prezzies followed by OH going to get mcDonalds for breakfast whilst I have a tidy up/ DD plays. Some point in the morning we trundle up to see my horses then back home to eat rubbish and more playing.

I cook dinner when we feel like it usually roast pork with mash/roasties/veg/stuffing/yorkies and loads of pigs in blankets!!

Then we just graze on all the nice bits I've bought for the eve and Boxing Day. Bothe me and OH are diabetic and Xmas and boxing days and the 2days of the year we say sod it and eat whole boxes of chocolates if we feel like it grin

WyrdByrd Wed 19-Nov-14 22:20:06

It's just me, DH & DD for the day, sometimes additional family in the evening.

Breakfast: Toasted brioche with scrambled eggs & smoked salmon, pain au chocolat for DD & Bucks Fizz

Starter: Prawn & Avocado Cocktail or Smoked salmon parcels filled with cream cheese, prawns, finely diced apple & celery.

Dinner: Turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roast pots & parsnips, sprouts, carrots, broccoli, gravy & bread sauce.

Christmas Pudding & custard/boozy extra thick cream (if we've got room)

Shiraz for DH, Prosecco, Chablis or Sauv Blanc for me

Supper: Cheese, pate, biscuits/crusty bread & grapes, pickles etc.
Christmas cake
More booze!

IckleBones Wed 19-Nov-14 22:21:11

Last xmas was the first time I had hosted dinner so it went and usually does.

No starter.
Honey roast ham a la gordon ramsay, roasted parsnips and onions
Roast potatoes , paxo stuffing and gravy and I may have sinned and also had cauliflower cheese also.

A choc cake that no on could finish.

IckleBones Wed 19-Nov-14 22:22:27

Oh and I forgot tonnes of pigs and blankets

StillSquirrelling Wed 19-Nov-14 22:22:56

Oh, simbacat reminded me that we also have braised red cabbage with dinner which the kids hate DH and I love. Goes very nicely with braised pheasant too, which is good because there's always masses left over!

Wow, I can't believe how much food people eat! I have IBD so I'm more of a grazer usually, rather than a big meal person. Christmas Day is a real struggle to try and eat a full meal without bursting from fullness!

redexpat Wed 19-Nov-14 22:23:54

at mym and dads:
Breadkfast is normal.

Start champagne and nibbles about 11.

Sit at table and pull crackers.

We do have starters and have always had. prawn cocktail or smoked salmon.

Roast turkey, delias apple sausage and chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes, sprouts, corn, carrots, bacon, chipolatas.

Christmas pudding.

Turkey and stuffing sandwiches for tea.

At mils in denmark its a whole other deal. no starter, no champes, meal in the evening is duck, and goose and turkey. red cabbage, boiled potatoes, caremelised potatoes, cabbage and cinnamon, cild rice pudding with hot cherry sauce. Whoever gets the almond in rhe pudding wins a prize.

nohysteriahere Wed 19-Nov-14 22:30:00

Croissants and crumpets for breakfast with fruit juice and tea.
Tinned tomato soup with part baked fresh rolls followed by roast potatoes, white meat/nut loaf, roast parsnips, carrots, swede, yorkshire puddings, tinned peas, pigs in blankets and a choice of christmas pudding or steamed chocolate pudding with a selection of christmas creams for me and custard.

I lay out a cold buffet in the evening which lasts for a few days and have cheese and crackers for supper*

*disclaimer, nobody has much as all to stuffed.

The kids and dh eat chocolate and drink schloer and pepsi while I work through a bottle of wine.

ravenAK Wed 19-Nov-14 22:30:20

Breakfast: bagels with smoked salmon/posh scrambled eggs, Bucks Fizz or Bloody Marys

Dinner: vegetarian main (usually some sort of filo-y pie), joint or bird for the visiting carnivores, roast potatoes & parsnips, carrots, red cabbage (from a jar, BIL & I love it but are the only ones! I drain it, mix in some apple & some cranberry sauce & heat in a mini casserole dish), sprouts, peas, stuffing, Yorkies if this year's roast is beef or lamb, gravy (one veggie onion gravy, one with meat juices), cranberry sauce.

Xmas pud, brandy butter, custard.

All served with copious quantities of wine. Finishing off this year with my plum brandy.

Tea: crackers & cheese, crusty bread, little bowls of pickled onions, olives, nuts etc. Xmas cake & mince pies.

Darkandstormynight Wed 19-Nov-14 22:32:57

There are only three of us, so:

Christmas Eve: Supper of appetizers. Usually one cheesy, one or two veggie, one meat, one vegetarian. Egg nog, sparkling grape juice (I can't drink...migraines!), dh will usually have some rum when ds goes to bed.

Christmas day: Coffee for me and dh when opening presents. Ds is offered hot cocoa, which he always refuses.

Breakfast: Usually some kind of breakfast bread: Homemade cinnamon buns, pecan rolls, etc. Only a little bit though, since Dinner will be in a few hours.

Christmas Dinner: (Lunch) Honey baked ham, some kind of cheesy potatoes, peas, sauerkraut, Polish sausage (I'm half Polish).

