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To ask you all to help me find a frozen glasses case!

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themousethatthecatdraggedin Tue 04-Nov-14 13:57:30

Or somewhere who will make me a custom one??
Dd had to get glasses this week and had her little heart set on getting a frozen case to keep them in.
I will do anything to encourage her to wear them.
can't find anywhere that does a frozen case..
Any ideas?

Suefla62 Tue 04-Nov-14 14:41:19

If you put in "disney eyeglass case" to they have a few Olaf ones but I dint know how much the shipping would be.

2minsofyourtime Tue 04-Nov-14 14:44:42

What about a hard case pencil

TheSpottedZebra Tue 04-Nov-14 14:48:30

A case and frozen stickers?

sickntiredtoo Tue 04-Nov-14 14:55:18

put one in your freezer

wigglesrock Tue 04-Nov-14 14:59:32

If it helps, I have some lovely Frozen stickers, they're slightly raised and different sizes (from Smyths). They were extra party bag favours. I don't mind sticking them in the post to you if you have no luck getting the case -just pm me.

HappyAgainOneDay Tue 04-Nov-14 15:13:55

Reading that a frozen glasses case was needed, I thought it meant one that was cold. I don't like cold spectacles because they mist up.

What is 'Frozen'?

themousethatthecatdraggedin Thu 06-Nov-14 13:19:38

Didn't even think about using stickers! Thanks smile I actually have some but thank you wriggle smile

skylark2 Thu 06-Nov-14 13:22:06

Definitely go with the stickers (which will also make the case more obviously hers in case she leaves it in school etc.)

DD was five when she first needed glasses. We called them "Harry Potter glasses" for ages and ages as encouragement.

loudarts Thu 06-Nov-14 13:22:56

Ali express have them

zakkalife1990 Fri 25-Mar-16 08:15:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MistyMeena Fri 25-Mar-16 08:22:31

'What is Frozen?'

Have you been living on the moon, Happy? grin

TheDuchessOfArbroathsHat Fri 25-Mar-16 08:24:25

Another zombie thread resurrected to bitchplop an advert. <<deep sigh>> Do they really think it will benefit them?

SleepyBoBo Fri 25-Mar-16 08:27:44

Happy - Frozen is one of the most over-rated films ever made. It's Disney-merch fodder about two sisters, something about 'the power of love' and some god-awful tunes. I wish I didn't know what it was either (I did read the title and thought the OP neededa cold glasses case for a moment!).

I would just get Frozen stickers and let her decorate her own case - that way it's 'her own' in some sort of sense, instead of just being one of many.

SleepyBoBo Fri 25-Mar-16 08:29:33

Shit, didn't catch the Zombie-ness! Sorry....

WhoKnowsWhereTheChocolateGoes Fri 25-Mar-16 08:30:34

She's probably grown out of wanting Frozen stuff now this thread is so old.

MistyMeena Fri 25-Mar-16 08:41:45

blush didn't notice the date!

yazhou5123 Thu 19-May-16 03:28:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Foslady Thu 19-May-16 07:55:35


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