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Pissed off with bugaboo! Within warranty but they won't fix pushchair!!

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Steelojames Mon 03-Nov-14 21:06:44

To cut a long story short,
I have a bugaboo cameleon3 that was purchased by my friend who works at john Lewis.
She got a discount. As a result, the puschair is in her name, and she had it delivered to her address then brought to my baby shower.
The puschair was purchased brand new in August 2013.
Last weekend whilst out with my son, the handle bar broke and I was furious!!! It was incredibly unsafe for my son and so I took it straight back to john lewis who gave me a replacement bee and sent the cskeleton off to be repaired.
I receive a phone call from john Lewis stating bugaboo won't fix as out of warranty, even though I have supplied proof of purchase!!!!!!!!
The serial number on the chassis indicates that the pushchair is 2 years old, and that is wrong!!! The puschair is 14 months old and under warranty yet despite prof of purchase bugaboo do not believe me!!
As puschair in friends name they won't speak to me about it when I rang, are not sympathetic to the situation and my sons safety and insulted me by implying the pushchair is out of warranty and that I must have got it second hand.
I don't know how the chassis has a different date!!
John Lewis are fighting with bugaboo to get this sorted.
I have sent a nasty email to bugaboo to complain.
I feel let down by bugaboo, why have I invested £800+ in a puschair that is not fit for purpose?!!!!!! Then to make matters worse they won't even fix for some unknown error to me?!! Not to mention the risk they out my son in!! A pushchair of this kind should not develop such a fault!! Not after 14 months!!
Anyone have any advice, I'm leavng john lewis to sort but I'm getting stressed!!

AmIAHypocritic Mon 03-Nov-14 21:13:25

Not read the entire out, but the chassis dates do not correlate with purchase date. I bought one, brand new, replacement, in 2010 (chassis alone) and the date on the chassis, the build date was 2008

wheresthelight Mon 03-Nov-14 21:14:27

quote the sale of goods act - warranty is irrelevant! it has to last a reasonable amount of time. to the best of my knowledge the cam 3 is suitable from birth to 4 so it should last 4 years minimum therefore they have to fix it.

technically your contract is with John Lewis and irrespective of whether bugaboo will compensate them they have to compensate you


youareallbonkers Mon 03-Nov-14 22:04:52

I don't think £800 on a pushchair is an investment.

SecretNutellaFix Mon 03-Nov-14 22:44:04

Although technically they are correct in that the contract is actually with your friend who actually purchased the pram in her name.

MillionToOneChances Mon 03-Nov-14 23:47:25

Your friend may have to deal with this as the contract is between her and John Lewis, but if Bugaboo won't fix it JL will have to replace it. If she paid on credit card, I think another option would be to involve her credit card company.

LoxleyBarrett Tue 04-Nov-14 05:13:53

That's a lot of exclamation marks!

It sounds like John Lewis are still trying to resolve the situation and may need your friends help to do so -I would leave them to it and see what happens before taking further action.

jeee Tue 04-Nov-14 05:23:17

If your friend bought the bugaboo for you using her staff discount, is she going to be in trouble with JL? I can't imagine JL want all and sundry to benefit from the staff discount.

CasperGutman Tue 04-Nov-14 06:58:47

Surely JL shouldn't have a problem with staff using their discounts when buying gifts for their friends?

SuperScrimper Tue 04-Nov-14 06:59:21

I'm pissed off that you're using a discount you shouldn't be.

Honeydragon Tue 04-Nov-14 07:07:56

Bugaboo are usually very good, but do get lots of people trying it on with resold pushchairs that are within warranty.

The manufacture date on the chassis has nothing to do with warranty.

Your warranty with Bugaboo shouldn't be affected by the Cam being purchased by someone one else as you should have registered the warranty in your name.

So unless the serial number you registered, is different to the one they've recieved on the pushchair they have no reason not to repair.

I've always taken a photo of the serial number on my chassis on my bugaboos to keep with the warranty in case of theft or tampering.

Honeydragon Tue 04-Nov-14 07:11:38

The op and her friend have done nothing wrong. It was purchased on the JL employees card.

