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To distance myself from my ex

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ghostspirit Sat 08-Nov-14 14:24:21

Im 16 weeks pregnant with ex's baby. 3/4 times he has said he does not want to know. and stopped talking to me. I try to keep doors open so when i had my 12 week scan i sent him a pic and short message to say all was well with baby. We then started talking again. He said he wants to be supportive help with baby and stuff. he bought me couple maternity bits and he bought the pram. A few times he has tried hugging and kissing me. He says he wants to give us a try again. But i know it won't work. He's not very nice towards my kids he does not even take that on board. he does not look into the reasons of why we broke up in the first place. He just thinks time apart fixes things when it does not. Then his mum says really stupid things like im using him for his car. in 37 not 17 ffs.

When we were together we went out on average once a week. i think thats alot considering i have 4 kids. I told him my kids had felt a bit left out and can we do couple things with them park,swimming stuff like that. during summer he had also told them he would take them chessington. Anyway when I spoke to him about including my kids a bit. his responce was the problem with your kids is they want a piece of the apple pie. then on top of that kept going on that my son is weird because he has long hair. the comments were the last straw for me as my children will always come first.

He says hes hoping to slowly get back into my life... but i just want to become more distant

Vitalstatistix Sat 08-Nov-14 14:43:27

I dont blame you. Why would you want him back when he treats your children badly? They, rightly, come first and deserve more than to be trapped in a home with a man who is unkind to them, or even just resents them.
You also deserve more .
Id do the same as you and keep him as ex!

ghostspirit Sat 08-Nov-14 14:58:58

yeah thats 100% what my thoughts are in a nut shell. but also the bitch side of me wants to distance him from the baby as well. because im thinking he might resent the baby as well. although he has bought baby the pram i think thats more about getting close to me. I think i know the answer really.....

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