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to be tearing my hair out with anger over the new 'girl walking around in Manhattan in a hijab' video

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Jewels234 Tue 11-Nov-14 21:35:58

So, after the 'girl walking around Manhattan for 10 hours' video, a few copies seem to have popped up.

One in particular compares reactions of men to a girl who spends 5 hours being filmed walking around Manhattan in normal clothes (a replication of the original video), and 5 hours in a hijab. During the 5 hours walking in a hijab she doesn't get any abuse...The message being that if we don't want to be catcalled in the street then we should cover up to that extent.

I am absolutely outraged that in 2014 that is a message that is being put out as acceptable! I've had a week of seeing the horrendous output from Dapper Laughs, and now this. Not to mention the absolute ton of other appallingly sexist rubbish that goes on. Did you know; for example, that in a vote for a recent US bill for equal pay for women, that every single Republican voted no!

I just despair. And feel angry and helpless. And that the only option is to turn a blind eye and ignore it.

Rant over.

Cauliflowersneeze1 Tue 11-Nov-14 21:38:38

Hi jewels I'm not in America , do you have link please ?

ThePeoplePleaser Tue 11-Nov-14 21:45:44

Keep tearing in anger, love.

Even I as a hijab wearing Muslim woman knows this is bollocks. Why bother frothing about it?

I'm teaching my son to respect women with or without hijab. A cloth on the head, a burqa or a bikini, it makes no odds. Most practising, knowledgeable and educated Muslims who don't follow patriarchal cultural customs would agree. Those who aren't simply shouldn't be given airtime.

Jewels234 Tue 11-Nov-14 21:47:08

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