PicaK Tue 04-Nov-14 07:11:51

Bugaboo are normally lovely. I understand you're upset if it broke but really your friend is the one who needs to chase it up. (And would you have paid £800 with a JL staff discount for the basic pram?)

Artandco Tue 04-Nov-14 07:14:26

They should replace. Ours was over 2 years old so out of warranty when the brake broke off. Bugaboo sent us a brand new one as they should last for purpose ie newborn- not needing pram anymore

LIZS Tue 04-Nov-14 07:19:58

Your, or rather your friend's, contract is with JL not Bugaboo , so it is up to them to resolve this between them. Sale of Goods Act should cover a refund but that right may be compromised if you have already accepted a repair. Yes the fact that op reimbursed her friend on her staff discount card could breech the terms of use (which could result in warnings or even dismissal). Also the warranty is your friend's not yours, once an item is sold on the warranty may not necessarily follow.

MrsMaker83 Tue 04-Nov-14 07:21:33

Oh get off your high horses those moaning and being "pissed off" about her using a friends discount. Get over yourselves!

Would you refuse an offer as a one off to use a friends discount on an expensive product?

Op - keep pushing, it is John Lewis responsibility to sort this as it was bought from them. Proof of purchase should be proof enough!

londonrach Tue 04-Nov-14 07:24:32

I think you have to get your friend to deal with it as the warranty will be between her and jl legally as she purchased it. Jl usually very good. Serious question here but if you purchased an item second hand within warranty and it breaks can you return it?

MrsMaker83 Tue 04-Nov-14 07:25:39

Oh get off your high horses those moaning and being "pissed off" about her using a friends discount. Get over yourselves!

Would you refuse an offer as a one off to use a friends discount on an expensive product?

Op - keep pushing, it is John Lewis responsibility to sort this as it was bought from them. Proof of purchase should be proof enough!

londonrach Tue 04-Nov-14 07:30:09

The Sale of Goods Act 1979, under which traders must sell goods that are as described and of satisfactory quality, applies to second-hand goods just as it does to new ones. But the level of protection you’ll receive will vary depending on who you are buying from. How much warranty does jl normally offer on prams. Doesnt sound like its fit for purpose. Im sure someone knowledgable can sort this. Good luck x

adrieneswall Tue 04-Nov-14 08:12:47

I can't help with the bugaboo, but I can tell you that your friend could be dismissed for using her discount card.
You say she used her card but that you invested £800, so this wasn't a gift.
We have to do discount training every year, so we know what discount can and can't be used for.
I know of 2 people who have been sacked for claiming discount fraudulently, both on items cheaper than the bugaboo.
Your friend was very much in the wrong.

LittleBairn Tue 04-Nov-14 08:19:47

I'm shocked at bugaboo's attitude I've always heard they were really good. This makes me weary about spending £££ on one of them. Which is a shame because as a nanny its always been the one I've recommended.

skinoncustard Tue 04-Nov-14 08:42:44

Agree Adrienswall, it's always been crystal clear that discount is for personal use and gifts which you wholly pay for. Is the discount still 25% for long serving employees?
Oh how I miss it��

LIZS Tue 04-Nov-14 08:43:09

Mrs Maker I think you are missing the point. It isn't so much that the op got a cheaper Bugaboo but that if her friend presses this with JL it may highlight her breech of the rules. I wonder just how far she would push it on op's behalf having simply thinking she'd done her a favour. People do get dismissed for abuse of discount systems.

adrieneswall Tue 04-Nov-14 08:51:08

Yes, it's 25% on non electricals. The OPs friend has essentially stolen £200 from JL, assuming the retail price was 800

skinoncustard Tue 04-Nov-14 09:48:43

Mrs Maker, Of course we all like to save a bit, but I think the friend will be more than a little concerned that this broken buggy is opening a huge can of worms and that she could find herself unemployed with fraud/theft on her employment record.
'Friends' used to ask me all the time to buy things, I wasn't always popular saying no. The staff discount was a part of my salary,I wouldn't give part of that away so why would I put my job and integrity at risk so someone else can receive the benefits without any of the risks.

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