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that Arnold Clark should know what is covered under their own warranty?

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Wrongornot Sat 15-Nov-14 18:27:08

My car went in for a MOT and service - failed and bill was £950. Asked on phone if anything was covered under our extended warranty - told no, everything was wear and tear.

When I collected car I asked again if their was def nothing covered. No.

DH popped into garage on way home from work today to query. Spoke to the same guy who immediately contacted the warranty claims department and refunded £800.

I so hope it was a one off, but if they are doing that to every female who appears not to know what she is talking about (the T&Cs are very very vague) that is really not on.

Not sure whether to write and complain (not after anything, just don't want it to happen to anyone else, that bill could have ruined our Christmas)

Has anyone else experienced similar?

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