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To be upset

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dontknowwhatnametopick Wed 05-Nov-14 12:52:08

I feel like I am writing a lot of these lately! So a bit of background quickly, I split with my DS's dad in Feb of this year. Since then the care of my DS has been shared. This has been working fine (for now). When my DS is with his dad his dad can give him his undivided attention as my ex lives back at home with mummy and daddy so they do all the running around making dinner, school run on his days, they do all the washing, cleaning and shopping. So basically my ex has all the time to do the fun stuff. When DS is at home with me it is just me so im trying to spend time with DS and do everything that needs done round the house. I do school run 3 days of the week and once I drop DS off im rushing off to work for 930 am.

Recently my DS has taken greatly to faffing about when im trying really hard to get us out on time. I feel like every morning im losing patience and shouting at my DS which I bloody hate! I just feel that im trying to do a million things at once and because im being the rushy/shouty parent my arsehole ex is being the fun one my DS is going to hate being at home with me!

Please tell me there are people in the same situation cos at the minute I feel totally alone in this. I just want my DS to be happy at home with me and im upset at my attitude!

Sorry for the ramble! I am at work so will pick up any replies later!

Thebodynowchillingsothere Wed 05-Nov-14 13:04:57

You are not alone at all.

Look at your routine with ds. Are you getting things ready for school the night before? Uniform laid out, your stuff all ready for work too? Breakfast all ready as much as possible.
maybe set the alarm 10 mins earlier?
Could you get your ds an alarm clock and set it for getting up, dressing time, teeth etc?

Race each other to get dressed?

Make it fun with a sticker chart to
complete if he's got ready on time?

Don't spend your time envying your ex dh set up. Not worth it.

SpuffySummers Wed 05-Nov-14 13:11:18

You are not alone! Its been like this for 2.5 years with my ex living with his parents, youngish and retired along with his brother. His Mum makes all meals does bath time fetches snacks etc etc. Ex doesn't lift a finger and IMO does with the kids what I do with my nephew: all the fun stuff. It's incredibly frustrating when the kids bark orders at me for the first day or so they are back at home (he has them eow)

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