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To wish people would use carseats and strap their children into cars!

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HappierThanEverBefore Mon 17-Nov-14 23:59:17

Bit of a rant I guess

Recently I've been on the road a fair bit and am quite shocked at the amount of children Ive seen in cars without carseats (clearly need one), sat on adults lap (adult strapped in child not) or just 'jumping' around the car! The best bit about it is most the time the driver is wearing their seatbelt!

How hard/time consuming is it to strap the child into a car seat or make sure they have their belt on?

I understand there are some occasions ie taxis that it's not possible but most of these weren't taxis hmm

Probably going to get a flaming for this but needed to rant as it's been on my mind!

BabyDubsEverywhere Tue 18-Nov-14 00:01:20

I haven't seen this since the very early 90's... where do you live??

HappierThanEverBefore Tue 18-Nov-14 00:02:47

South East about 25 miles out of London. I have travelled a fair bit in the last week so been to quite a few places.

Purplepixiedust Tue 18-Nov-14 00:04:25

I have never seen this either. In fact there is always great effiort among people I know to beg/borrow appropriate extra car seats when giving lifts to extra kids.

madamginger Tue 18-Nov-14 00:10:25

Funnily enough there is a mum at my DC school who's 3 year old is still in an infant rear facing car seat turned the other way round.shock
She straps him in with the seatbelt and it looks really dangerous. I've seen the child lean forward and the whole seat move with him.
I really really want to say something but she is foreign and I don't think she speaks much English.

mymummademelistentoshitmusic Tue 18-Nov-14 00:12:42

It's a common sight here, sadly.

HappierThanEverBefore Tue 18-Nov-14 00:13:29

In my local town there's hardly any of it but I travelled 5 miles to the next big town and there was loads & also travelled 6 miles in the other direction and saw it quite a bit.

HappierThanEverBefore Tue 18-Nov-14 00:16:27

Those 2 towns mentioned in Previous post were the closer where I noticed it a lot.

Also travelled up to 80 miles away in different directions and saw it a lot

Oldraver Tue 18-Nov-14 00:17:20

I see it a lot back home where my Mum lives. I've also recently seen someone dump a toddler in a Group 1 then jump in the front...there was no way the toddler was going to be able to fasten themselves in and they were standing between the seats by the time they pulled off.

The ones I have seen do seem to be people who dont speak English as a first language. I wonder if its just not something thought of as necessary in other countries like here 25 odd years ago

honeysucklejasmine Tue 18-Nov-14 00:23:42

Apparently my twin and i were transported in a drawer, from a big cabinet, on the back seat. Of course, cars and traffic have moved on hugely now... Car seats are an absolute must.

Never see children not strapped down. Quite the opposite. An acquaintance of mine had their baby in a group 0 car seat for about 3 hours yesterday, with only the occasional removal for a feed. shock I don't have dc yet but thought the max was supposed to be 30 mins?!

HappierThanEverBefore Tue 18-Nov-14 00:31:45

I do agree that years ago people survived without car seats and belts but as you say times have moved on and there's a lot more traffic on the roads.

I'm on the understanding it's half hour for newborn to 6months ish then 2 hours after that - I could be wrong

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Tue 18-Nov-14 00:36:46

I saw a woman holding a tiny baby in her arms in a peoplecarrier the other day. Saw them come into the supermarket car park so I thought maybe she'd just taken the baby out of the seat in the car park, but no, I saw the same car driving off again just afterwards still with the baby in her arms sad

batteryhen Tue 18-Nov-14 00:48:02

I live abroad and no child here is ever strapped in. I find it very hypocritical when the locals declare how much they love children yet they let their toddlers bounce around the back and front seats without being strapped in. The other day I saw a man driving with a baby on his knee and texting at the same time. He had his seatbelt on though, obviously he wouldn't want to get hurt........

sneepy Tue 18-Nov-14 07:14:36

I once saw a woman drive up to a playground in a small white builders van. She got out, opened the back and about 6 small boys tumbled out.

OwlCapone Tue 18-Nov-14 07:18:54

I do agree that years ago people survived without car seats and belts

Well, no they didn't, they died in car accidents. The people who survived were those who didn't have car accidents (or had the "wrong sort" of car accident IYSWIM)

I grew up in the 70s - no rear seatbelts or car seats and I remember being allowed to climb over into the front bench seat of our first family car. I survived because we didn't have a car accident.

OwlCapone Tue 18-Nov-14 07:19:40

I very rarely see children not correctly seated in cars now though. I don't think I've spotted one for a good few years.

Sirzy Tue 18-Nov-14 07:21:12

Most children here seem to he strapped in but there seems to be some sort of race to forward facing and then booster seats! There were children at DS pre school last year who no way did they weigh 15kg yet were on a booster cushion in the car!

EatDessertFirst Tue 18-Nov-14 07:22:05

Its pretty common round here. SE too. Drives me nuts.

I haven't seen poor car seat skills for ages...though the last one was serious enough that I called the police there and then

some absolute fucking moron had a bike trailer attached to the tow bar at the back with a child in. ..I mean, honest to god, are people that thick REALLY?!

Missrabbitshouldjoinaunion Tue 18-Nov-14 08:58:39


I also wish people would catch on to the message that coats in car seats are dangerous. I always look like a terrible mother taking my 2 year old into nursery just wearing a jumper and carrying his coat, but I know I'm in the right really.

I just don't understand why these safety messages don't catch on!

Wincher Tue 18-Nov-14 08:59:56

Where I live in London I see this all the time - once you start looking, you see it all over. EVery time I go to the supermarket I see cars pulling up with adults with kids on their laps, four kids on the back seat, kids standing up on the back seat while the car is moving etc.

In my road for a while there was a car with two seats in it that I think were the pushchair seats from an iCandy. They certainly weren't car seats. I kept wondering whether I should report it to the police, but I didn't actually see kids in it. The parents were obviously trying to be safe - but failing.

speedbird17 Tue 18-Nov-14 09:03:44

MissRabbit a massive vote of solidarity here, always take off DD's coat before leaving nursery and they look at me like I'm insane but there is no way I'm putting her in the seat with a big coat on! Turn the heating up in the car and voila, warm toasty child!

Missrabbitshouldjoinaunion Tue 18-Nov-14 09:08:06

It's such a horrible feeling though isn't it speedbird I always feel like I need to justify! In the very cold winter days I pre-warm DS's seat with a hot water bottle and he has a blanket over him, but I still feel like I'm being judged by other parents! But I don't like wearing coats in the car either - I find them very uncomfortable to drive in!

sashh Tue 18-Nov-14 09:09:04

I think there is something to be said about it being cultural. But not entirely. my next door neighbours never used a seat with their (sort of - long story) daughter. One of them would sit in the back with her on their knee. She is 11 now and tall for her age so doesn't need the seat.

My dad had a volvo that did have rear seats, we used them on holiday in France because it was the law but when we got back in the car at Dover we didn't.

I think it is things like this that should be on the citizenship test. Things like this, minimum wage, working hours etc etc.

I had the TV on yesterday, it came on as some police reality show, they had stopped a car with 11 people in it, the driver laughed.

It turned out he was driving 1.5 miles from a party home but the children were tired so 5 adults sat in the seats with 6 children on knees, in the front foot well etc.

hellyhants Tue 18-Nov-14 09:14:31

I've never seen this. What I do see quite often is quite little kids in the front seat (strapped in). I wasn't allowed to sit in the front until I was about 12 and have followed the same guideline for my son (who is 12 this week). I don't know if it's really a safety issue or my mum just thought it was safer to be in the back.

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