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To be terrified that something terrible is going to happen?

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nikki1978 Fri 14-Nov-14 10:48:43

So I am having a minor op in 13 days which I am very anxious about. I don't know exactly what is going to happen as they are having a look in my lower abdomen to see what is going on as the ultrasound looked confusing. They may remove cysts or they may refer me on. They don't think it is cancer but I am worried that it is. I am also worried about having my first ever GA (my gran died after having one).

Last night I had a dream and at the end (just as I was waking up) a voice said "You will die within the next 2 weeks".

I am now terrified. DH says I am being silly. Is this a premonition?

cozietoesie Fri 14-Nov-14 10:57:35

No it isn't - just your worries surfacing when your brain is a little loose with sleep.

You should be fine. Modern anaesthetics are pretty darned safe and you'll be in a hospital stuffed with medical staff.

allypally999 Fri 14-Nov-14 11:02:03

Trust me this doesn't happen as often as tv would have you believe (your Gran possibly had other issues?). The dream is just your worries surfacing as cozie said.

I worry too but have had several ops and still here!

Good luck!

nikki1978 Fri 14-Nov-14 11:15:41

Yes my gran was a 60 a day smoker which was the problem I think.

That voice in my dream really shook me up. I don't think I believe in premonitions but you hear about them on the internet and wonder...

cozietoesie Fri 14-Nov-14 11:41:33

Last year, I was surfacing from sleep and I heard the voice of my father calling to me that it was time to get up. It was crystal clear and coming from downstairs. (My father died nearly four years ago.) It definitely shook me up for the whole of the day.

Do I think my father's presence is still around the house? No I do not - I was missing him and my brain did a woogly, that's all.

You should be fine.

allypally999 Fri 14-Nov-14 12:16:17

Lol cozie I get this too (my sister for me). Its quite nice to see her again in my dreams and frequently forget for a bit when I wake up that's she not here.

You will be fine nikki. I frequently get a feeling I am going to win the lottery (or premium bonds, etc) and its never true! Your Gran's lungs were probably unable to cope. You are young and will be fine.

outofcontrol2014 Fri 14-Nov-14 12:42:08

OP, I am in the same position as you! It is completely normal to feel anxious before surgery, even minor surgery. I am also worried about the GA more than I am the actual procedure - I think this has to do with fears of losing control!

However, please try to remember that it's not a rational fear and that having the op is likely to be far, far better (and less risky) for you than not. Surgeons do this stuff all the time, ops by the dozen - the risk is very, very tiny indeed (even though when they do the consent forms it seems like there are endless things that can go wrong, you know really that it's highly unlikely!) Also, there are risks associated with leaving the house, not leaving the house, crossing the road, not crossing the road - it's something we live with every day. Surgery just makes us more aware of it, that's all.

Your situation is totally different to that of your gran - as a fairly healthy, young person your reaction to GA will simply not be like that of an unhealthy older person.

There has been some unhelpful nonsense about prophecies on this site in recent weeks - as cozietozie brilliantly says, it's nothing more than the brain doing a 'woogly'. I dreamt that my school would burn down as a 7 year old, and then it did the next week. Did I prophecy this? Am I a seer with a mystic sixth sense? Load of superstitious nonsense! I was having a completely normal dream for someone of my age, one in which I wouldn't have to go to school!! All kids have them - it was a coincidence and nothing more.

FoulsomeAndMaggotwise Fri 14-Nov-14 13:07:21

I had a dream once where I died. It was so completely real and foreboding and I was convinced it would come true. Convinced. I called all my friends and family to tell them I loved them ��

6 years later here I am...

You'll be fine. I hope the op is conclusive and successful.

Didactylos Fri 14-Nov-14 13:27:11

Do you have to attend preassessment ? speak to the staff there before the operation and make sure you explain how you are feeling and what happened to your gran: and make sure your anaesthetist also knows about how you are feeling. The more information you can give the more the staff can help you through this

an anaesthetic isnt one size fits all and there may be many issues that increased your gran's risk of problems that have no relevance to you- you mentioned smoking but other things such as her general and cardiac health, why she was having the anaesthetic, exactly what was done anaesthetically and operatively, whether it was an emergency or not might have had an influence. It might be worth checking with other family members if they know exactly what the events were around your grans death and whether there are any history of allergies etc in the family - it may be hard to bring these things up but it is information that may be valuable to you and let you take control of the situation

I kind of agree with other posters - the 'premonition' feeling is probably your mind working through the anxieties that you are naturally feeling. Having spent a month repeatedly dreaming I would have a stillbirth towards the end of pregnancy I know how hard that spooked feeling is to shake! (healthy baby eventually delivered)

Poopooweewee Fri 14-Nov-14 13:41:32

I've had twelve operations under GA for all manner of things and I have never had any problems, the anaesthetic used today is extremely safe. I would put your fears to one side.

Elderly people are in the high risk category when they are administered with anaesthetic, which is why your gran's case is entirely different.

nikki1978 Fri 14-Nov-14 20:15:42

Thanks all. You have made me feel better. I'm just so annoyed about that stupid dream! It has thrown me a bit, stupid as it may sound!

comedancing Fri 14-Nov-14 20:52:45

I had my first GA quite recently and was a bit anxious..lm in my 50s..was chatting to my db about it and he reassured me as he has had at least fifty as ongoing health issues and doctors trying out different procedures has meant him having a massive amount of intervention. He never had a problem with them .But do give yourself time to recover as you will feel tired and that is normal for a few days so take it easy. Also l had such a clear dream last week that we were at my dds wedding and my dh was nowhere to be seen when it came to time to walk her up the aisle. My dad doesn't even have a boyfriend but l woke up in bad form as if it had happened and l was annoyed with dh for letting her down. We had been to a wedding so obviously it was on my mind but not that possibility.Ignore the dream. You will be fine

Vanillepudding Fri 14-Nov-14 23:03:47

Nikki, you'll be fine! Those fears are quite normal. Ask them to put some anti emetics in your GA, so you don't feel sick when you wake up.

It's the fear of the unknown - what are they going to find - and the fact you've never had a Ga.

I had two in the last 3 years, gallbladder and thyroid out. I was home and fine the day after.

Plan something nice for 2 days after, a meal out, anything. Take your mind off that day and plan ahead.

nikki1978 Sun 23-Nov-14 23:36:05

Nearly there. Still pretty worried but trying my best to not think about it. Sometimes the thought of that dream freaks me out but again try to ignore it.

Wish it was here now so I could get it over with but also wishing it would never come in case the worst happens!

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