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Lent my neighbour a fiver..........he bought me flowers.........for a fiver

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LadyBlaBlah Mon 17-Nov-14 22:50:18

AIBU to think I'd rather have the fiver than the flowers?

HeartHasShattered Mon 17-Nov-14 22:51:28

Did he borrow the money to buy you flowers?

Or did he buy you flowers to thank you for lending the money?

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Mon 17-Nov-14 22:51:31

What? I'd have said "Erm...where's my money?"

CookieLady Mon 17-Nov-14 22:51:52

grin can't find a cries with laughter emoticon.

sandy1969 Mon 17-Nov-14 22:52:26

No you are not. Surely you get the fiver back as well? If not why not? Never heard of anything like it.

WitchWay Mon 17-Nov-14 22:54:42

He fancies you wink grin

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Mon 17-Nov-14 22:55:32

OP's neighbour

LadyBlaBlah Mon 17-Nov-14 22:56:00

He left the price on. Morrison's.

I think that was deliberate. And I have suspicions the flowers were reduced and he peeled that bit off.... there was a little 'leftover label', if you catch my drift.

I was in a kind mood that day.

LadyBlaBlah Mon 17-Nov-14 22:58:57

Just to clarify, he was in dire straits with "no money for food waaaaahh" that day so I gave him a fiver and a bag of food.

The flowers are quite nice.

But I suspect slightly tainted by the reduced label removal and no sign of actual fiver

psychomum5 Mon 17-Nov-14 23:18:05

Do you need the fiver??

I only ask cos, one day, you might need to borrow a fiver which he could lend you, and you can buy him some beers (for a fiver, but maybe reduced first wink) it return grin.

Of course I would actually be a little miffed too, but then I am a great believer of 'what goes around comes around', and you will get said fiver back in due course, and maybe extra due to be so lovely to do this this time smile

2minsofyourtime Mon 17-Nov-14 23:40:02

Aww he probably thinks he's done something amazing hmm

But yanbu is rather the money

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Tue 18-Nov-14 07:07:32

Maybe he went to morrisons and spent £4 on food and £1 on reduced flowers, and fully intends to give you the £5 back? Maybe?

ChasedByBees Tue 18-Nov-14 07:18:27

I'd ask for the fiver back in about a week/month whatever.

You didn't ask for flowers.

schokolade Tue 18-Nov-14 07:22:12

So he spent your money for you. And you're supposed to be pleased/grateful?! Weird.

OwlWearingSunglasses Tue 18-Nov-14 07:33:04

Next time he asks for a loan say "no, you didn't repay me the last time" smile and shut the door.

You don't need to say anything else.

DizzyKipper Tue 18-Nov-14 07:41:38

My bros used to do this when we were kids - get me to lend them money buy something for less than the total as 'payment', pressure me into lending them money again. As such I may be less generous than others but I would thank him enthusiastically for the flowers and then innocently ask when he'll be giving you the fiver. I feel quite put out and it wasn't even happening to me. YANBU.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Tue 18-Nov-14 07:43:04

I think they were probably reduced to less than £1, it was the change he had after buying food and he thought he was being nice.
Still odd though.

Whyjustwhyagain Tue 18-Nov-14 07:46:08

I think he probably thought you had given him the fiver, in the same way you gave him the food, and the flowers are his way of saying thank you

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