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Any info on Aeromonas?

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Givemecoffeeplease Fri 07-Nov-14 03:20:27

My DS has had violent diarrhoea for 10 days. He's 48 hours into a course of antibiotics as the Aeromonas bacteria showed up in a stool sample when I went to the Docs. I'm abroad so not able to visit my normal surgery (and I think he got the bug in the UK). AIBU to be panicking?!?! Or will the antibiotics kick in and sort him out? Sorry to be brief. Finding wifi is near on impossible here. Thanks for any help

Givemecoffeeplease Fri 07-Nov-14 03:21:45

Ps he's 8 months

Amybabygypsyqueen Fri 07-Nov-14 03:31:30

Where are you? It appears to be a nasy gastroenteritis it advices that we don't give penicillin or erythromycin plenty of fluids and bread rice plain food might help, what a difficult situation for you x

Givemecoffeeplease Fri 07-Nov-14 05:44:36

I'm in Australia and he's been given Zinnat / cefuroxime. He's not eating much and it's really hot but I'm putting as much liquid into him as possible. Thanks for the dietary advice. We will try plain foods. Having a hellish trip all round and supposed to be going to an island with no hospital so don't want to go there unless he's back to normal. He's been liquid-pooing (sorry) for 11 days now but seems in fine spirits. It's so hard to know what to do! Thanks for replying

Amybabygypsyqueen Fri 07-Nov-14 14:20:20

Loads of fluids ice lollies etc, you don't want to stop the diarrhoea as the body is trying to get rid of the bacteria by flushing it through -with poo- the main thing is that he isn't dehydrated. milk can be difficult to digest, breast milk is best but if your not feeding I would make sure your pushing fluids, ice lollies etc and loads of nappy cream

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