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To ask who here has a nose job?

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Wishfulmakeupping Tue 18-Nov-14 18:09:08

Hate my nose bloody crooked and fleshy. At the risk of sounding like Samantha brick mark 2 I am quite attractive...if you ignore the nose part that is sad
I'm about 2 years off being able to afford having it done. I know they say cosmetic surgery can't make you happy but I think it would for me.
Anyone had it done? Are you happy with the results?

Winterbells Tue 18-Nov-14 18:19:09

I have not had one yet but I am planning one. My sister had hers done last year in Seoul and it looks amazing, a very small change but it makes a huge difference to her face. She is very happy with it. I am looking forward to mine!

Gruntfuttock Tue 18-Nov-14 18:30:21

Yes, I had it done about 30 years ago. Completely happy with the result. I was fortunate enough to inherit £2K from a distant relative and immeditaely knew what I wanted to spend it on. I went to my GP who referred me to a surgeon in Harley Street. I went up there for a consultation and then booked the operation. I can also honestly say that the only pain I felt was when the needle went in the back of my hand for the general anaesthetic, so that must have last almost three seconds! smile

Don't forget that the "bruising" you will have under your eyes for a short time afterwards, isn't really bruising at all, it's just where blood has drained, so there is no tenderness involved, and that soon gets reabsorbed and disappears. Just make sure you get referred to a reputable surgeon and you'll be fine. I can honestly say "There was nothing to it." I have never regretted it for a moment.

Cocodale Tue 18-Nov-14 18:33:00

My dd had hers done in the Summer and it's completely changed her life. She's always been beautiful and as parents we were quite anxious about her doing it but having lost her strong masculine roman nose she now feels beautiful.
Do your research carefully, she spoke to lots of people for recommendations of surgeons. Recovery was quick and now she's at uni a completely different girl.
Good luck.

Iforgottotellyou Tue 18-Nov-14 18:33:55

Yes I had mine done about 17 years ago. It was big and had a bump in the middle where I ran into a glass door that I didn't see when I was a child. I was bullied at school because of it, and as a young adult I remember walking through town and some complete stranger's commented on it!
I must admit I'd be more wary about having anything done now, as I think the industry is a bit dodgy, but the night before my Op I remember thinking that even if they mess it up, it couldn't possibly look any worse!
I got what I asked for but over the years I've been accidentally headbutted by my children a few times so it's not as straight as it was sad but yes it did change my life at the time.

workingtitle Tue 18-Nov-14 18:35:30

My mum had one about ten years ago, she was 60 smile It was a vey subtle change but it improved her confidence hugely and made a difference to her appearance. She only told immediate family and no one else guessed, but she did get friends/family asking if she'd had a new hairstyle, make up etc.
She got through surgery/recovery fine. I had nasal surgery for a medical problem (deviated septum) and found it quite traumatic at the time, but no lasting issues.

Gruntfuttock Tue 18-Nov-14 18:39:05

Yes, do get referred by your GP, rather than responding to an ad. I only found out many years after my op, quite how eminent my surgeon was. He actually co-founded the famous plastic surgery unit in Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, Sussex, (which is where I had my op) with Archie McIndoe. No wonder he did such a good job with my conk. I felt quite honoured.

Dragonfly71 Tue 18-Nov-14 18:56:30

A strong roman nose runs in our family with a nice little bump on the top, but luckily so do great cheekbones and eyeshape (just so we're not too hideous!).As a child I loved having a nose just like my Dad's. My 2 eldest have "the nose" which tends to develop in the teens and my youngest keeps asking "Have I got the nose yet?!" We are all pretty proud of it and have taken family pictures in profile as its lovely to see the resemblance between us and looks quite funny.
I have always told the children that they could get a nose job when they are older if they felt it effected their confidence though, and if I didn't like my nose I would have no hesitation.

velourvoyageur Tue 18-Nov-14 19:07:14

ooh I'm interested in this thread!

I bet I can top all of you on the ginormous nose stakes, mine is truly something unique, which I guess is something of a dubious honour. I think I would rather miss it if it were gone though, and also I have to admit I'd be really afraid people would think I had low self esteem!

