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To expect nursery to help 3 year-old wipe herself?

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Passthewineandchocolate Sun 09-Nov-14 22:13:03

I'll just say first that my daughter's nursery is wonderful and I know that she is happy, safe and well cared for. Generally they keep her clean and change her clothes if she gets dirty. However, the ones that are potty trained are able to go to the toilet when they like during the day without help without help. My daughter has just turned 3 and can't wipe herself on her own yet. She keeps getting very sore and coming home with dirty underwear. Would you expect nursery staff to help pre-schoolers to wipe themselves or is that expecting too much?

Purplepoodle Sun 09-Nov-14 22:24:49

My daycare usually a member of staff follows them into the toilet or lurks outside to assist with encouraging to wipe, pulling up trousers (some preschoolers struggle) and washing hands. Perhaps just have a word and say your dd is getting sore and could they remind her to wipe.

DoughnutSelfie Sun 09-Nov-14 22:33:05

Do ask staff to assist. They may have assumed incorrectly that she's cracked the technique already.

Pico2 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:40:18

My DD had this a couple of times. It turned out that she had worked out how to open the gate to the toilets and was going in unnoticed. The nursery staff sorted it, with no fuss. Now, a year late and she refuses to even try wiping after a poo - so the opposite problem!

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