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To think Argos Fast Track is a useless?

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doodlepigs11 Tue 04-Nov-14 20:47:51

More of a moan than an AIBu I suppose,

Used the new fast track service at argos today. Reserved and paid for the items online. Went to the store and after standing at the fast track service point for about 15mins being totally ignored, I gave up and joined the ordinary queue, defeating the whole point of fast track already. They sent me back to the fast track area and tried to find someone to deal with me (it seemed to take a while to find someone who knew how to work the new machine). After another 15 minutes and 3 staff members trying, they had to phone head office as the system was down. By this point my toddler was screaming his head off. The end result was that as the system was down they were unable to give me the items I had already paid for, even though they had them in stock, unless I bought and paid for them again at the til, which I refused to do. There was no way to check my order even though I could give them the reservation number, name address and bank card used for the transaction. I was fizzing all the way home (20 miles). I then phoned the customer services to cancel my order and get a refund, but they can't cancel it as the system is down. They confirmed my debit card would be charged immediately when I placed the order. Once I manage to cancel the order, it will take 3 to 5 working days for the refund to go through.

So if I had not used fast track, I would have actually got what I went for, I would not have been in the store for over half an hour, and I would not be very out of pocket.

Never Again.

Andrewofgg Tue 04-Nov-14 21:09:22

I wouldn't use anything like this on Day One - wait till the teething troubles are overcome.

Poobear1 Sun 09-Nov-14 22:19:48

omg paid for mine in the 6th Nov got proof it's came out of PayPal but didn't receive email or text from them.Went today and tried to pick my order up and couldn't because I don't have a 4 number pin,so I called customer service and was told they would resend info to me but I still don't have anything from them and I have emailed them 2 days ago but nothing. I will probably get a refund but my goods were on offer and don't think I will get them for same price so fast track my bum lets just waste petrol and phone money and be no better off grrrrr

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