To be honest I think I might go the other way and get it pierced, you know, embrace it. Double pierced wink Or I might find myself with a straight nose from surgery in a year or five years or more, don't know. I guess I think it should bother me more than it does. The thing that bothers me is again, I'm afraid people assume I'm unhappy about it, cos obviously I don't want to look like I don't like myself!

OP have you never had a crush on someone with a large nose....or say a lazy eye or something that's a bit 'noticeable' about a person? I do, all the time, it's hardly unusual- we're so much harder on ourselves than other people are, don't you think?

Dragonfly71 Tue 18-Nov-14 19:38:06

Velour, I also hate it if people "pity" my nose and make sure I let them know how wrong they are, part of the urge to rebel against bland ideas of what is pretty/ acceptable. Im very attached to it actually! (see what I did there..)
But I would never condemn someone for having a nose job if they really wanted to. Just hope it doesn't become the norm for anyone who doesn't fit a narrow definition of attractive.

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 18-Nov-14 19:53:43

I see where you're both coming from velour and dragonfly if it were a roman nose I'd be ok or a bit big wouldnt be so bad but its huge, and bent and crooked sad but I do know what you mean so off the best looking people would be considered flawed if they were examined by the experts.

HermioneWeasley Tue 18-Nov-14 20:05:24

Mine is bent and crooked and I got very close to having it done last year. My very reputable surgeon stressed the risks as well as the benefits and I decided not to go ahead.

FreeWee Tue 18-Nov-14 20:14:11

My friend had it done having put up with comments for years. I've always be dubious about nose jobs as the wrong 'job' can make your face look unnatural, like it doesn't work anymore then you have other stuff done to 'correct' it and end up looking like Jackie Stallone!

Anyway. She had the broken bit smoothed out and she looks brilliant! Just a perfect version of herself rather than 'new and improved'. She so much happier too. So depending on how drastic you're going I'd say go for it!

SmallLeaps Thu 20-Nov-14 23:16:36

It was absolutely life changing for me.

I had a really unusual nose, the kind you need seriously high self esteem to carry off - but I was massively emotionally abused/bullied by my family, so my self esteem was very low. I was also primed to be vulnerable to bullies by the abuse, and having that nose just made me a really obvious target.

I look back and I think I lived every single day of my life in fear of being laughed at/verbally abused, because it happened so often, well into my adult life. Because my self esteem was so shot, it was nigh on impossible for me to fight back against the bullies who would pick on me, so I just suffered.

At the same time, I was seen by many as a strong person with a strong character, which is also true in many ways. And I had this belief that I just had to live with my nose the way it was, that it would be weak to change it, that I wouldn't be me any more somehow, that I should love myself the way I was, that having it done would be agreeing with the bullies that I was ugly and freakish.

So it took me a very long time to actually do it. OMG, if I could turn back time, I would have had it done on my 18th birthday. A decade on from the op, the difference it has made has been amazing. I don't feel worried when meeting new people that the first thing they'll notice about me will be my nose. I don't have to brace myself for the jeers walking past a group of teenagers - they don't even notice me now. I am no longer subject to complete strangers hurling abuse at me or feeling entitled to comment on my nose in a pejorative way, right in front of me.

Most of all, I am not defined by this extremity on my face any more, I'm free just to be me, the person I actually am, and always was.

No one would think that the nose I have now is the result of a nose job, because it's not perfectly sculpted, it's not particularly neat or cute. It's just not weird or extreme like it was before, and it fits my face, which it didn't before. I did a lot of research on surgeons and interviewed at least half a dozen of them, and chose the same place in East Grinstead mentioned upthread, one of the fantastic team at the pioneering maxillo facial unit there.

Very, very happy with the results. Of course it didn't make all the issues from my past go away, that's another job and another story, but it did relieve me of one huge problem in my life in one fell swoop. And I have never, ever, not for one nanosecond, regretted having it done. Never missed my old nose at all - I used to think it was somehow such an important part of me, one friend at the time actually said "but it's like part of your essence"(!) but it totally, absolutely wasn't.