Christmas Evening, usually while watching Christmas shows in our pj's: Leftovers from Christmas dinner. See above.

MrsHathaway Wed 19-Nov-14 22:33:04

We don't have rigid traditions, but...

In the morning the DC are allowed to empty their stockings from 6am so long as they don't jump on us until at least 7am. They therefore have satsuma and chocolate coins early on.

Downstairs in pyjamas for presents and breakfast - the only day of the year we go downstairs before getting dressed.

If it's a year we aren't eating with PIL they might drop in, otherwise it's lazy playing, tea drinking, toast/croissant/brioche all morning. Occasionally prod the oven.

Lunch should be 1pm if I'm cooking it. Roast with one side dish per diner (so the year we were 12 it was roast with 12 sides, this year we should be 9 so there will be 9) - this makes quantities easy to judge and reduces waste. DH requires pigs in blankets in quantity.

Pudding must include bought Christmas pudding, and made trifle decorated by DC between courses. I made the mistake of offering "or" one year and was quickly corrected. Apparently trifle and Christmas pudding do go in one bowl.

More playing, dozing off, A Walk as required. Supper of cheeseboard and assorted chocolates.

Our other traditions are Christmas Eve Scrabble and The Boxing Day Walk.

Darkandstormynight Wed 19-Nov-14 22:34:22

Oh forgot dessert: Christmas biscuits, pie, or cheesecake.

beanandspud Wed 19-Nov-14 22:36:13

We have a breakfast of sausage/bacon rolls with fruit, juice, coffee.

Mid-morning glass of fizz whilst opening presents. No doubt some chocolate will be eaten by DS and Grandpa.

No real lunch - some nibbles that we heat up - cheese straws, prawns in pastry, mini pasties. Followed by a walk and some fresh air.

Christmas Lunch is at 5pm. Turkey with roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, sprouts, stuffing, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, gravy and a veggie option. Christmas pudding or ice cream after. Candles, wine, probably takes a couple of hours.

Once DS has gone to bed we might have chocolates, cheese, nuts etc. if anyone is hungry.

topsyturner Wed 19-Nov-14 22:38:57

Am I the only one who thought it was fantastic that squirrels sheep get a Christmas Swede ???

puntasticusername Wed 19-Nov-14 22:39:11

Breakfast - smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and Bucks Fizz for me and DH. Bucks Fizz made from scratch with nice champagne and fresh orange juice, because we tried the cheapo ready mixed stuff one year and OMFG, never again. Cereal and toast as usual for the DC (aged 3 and 1).

Lunch: a light starter of nibbly party bits - last year it was duck spring rolls. I don't Do roast turkey so it's usually slow roast lamb, as it's DH's favourite, you can sling it in the oven first thing, it needs no attention and will happily hang on for a bit after the planned serving time if need be. However, this year I'll be attempting roast saddle of venison, just because I have one. Eek. Think I'm going to roast a backup chicken in advance just in case.

Served with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onions. Paxo. Boiled or steamed green veg of some sort. Naice bought gravy.

Followed by a good-quality bought Christmas pudding, naice bought custard (if it's got visible vanilla seeds, I'm there) and brandy butter.

Tea: some or all of home-cooked gammon, bread rolls, salad, pork pies, sausage rolls, crudités and dips, pickled onions, chutney, mustard and pickles. And trifle. Oh and there HAS to be a prawn ring.

That usually keeps us going until around Twelfth Night...

agoodbook Wed 19-Nov-14 22:40:02

Different a little here- we eat our Christmas meal at about 6 ( for years we were out in the morning visiting lots of family, so now always do!)
Breakfast normal,
lunch bacon sandwiches
Feeding 9-10 ? this year so
Christmas meal -
no starter
Beef and pork with crackling
Stuffing ( I know , but its a favourite family recipe)
Roast potatoes
Mash ( for DH)
Sprouts/ carrots/leeks/parsnips/green beans
Gravy/Apple sauce/
A lot of wine <hic>
Home made christmas pudding with white sauce ( essential)
Chocolate mini M &S puddng for DD and her DP ( allergic to nuts)
Dessert wine <even more hic>
Medjool dates / chocolates /sweets
until someone explodes

StillSquirrelling Wed 19-Nov-14 22:44:04

Keep 'em coming MNers - I'm finding them absolutely fascinating! My MIL's set up is pretty similar to mine, as is my mum's although hers is less palatable and I've never had Christmas Day with anyone other than my family or MIL so it's really interesting reading about other people's traditions fsmile

topsyturner Wed 19-Nov-14 22:44:52

We have brekkie at home (whatever I can persuade DH to make !)

Then mid morning we head off to the mils .
She does a starter of Italian meats , breads , olives etc .
Then it's the full turkey , ham , potatoes , sprouts etc .
Although I think this year I may bring some pigs in blankets , she NEVER makes those !

They are very stingy with the wine at lunch . I have seen 1 bottle eked out between 7 adults before .
(I always bring fizzy wine , and they never open the damn stuff !)

They do excel on the pudding front , so I'll forgive the wine .
We get trifle , cheesecake , and bannofee . All home made .
And Christmas puds are always offered too .

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