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Wibu to tell her straight?

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flickyhairredlippy Mon 03-Nov-14 16:26:39

My DM has spent her entire life thus far not working. She's lived of various benefits and milked all she can from the system over the years.. or relied on men to support her. Sad but true. She's been a single mum for the majority if her child rearing years and I do understand how hard that is. However.

Now we have all left home, another marriage has gone to shit and she has to find a job.

She is applying to a certain type of job- won't do just anything- but has only a little experience in the field and has been out of the work force since having her first child. I'm over 30 now.

Needless to say she's only being offered minimum wage. Now I for one find NMW. Joke anyways, lots of jobs just don't make a proper living wage and it's demoralising and infuriating. However, I (and my siblings, actually) have always recognised this and have constantly worked hard to give ourselves better earning potential.

She is constantly moaning about how she deserves more than what they are offering. But the fact is, she doesn't deserve it. Whatever that starting out wage is, that's what she deserves..because she is just starting out. She won't retrain, consider extra training and is basically waiting for someone to "realise her worth" and offer her more.

I am doing my best to be supportive.. redid her CV etc send her emails when I spot jobs.. but it's starting to niggle me. Wibu to tell her straight? ... she can't just waltz back into the working world and expect mega bucks?

cherrybombxo Mon 03-Nov-14 16:29:36

Yes, I'd tell her otherwise she will live in this fantasy forever and get nowhere.

M6J23a Mon 03-Nov-14 16:34:38

Yes tell her. A lot of people seeking work think like your mother. A starting salary might not make people much better off than if they lived on benefits but until they start somewhere they are not likely to increase that earning potential.

PulpsNotFiction Mon 03-Nov-14 16:46:43

Do her an 'Entitled to' calculation. She'll be able to see how much better off she'd be when WTC are taken into account with a NMW job, as long as she works enough hours. What's she living off at the moment? JSA?

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