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to request flexible working? and if not, any tips for wording my request?

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velvetspoon Sun 09-Nov-14 09:44:12

Until 18 months or so ago I've always worked in a role where I've managed a client facing team, and working anything other than 9-5 hasn't been an option.

However now I am in more of a review/ training role where I don't need to be in every day. Due to the fact I am (technically) working as a contractor in client offices, working from home is not an option as the client will only allow remote access to their systems to their own employees.

I can though ask to work flexibly. I can only work 90% of my hours over 4 days, due to my own employers rules, so would have to take a 10% pay cut. But I can afford this (just) , and a day off each week will make my life massively easier.

BUT I feel a bit of a fraud. My DC are not little, they are teens. My lack of time is partly because I am now in a new relationship. Previously I'd spend eow catching up on cleaning, housework and also having a rest, leaving the other weekend free to do stuff with my DC. Now I have no free weekends, which is nice, but I have no time, my house is a tip and I am constantly tired. I also want to start driving lessons and it would be good to have time in the week to do this, as now I am out every day from 630am (if I go to the gym before work, if not it's 730am) to about 7pm. I just don't know if any of it is a good enough reason?

Obviously I can't say in my application I want to work flexibly because I now have a boyfriend! But am struggling with the wording - I've seen a friends but hers was different, her DC are primary school aged and her childcare arrangements changed meaning she had no childcare one day a week. I'm not in that kind of situation. I'd like to have a day off. I am struggling a bit at present and not liking my job, and I do think a day off would make things easier, and make me happier and hopefully less stressed...aibu?

FunkyBoldRibena Sun 09-Nov-14 10:14:51

I don't think you have to state why you want flexible working, the giv website states that you need to include the following:

the date
a statement that this is a statutory request
details of how the employee wants to work flexibly and when they want to start
an explanation of how they think flexible working might affect the business and how this could be dealt with, eg if they’re not at work on certain days
a statement saying if and when they’ve made a previous application

If you work 9-5 why are your hours so long? Can you move closer to the job?

Could you use that 10% to hire a cleaner?

If you ask for flexible working and they don't let you have it, can you negotiate that you have the network access at home as you have now worked there for 18 months which is far longer than many of their workforce?

Littlebigcat Sun 09-Nov-14 10:17:08

I've known people with no children work a 4 day week for non work related courses/hobbies. Presumably you will be working a slightly longer day on the days you are there? When you request is there any way of selling that benefit to them? You also need to look at what potential problems it could cause and think of solutions. If I remember rightly, when I requested it was less about why I wanted it and more about how it would work for everyone without becoming a problem.

I would say you could get a cleaner with the 10% extra but that doesn't give you time to do other things, YANBU to request.

ghostyslovesheep Sun 09-Nov-14 10:18:28

don't state why you want it - except work/life balance but be very clear on the impact on your role, colleagues and company and how this can/will be limited or negligible

velvetspoon Sun 09-Nov-14 10:35:44

Our company standard form has a box for you to explain why you are making the request. I suppose I could just say to improve work/life balance or words to that effect.

I could get a cleaner, but I think for the number of hours they'd need to do I wouldn't be much better off. Plus I'd still have the same issue with driving lessons.

Moving closer to work isn't possible. I am only 7 miles away but it takes over an hour by public transport due to traffic/ waiting between connections, plus at present I do get in early/stay late most days to get work done. I figure at least with flex working I'll get some benefit from those extra hours.

Working from home won't happen because we're not employees and regulatory guidelines prevent manager has worked at the client for 5 years and has no remote access to their systems.

I work in a small team, I don't think there will be much impact on them as i will cover off my tasks when I'm in. It is very rare that there are urgent queries on the work i do which couldn't wait a day. I'd arrange meetings for days I'm in the office, and can be flexible about which day i take off, so if my designated day was a Weds but there was an urgent meeting that day, I'd be happy to swap my day for that week to a Thurs or similar.

FunkyBoldRibena Sun 09-Nov-14 13:59:04

Get a bike?

Make sure the reason is as simple as work life balance, you really don't have to give details. Give as many answers to their issues as you can predict.

BestIsWest Sun 09-Nov-14 14:21:18

I cut down to 4 days a week last year. I'm 51. My DC's are 16 and 21 so don't exactly need looking after.

I did it for myself, partly because I have a long commute and I just wasn't getting time to do anything in the week and partly because I wanted time to do things for myself.

It is the best thing I've ever done. I don't feel guilty.

velvetspoon Mon 10-Nov-14 17:40:03

Best, that's good to hear! Have drafted my application now, just need to hand it to my manager (best explain it's not a resignation letter before I hand it over...)

Funky, I'm not a confident cyclist at all and the roads are both busy and a lot of it's uphill, so I think that would be a struggle. Plus we don't have showers at work so even if I managed to cycle, I'd have to spend the day as a hot, sweaty mess, which I don't think would go down too well!

PicaK Mon 10-Nov-14 18:05:24

Again another one just to say that why you want it is irrelevant. Make it purely a business proposition. But it wouldn't harm to ensure there are some very positive statements in there about how much you like working for them.

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