I was worried it would be a betrayal of myself somehow, but actually it's just about the kindest thing I've ever done for myself.

So if you want to do it, do it!!

Great post SmallLeaps

rockdakazbah Fri 21-Nov-14 02:51:14

I had one 5 years ago. I wouldn't say it was life changing, I'm still me but with a smaller nose but that was what I wanted to achieve. My only regret as someone else has said upthread, is that I didn't have it on my 18th birthday!

velourvoyageur Fri 21-Nov-14 07:09:34

to people who had it done- could I ask, what were people's reactions like? did you feel self conscious?

BatteryPoweredHen Fri 21-Nov-14 07:25:48

I've had one and it has completely changed my life.

The actual change to the shape of my nose is quite subtle, but I just look a lot 'better' in a way that goes over and above the shape of my nose - my whole face looks more balanced now. My cheekbones and chin point look much more prominent (in a good way) in comparison which makes a huge difference.

An additional, and quite unexpected benefit is that I am a lot more relaxed about ageing now, as with my new nose, I will look substantially more attractive in my 40s than I did in my 20s (and will continue to do so into my later years)

The weirdest part? Literally no one else has noticed. Not even my family. If I were to show you a before and after shot, the change is very noticeable, but unbelievably nobody has actually said anything, they've just said I was looking 'well'.

BatteryPoweredHen Fri 21-Nov-14 07:29:33

P.s. Having bumps, or the contours of the bridge of your nose is a very different surgery from adjusting nostrils or the 'tilt' of the lower part of the nose from your upper lip.

Much less likely to have problems with former than latter...

OraProNobis Fri 21-Nov-14 07:30:21

Yes! Like Gruntfuttock I had mine around 30 years ago and I don't think I could have lived a normal life without having had it done. I was defined and identified by my nose as well as remorselessly teased about it - think Roman meets Steisand but on steroids and Miracle-Gro! It was MONSTROUS!! It was the first thing you saw about me and people didn't talk to me - they talked to the nose! My wonderful surgeon wouldn't allow me a cute little upturned button nose which was all I wanted! - rather he pointed out that I should have it done so that it looked like it fit my face - he did and it does and since then nobody has ever noticed or remarked on my nose. Best - seriously the best - thing I ever did.

whois Fri 21-Nov-14 08:48:22

A friend had a bump smoothed - she is super happy with the results. To be honest, I probably wouldn't really have noticed and just think she looks lovely - but last week she pulled up a before photo and there really is a big change. Funny how our minds adjust to the new 'normal'!

iwantgin Fri 21-Nov-14 09:50:33

I haven't (yet) but have considered it many times.

It just scares me when I see the op being performed on tv. The hammers and chisels..

Mine isn't so bad, but does have a bump on the bridge. I can't picture myself with out it though ???

sunflower49 Fri 21-Nov-14 09:53:29

Not me but both my DP's Sisters have.

I don't know massive details. But I do know that they're both much happier for it, and when I probed the questions ( I was interested but didn't want to be rude!) they said 'it was nothing, it was fine, over with quickly, changed my life' and things like that.

SloeGinFizz Fri 21-Nov-14 10:02:45

I broke my nose in an accident a few years ago (I fainted and fell on my face). I have put off having anything done for fear of being seen as vain. It's always had a bump but now it looks so crooked too. I feel so self conscious and ugly. But like I say I feel vain at the thought of having a nose job and can't imagine spending such a lot of money on myself.

It's all made worse by having my beautiful DD this year who looks just like me, I feel I'll be sending a bad message to her if I change myself.

Gruntfuttock Fri 21-Nov-14 10:13:30

"It just scares me when I see the op being performed on tv. The hammers and chisels.. "

Well, you're a bit silly to worry about that, because the first thing they do with the hammer is hit you on the head with it, so you're unconscious. wink

Seriously, as I said above, the only pain from the entire procedure was the needle in the back of my hand administering the general anaesthetic, so a few seconds. I can honestly say "There was nothing to it" and the result was excellent and completely natural -looking.

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