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The school's Christmas Fair ad has a missing apostrophe...

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Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 09-Nov-14 21:15:01

AIBU to let the organizer know or should I let it go?

Not sure if the posters are up around school, but they are on fb.

Icimoi Sun 09-Nov-14 21:16:56

Let her know. It'll reflect badly on the school otherwise.

Fingeronthebutton Sun 09-Nov-14 21:18:42

Of course you should point it out. Standards! Things are bad enough with children's education.

WorraLiberty Sun 09-Nov-14 21:22:32

Unless you're not in the UK, I'd be letting the organiser know about it grin

Redhead11 Sun 09-Nov-14 21:23:24

our local school regularly puts up posters with extra/missing apostrophes. And that is the standard of education, I expect. Thank goodness DCs are well past that stage

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 09-Nov-14 21:24:06

grin potato, potarto, Worra! Hahaha!

cruikshank Sun 09-Nov-14 21:26:51

Actually Worra, afaik, the s/z thing in organise, recognise etc goes something like: z in traditional English spelling, which the Yanks then took with them when sailed to America and adopted it there. Then the Brits started using s instead but the Yanks stuck to z. And now z is once again gaining ground in the UK (prob thanks to spellcheck and the like) but I think it was always technically 'correct' (if you think that older spellings are more 'correct' than new ones).

FrancesNiadova Sun 09-Nov-14 21:27:08

Shoot the teachers!
(I do hope that the PTA didn't do it & that if the fayre is happening after school that all the staff are being paid overtimewink)

ApocalypseThen Sun 09-Nov-14 21:30:25

I think point it out. A school local to us has a massive sign outside with an incorrect apostrophe. I had to be talked down from going out with my marker. It's really not on.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 09-Nov-14 21:37:16

Noooo! Please don't shoot the teachers because I am one, though not at that school.

thenightsky Sun 09-Nov-14 21:37:18

tell them.

LindyHemming Sun 09-Nov-14 21:56:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StarlingMurmuration Sun 09-Nov-14 21:58:25

Is it a Christmas Fair or a Christmas Fayre, OP?

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 09-Nov-14 22:01:00

Fuck knows, Starling. All I know is that there's an apostrophe missing and it is annoying the fuck out of me.

BobsTaintedLeftLeg Sun 09-Nov-14 22:03:30

Have you pinched it and added it to your title???? wink

FamiliesShareGerms Sun 09-Nov-14 22:03:32

Tell them ! Quickly!!

CocktailQueen Sun 09-Nov-14 22:04:55

Both -ise spellings and -ise spellings are correct in UK English...

But I would be tempted to say something. Our PTA does all the Xmas fayre stuff, not the teachers.

CocktailQueen Sun 09-Nov-14 22:05:23

Doh! -ise and -ize!

redandyellowbits Sun 09-Nov-14 22:09:21

If it's on Fb why not send them a private message and point it out very nicely, say that you wanted to let th know before they start printing their posters.
But be nice. It's probably been created by a PTA volunteer in their spare time.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 09-Nov-14 22:21:36

Of course I will be nice! smile

I will send a private fb message rather than be a pedantic pain in the arse in public!

PicaK Sun 09-Nov-14 22:41:48

Ditto about not putting a downer on someone giving up their time. Unless you're about to offer to do all the poster designing in future. Just put a pen in your pocket and draw one on next time you pass it.

Pico2 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:45:13

PicaK - you can't draw on FB with a pen.

frazzled74 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:47:20

No don't say anything unless you are heavily involved in pta and help out regularly. These people are giving up their time and energy to provide fundraising and entertainment for your dc! You can let an apostrophe go.

Pico2 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:54:19

But wouldn't you rather know, before the posters are printed and put up around the school?

CleanHankie Sun 09-Nov-14 22:59:37

Am I the only PTA member who has gone to check that it's not their poster the OP is talking about?

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