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To think this woman was rude and really rather bonkers?

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Thistledew Mon 10-Nov-14 09:01:38

When I take the train to work, I walk along a tarmac footpath, which is wide enough for 3 or 4 people to walk abreast. There are usually a few people walking to the station and lots of people coming in the other direction going to various schools.

I was walking up the far left side of this path, pulling behind me a full and heavy wheeled case full of my work papers. There were groups of people spread out across the path going in the opposite direction, and most just pulled over to their left.

A girl approached me on her scooter with her mum walking behind. I tucked as far left as I could, expecting them to pass me on my right. No! The girl went to move to her left and the woman grabbed her and pulled her to a stop in front of me!

I looked at them in surprise. The woman said something like "You have to move over, everyone else can get past".

I pointed out that everyone else was sticking to the left of the path and again expected them to move aside. Her daughter went to move, and the woman again stopped her and said "No, we've got all day".

I just looked at her hmm and said "What a wonderful lesson to teach your daughter" as I stepped around them.

AIBU to think she was in the wrong and actually rather pathetic?

I'm having a vent on here as it blatantly wasn't worth having a confrontation over, as satisfying as that might have been.

KERALA1 Mon 10-Nov-14 09:10:21

So they wouldn't change course even though the sensible thing would be to all keep left? Weirdo!

I was staggering through a busy street carrying groceries once and realised it was still me dodging out of everyone else's way despite everyone else not carrying heavy bags. So I didn't. Was very liberating just said loudly coming through and walked straight on let everyone else take evasive action for once

Cundtbake Mon 10-Nov-14 09:12:26

Wtf? Yes, she was deranged.

MissPenelopeLumawoo2 Mon 10-Nov-14 09:14:49

When she said 'We've got all day' I would have folded my arms and said 'So have I'. I bet the child on the scooter would have got impatient and persuaded her mother to move on. But I am a bit arsey like that. YANBU to vent on here though.

NewEraNewMindset Mon 10-Nov-14 09:18:15

I agree with you, brilliant lesson to teach her child. I meet 'the entitled' every day unfortunately and just raise my eyebrows the the sky and make the best of it. I honestly think there is a lot of mental illness out there so i try not to rise to it.

Thistledew Mon 10-Nov-14 09:18:25

Even if I had moved to the right, it would probably have done more harm than good as the girl would have gone crashing in to my wheely case. I know those things can be a pain for other people and try to keep mine out of the way of ankles and toes, and not changing course suddenly is one of the best ways of avoiding tripping people up!

MrsPiggie Mon 10-Nov-14 09:31:00

This one falls under the WTF?!? category

Happy36 Mon 10-Nov-14 11:08:31

Poor kid. Her mum was being unreasonable.

R4roger Mon 10-Nov-14 11:11:09

there was a woman with a baby on a carrier in front of her chest the other day, my dh was looking at some stall, she came walking along and actually expected him to move so she and her lo could get by, rather than walk round him, talk about PFB.

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Mon 10-Nov-14 11:11:31

So they were going in the opposite direction to you?

QuintsBombWithAWiew Mon 10-Nov-14 11:14:43

You will get one over her when her daughter expects the same princess treatment from her mum in a few years.

I have a neighbour whose daughter I eagerly await becoming a teen.

"Quint, my dd wants to eat supper at yours, we will be over at 9 pm so she can eat with your dc" "erm, no, my sons have school in the morning they are in bed at 9" "Oh, do please keep them up for once, it is such lovely weather, we thought we would eat on your patio".


grin Sometimes you've just gotta laugh!

LittleBairn Mon 10-Nov-14 11:17:30

She sounds like a cow I bet her poor daughter is really embarrassed by her.

OnlyLovers Mon 10-Nov-14 11:19:25

Her daughter is very much the grown-up one in that relationship.

LittleBairn Mon 10-Nov-14 11:19:33

quints I knew a woman like that who would demand of favours but make it sound like she was doing you a favour. And yes her kids did turn out to be a tad demanding if her. grin

LittleBairn Mon 10-Nov-14 11:21:02

Who would make demands..

OldBeanbagz Mon 10-Nov-14 11:27:47

The poor daughter must have been totally embarrased by her mum. How old was she?

I'd have pointed out that we drive on the left and therefore pedestrians 'normally' follow the same rule. That's what you (and everyone else by the sounds of it) were doing.

Floggingmolly Mon 10-Nov-14 11:28:47

That was probably her problem, poor cow. She's got all day to indulge in that sort of nonsense; while the rest of us have lives to be getting on with...

Oldraver Mon 10-Nov-14 13:46:17

Some people are really odd. We have a very defined shared footpath/cycle path,with a line down the middle and pictures painted on for those who cant figure it out, and you still get people walking on the cycle path who get really huffy about moving

OH was ahead of me and dingled, two women moved aside to let him pass and the other huffed she was not moving, que me almost going into her ankles. I just dont get it

Corestrategy Mon 10-Nov-14 14:50:25

So she could have got past but decided not to go past? Weird!

carlsonrichards Mon 10-Nov-14 14:52:16

I'd have told her to fuck off.

Bogeyface Mon 10-Nov-14 14:56:57

I take it when she is on the tube escalator she expects all the standers to move out of the way so she can walk up that side instead of on the "walker" side?! Cant remember which side is which, been a few years since I was last down that London!

Silly cow.

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