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To be very over excited about Christmas

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motherofmonster Mon 17-Nov-14 10:40:07

It doesn't seem the done thing anymore, and most people that i know are grumbling away about it..but..
I cant wait! I'm desperate to put up the tree and decorations.
Think part of it us that ds is 5 so this is the first year he is properly 'getting' the whole build up/excitement and completely believes that the elves are out and about.
How di you feel about Christmas, and would you be hitting me with a very non Tinsley stick if you had to live with me grin

grocklebox Mon 17-Nov-14 10:41:57

Could you not be overexcited about it in the Christmas topic? IT's still November and its not nearly the festive season yet.

solidussnake Mon 17-Nov-14 10:42:46

i'm sooo excited! My mum always does the hosue up on the first week of december, only a week and a bit to go! I love christmas, it's the best time of the year!

RobotLover68 Mon 17-Nov-14 10:44:26

don't be so miserable grocklebox

YANBU OP - how lovely you are so excited - I was just talking to my DD about getting the tree up in a couple of weeks <excited too>

allypally999 Mon 17-Nov-14 10:47:29

If I had to live with you we'd have the dekkies up already as I am the same every year. No idea why as we don't even have kids but might be because we had very little growing up and we make up for it now although I do live with the Grinch!

NaiceNickname Mon 17-Nov-14 10:47:52

Oh grocklebox, eat a mince pie and be merry grin

I am excited too, OP. Was talking to DD about Elf on the Shelf yesterday and her excited giggles flicked on my festive spirit wink I'll also have a brand new squishy DS this Christmas, so whilst I will probably be a sleep deprived mess I am still looking forward to it.

grocklebox Mon 17-Nov-14 10:51:32

I will be merry, at christmas. But it the middle of november! Making something last far too long takes all the joy out of it. IT;s supposed to be a limited thing. Overexcitement and overextention of the season is ruining the magic of christmas.

motherofmonster Mon 17-Nov-14 10:52:52

Glad to know in not the only one grin although i am getting very strange looks while humming Christmas song's while out and about. And im possibly verging on over excitement at my new Christmas pudding cushions grin

ChippingInAutumnLover Mon 17-Nov-14 10:53:39

grockle. I'm sorry if Christmas is a difficult time for you. It was for me for a few years and I took everyone's head off on here for not sticking to the Christmas topic x

MotherOfMonster. It's still quite a difficult time for me, but now it's really, really lovely to hear other people excited about it. I'd love you for your enthusiasm if I was living with you. 5 is a perfect age for Christmas! Enjoy the whole run up, making stuff and seeing Santa...decorating & all that goes with it. Have my first Happy Christmas of the season smile

JamTarte Mon 17-Nov-14 12:40:27

This is the first year I can remember as an adult that I can't wait to get the tree up ... and all just to see the look on my little DS' face (he's 16mo). So YANBU at all ... Merry Christmas Mother grin.

Summerisle1 Mon 17-Nov-14 13:33:22

Don't you get absolutely sick and tired of Christmas if it all starts shortly after Bonfire Night? Only one of the joys of Christmas (in my childhood) was the relative intensity of the enjoyment given that there wasn't 6 weeks of it!

DGD1 (nearly 4) is very excited about Christmas this year but ds2 and my ddil are still trying to keep the festive season to December at the earliest!

glenthebattleostrich Mon 17-Nov-14 13:42:07

Nope, not unreasonable at all.

This weekend we are sorting through the decorations to see what needs to be replaced.

Hair etc appointments booked ready for first Christmas night out on Nov 30th, outfit planned.

My Christmas shopping is just about finished and will be wrapped by Dec 1st so I can relax and enjoy the season.

Lots of lovely festive bits to fill up the weekends between now and Christmas fsmile

catsofa Mon 17-Nov-14 13:58:26

I've spent the last three xmases alone since my mum died, and this year I am pregnant and officially part of my DP's family and will have people to be with for the first time in ages. I think I'm going to get the kind of family xmas I've always wanted. I've never spent xmas with a child before, even when I was a child myself, and I'm so excited to do all the stuff that everyone thinks of as traditional but that I've never done - watching crap tv, eating too much, playing games. I wonder if I'll end up missing all the solitary reading I've been used to?

catsofa Mon 17-Nov-14 14:00:13

DP's daughter will be there I mean, I won't get to meet my on child until April. DSD is 9 and will be all excited and have loads of presents grin

catsofa Mon 17-Nov-14 14:00:52

*my own child

Boleh Mon 17-Nov-14 14:15:18

I am totally overexcited about Christmas already and I don't even have children! In my defence I have to post a box of presents from Asia to the UK so I need to get on with present buying and wrapping over the next 2 weeks.
I just love the atmosphere, the cheesy music, the presents, food and so on. Although I am missing being in the UK and I think I'll miss my family horribly on the day.

steff13 Mon 17-Nov-14 14:25:35

I was not excited, but I woke up to this, and now I'm getting there.

motherofmonster Mon 17-Nov-14 16:40:57

wow, where did you wake up steff13 ??

chubbymummy Mon 17-Nov-14 16:47:17

Oh Catsofa your post just made me cry! I hope you have the most amazing Christmas this year.

steff13 Mon 17-Nov-14 16:49:10

In Ohio. We got about 5" overnight. No school for the kids today. Last winter was snowy, but it didn't really start until January.

AnathemaIsANiceNameForAGirl Mon 17-Nov-14 16:51:44

YANBU, I love it. It really is my favourite time of year. I have to set restrictions on myself so that it remains in a small, set period, thus:

On December 1st I can start listening to Christmas CDs
On or around December 7th I can put the tree up
The first weekend of December I take the DCs up to the garden centre to ooh and aah at the decorations and pick a new tree ornament each
On December 20th I can break out the Christmas chocolates and biscuits
And so on.

The 24th is my favourite day.

And the joy is x 10000 when the kids are of an age to enjoy it. Mine were 5 and 8 last year and it was a dream smile

waithorse Mon 17-Nov-14 16:53:34

YANBU. I'm very excited. fgrin

motherofmonster Mon 17-Nov-14 16:54:20

you have super self control AnathemaIsANiceNameForAGirl , i have munched my way through around 5 packs of mince pies already.

Feeling slightly ashamed, and more than a little uncomfortable around the waistband grin

HesterShaw Mon 17-Nov-14 16:55:25

Why should grocklebox "be merry"? Christmas is a really hard time for so many and whenever they try and say so, they're simply told they're Scrooges. Last year was almost the worst Christmas of my life due to family trauma, infertility woe and various other things and I was told repeatedly I was miserable and "bah humbug" for not having a 6ft tree or not leaping around grinning and adoring the sight of other people's offspring ripping paper off ridiculous numbers of presents.

It's really hard when Christmas is literally everywhere you look from about 6th November.

Icantwaituntilxmas Mon 17-Nov-14 16:55:52

I am soooooo excited, as you can tell by my name. grin

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Youngest is 6 so we still put carrots, biscuits and wine juice out on the mantelpiece, which is all gone the next morning! Love being together as a small little family, putting the tree up, decorations, christmas lucnh and buying and wrapping presents. The buying presents sounds a bit superficial, but buying gifts... I don't know, I love it. Probably quite sad really!!

On the other hand, I hate works xmas do and have decided not to go after last year. They're all cunts and even more annoying when pissed and wearing paper hats.

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