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to be awake and eating like its going out of fashion

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blingblingbling Wed 19-Nov-14 04:05:05

Hi. I kicked my shithead DH out last night. And I just finished feeding my two month old dd. I sitting in the kitchen, with a huge chicken, Mayo, stuffing sandwich in front of me and a huge bowl of crisps beside me. And I plan on demolishing the tub of ben and gerry"s cookie dough icecream that's in the freezer lol. I know I shouldn't be comfort eating. Will someone please tell me stop acting like a pig. TIA

hankyspanky Wed 19-Nov-14 04:18:08

Enjoy!! grin You deserve it!

rootypig Wed 19-Nov-14 04:19:42

Good lord that sounds delicious. God bless mayo. On you go! grin

Please also remember that BF is a fat transfer from mother to child. So really you must eat in this fashion.

blingblingbling Wed 19-Nov-14 04:20:49

Thank you hankyspanky, here have some cake, cake cake god knows I have enough to go round lol grin

blingblingbling Wed 19-Nov-14 04:23:44

And here's some for you too rootypig cake cakegrin

Start to eat your sandwich slowly, take one bite, chew it and enjoy it, savour it, think of the flavours and recognise the yummy sensations. Also think about your stomach, it is the size of a grapefruit. You want some crisps and ice cream so, you will need to leave space alongside the sandwich to really enjoy eating these foods that you are allowed to want. You do not have to finish the sandwich /crisps/ice cream. But do eat in a way where you can enjoy what you're eating. It doesn't have to be physically uncomfortable, or unhealthy, or resisted. Satisfy your desire for a little of the sandwich, crisps, and ice cream, then go back to bed feeling comfortably full.
If the sandwich is larger than a portion, wrap the rest and put it in the fridge to enjoy another time, put the rest of the crisps in a sealy bag, and scoop a portion of ice cream into a bowl putting the box back in the freezer.
Have a comfortable and satisfied night. You are not a pig and you can eat now, and those foods in a non pig style, there is nothing pig like about you. You are a person with physical and emotional needs.

hankyspanky Wed 19-Nov-14 04:25:30

I've just been kicked on the nose by my DGD who is staying with me, she's only 2 but my god it hurt!
Cake will be accepted with gratitude grin

blingblingbling Wed 19-Nov-14 04:30:33

Hankyspanky, poor you. Here you go,brew wink

Grokette Wed 19-Nov-14 04:45:41

Decaff that is one of the best posts I have ever read on here smile

Enjoy it, OP! I wish I could join you but I've just done a virtuous shop and my fridge is full of kale and lean meat. I should've gone with the ice cream...

rootypig Wed 19-Nov-14 04:50:22

Thank you grin

Decaff I v much doubt that my stomach is or has ever been the size of a grapefruit grin

MildredH Wed 19-Nov-14 05:11:42

Oh bling that sounds glorious and I am now STARVING!

Just fed my dd and trying to get back to sleep.. Tempted to go raid fridge but it's arctic outside the covers!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. X

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