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National service should be reinstated

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dogscatsandbabies Sun 09-Nov-14 21:32:48

For 3-5 year olds. I'm convinced my DD (3 and a half) requires some military training;

I want the Marines to teach her that even when she thinks she can't walk another step, she really can.

I want Royal Logistics to teach her to carry stuff from one place to another. Especially the stuff that is hers, and needs to be moved.

I want the SAS to teach her stealth, or at least the ability to negotiate a flight of stairs without measuring on the Richter scale.

And the bliss that would be any basic military training that could teach her to fold clothes and leave them in an appropriate place.

I have tried ordering her to do press ups when she fails miserably at these things but she just gives me a funny look and asks if she can have a snack.

SetPhasersTaeMalkie Sun 09-Nov-14 21:34:43

Have you thought about cold showers? They really sorted DS out.

WorraLiberty Sun 09-Nov-14 21:36:48

Good luck with that OP grin

I always wanted mine to sign the official secrets act, to stop them blabbing our private family business to their nursery teachers!

puntasticusername Sun 09-Nov-14 21:37:18

YANBU. By this time next year, she should be able to do that thing where her bed is so "well made" she can bounce a Moshi Monster on it and catch it again two feet up.

furcoatbigknickers Sun 09-Nov-14 21:38:04

That made me laugh op. I often think there should be baby boot camp for toddlers.

AuntieStella Sun 09-Nov-14 21:38:28

Recruits are taught how to iron and sew (mending and badges onto stuff). Jolly handy by the time she's a Brownie.

FelixTitling Sun 09-Nov-14 21:39:34

Ds (9) is always asking to go to Military School.

I'd love to send him just so he could see what it's really like.

Don't think he'd last 10 minutes grin

furcoatbigknickers Sun 09-Nov-14 21:39:43

Me too worra my dd 5 told her teachers, mummy goes to discos and gets taxis home. shock I hardly go out.

dogscatsandbabies Sun 09-Nov-14 21:45:48

In many ways it'd be great. How entertaining would trooping the colour be if all the participants were simultaneously marching / hopping / twirling / skipping / sliding AND shooting ice into each others' hearts?

MissPenelopeLumawoo2 Sun 09-Nov-14 21:50:56

If they could just get my DD to shine her shoes instead of scuffing them, that would be great. Also all that marching would wear her out and ensure she slept through. I think you are onto something OP!

Andrewofgg Sun 09-Nov-14 21:59:05

Those of you with young DCs; They probably think that you should be given some short, sharp, shock training into how to treat them with more respect and obey when they give you orders and pay attention when they call to you!

AlpacaYourThings Sun 09-Nov-14 22:01:00


crazykat Sun 09-Nov-14 22:04:39

I'd back it if they could get mine to do what they're told instead of answering back or whining.

2 year old ds2 tried copying DH doing push ups, he didn't quite get it though as he just stuck his bum in the air and licked the (clean) floor. Was so cute.

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