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AIBU to be really annoyed and should I tell this woman?

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OhBrother Mon 03-Nov-14 09:03:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkyredrose Mon 03-Nov-14 09:07:20

Omg that is rank! Dirty pissy floors so bad you picked up a bad infection? !!! Definitely tell her!!! Get her to compensate you while you're at it!

Roussette Mon 03-Nov-14 09:10:18

I would leave it BUT next time you are asked to take your shoes off, refuse, and tell her exactly why. How revolting, I would not be capable of walking over really dirty carpets or wet patches, I am funny about my feet, and don't people normally ask you to take your shoes off because they are paranoid about cleanliness inside? Not in this case!

bloodyteenagers Mon 03-Nov-14 09:10:25

If you had no socks on, how do you know the infection didn't come from another source? Dirt could have got into the wound from outside, from your shoes, from another source. It doesn't necessarily mean it came from her house.

TheLostPelvicFloorOfPoosh Mon 03-Nov-14 09:11:14

Could you not have worn socks anyway if you had open wounds on your feet? The infection could have been picked up from the soles of your shoes, surely?

Hope your feet are better soon though thanks

McPumpkinPie Mon 03-Nov-14 09:11:22

Thing is even if you had socks on the same would have still happened to you after stepping in the wet patches. YWNBU to say something, she can't be that precious of her carpets if she lets her pets piss on them!

NoRoomInTheInn Mon 03-Nov-14 09:11:42

No, I don't think you can complain to anyone about how they keep their house, but I understand totally how annoyed you must feel.
You'd think though, that if someone enforced a no shoe rule, it would be because they were houseproud and keep their floors/carpets clean and or hoovered.
I'm sorry you've had this awful experience. Tell SIL, by all means, she may mention it. You could never have foretold this, I know, but just be careful in future if you have sore areas on your feet. Many people have no shoe rules, so maybe some socks in your bag would be an idea?
Get well soon x

JimmySilentHill Mon 03-Nov-14 09:11:55

I hope you're feeling better soon flowers You can't tell her. As you have said, you don't know for definite that is from her floor (although highly likely). What is telling her going to achieve? It won't stop your infection and it will just make her embarrassed/angry. Either never return to hers or ensure you keep a spare pair of socks in your handbag for similar situations in the future.

JimmySilentHill Mon 03-Nov-14 09:12:30

Cross posts grin

NoRoomInTheInn Mon 03-Nov-14 09:12:33

Urine is sterile, by the way!

cricketpitch Mon 03-Nov-14 09:13:01

Difficult conversation I would think. And what do you expect her to do about it now?

Horrible though - poor you. Hope you get better quickly.

On another note the inside of shoes won't be bacteria free - unless you wash/ wipe them before wearing. Socks and/or at least a plaster over the wound will keep it free from infection.

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 03-Nov-14 09:13:13

I hope youre feeling better.

Thing is, you really can't say with any degree of certainty that her carpets were the source of your infection. So what would be the point?
Apart from the alert anyone to the risks of insisting on a shoes- off policy because your next guest might tread their gammy foot infection all over the carpet.

But yuck to the cat pee.

LikeTheShoes Mon 03-Nov-14 09:13:20

If you wear socks and change them regularly (at least once a day) your athlete's foot will be much more likely to clear up.

I can't imagine why I would insist on no shoes indoors then let my pets wee on the carpet. That is grim.

OhBrother Mon 03-Nov-14 09:13:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FishWithABicycle Mon 03-Nov-14 09:14:10

It didn't necessarily come from her house but it's possible. You would be reasonable to refuse to comply with an instruction like this (but by going elsewhere, not by insisting on wearing your shoes in her house).

IAmACircle Mon 03-Nov-14 09:14:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneybean Mon 03-Nov-14 09:15:56

Urine is only sterile inside the body. once it leaves it contains bacteria.

ChaosTrulyReigns Mon 03-Nov-14 09:17:09

I'd just leave it, tbh, sorry fir your pain. But actual WIDE GRINS at compensation!

NewEraNewMindset Mon 03-Nov-14 09:18:23

Agree with IAmACircle. Urine is only sterile inside, once it gets pissed all over a carpet it most definitely isn't. Disgusting sounding house and I now feel quite ill.

MrsMaker83 Mon 03-Nov-14 09:19:27

She sounds horrid and dirty.

And why let animals piss on your carpet, not clean it up as soon as you are aware, but have a no shoes rule?


Swingball Mon 03-Nov-14 09:21:54

Very weird that she knew the pets have peed on the carpet and still makes you take off your shoes! Would you not be mortified!?

OhBrother Mon 03-Nov-14 09:22:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Swingball Mon 03-Nov-14 09:23:58

Do you know the wet patch wasn't water where she had cleaned? Even so you wouldn't make someone walk through it would you?

futterwacken Mon 03-Nov-14 09:24:19

It sounds vile but if it was that bad and you have an open wound why did you not refuse? I don’t think you can complain as you have some responsibility for keeping your own wound protected but you can quietly seethe at how grim her house is.

hackmum Mon 03-Nov-14 09:24:30

Oh, that is so gross. It's nearly as bad as the other thread at the moment about the woman who lets her dogs poo inside the house. What is wrong with people?

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