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AIBU in hoping to find affordable housing and good schooling in Chafford Hundred???

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BlessedandGratefulMommyWife Mon 03-Nov-14 01:39:57

My DH is currently in Crawley working and we are looking to move closer to family who live in Chafford Hundred. Whilst we have the opinion of our trusted family member we really would like a bit more of a varied response. Our children are 7, 9 and 15. Our sons are avid footballers whilst our daughter is all girlie girl - dance etc. I would need to commute to Fenchurch for work which is why we figure Chafford Hundred would be perfect for commuting however we really would like to know how it feels to live there?

Is there a community feel or do people basically stay in their homes and mind their own business?

Is there a Town Center or is the Lakeside the only gathering point?

Are the schools any good?

Is it s safe area?

Other than Lakeside is there any entertainment/pubs/bowling anything?

Are the healthcare facilities in the area decent and reputable?

We love Crawley however can be a bit tedious commuting in every day for work.

Also Avg Council Tax cost would be awesome as well.

Really look forward to hearing any up to date or current responses please?


MassaAttack Mon 03-Nov-14 07:29:47

You're not moving the 15 yo mid-GCSEs, are you?

Have you checked out the Mumsnet Local page for the area?

Council tax you can work out using the council website and Rightmove.

MassaAttack Mon 03-Nov-14 08:11:42

Sorry, that sounds unnecessarily curt blush

hoedown Mon 03-Nov-14 08:32:42

i live further along the line and i only have a friend who lives in CH rather than first hand experience but i can answer a couple of your questions.
Commute is good and easy. Plenty of trains into LFS. Covered walkway across the main road from CH station to Lakeside.
I have been for a spa day at the Bannatyne Fitness Centre in CH and i believe there were other leisure entertainment places on the same park/area.
Said friend is very involved with a local 'strictly style' dance club, and is now competing all over the country.
Can't answer the high st question. There are certainly some family friendly community pubs which were built at the same time as the housing in CH. Lakeside and its surrounding retail parks are so huge though that i doubt very much that many businesses would be able to survive in such close proximity. Grays is very close to CH and has a more traditional layout, high st and housing stock, but doesn't seem a particularly nice area TBH. If you are after more of a traditional community feel i think Corringham and Stanford Le Hope are a bit further back and seem a bit better than Grays. I would probably choose Chaford Hundred though as it's generally new, neat and tidy and it's closer to Lakedide and the associated entertainment and action. As your children get older i would imagine i can see living in CH being handy for them accessing entertainment by themselves.
Sorry i can't be more helpful. Hopefully someone else will be along soon.

Spookgremlin Mon 03-Nov-14 08:50:23

Yes Lakeside is pretty much it. Grays town centre was killed by it, and it's not really the type of town you hang out in now.

Grays has got library, post office, train station, Morrisons and other cheap food outlets like Iceland and Aldi.

Near to Chafford Hundred you've got Sainsbury's and two quite nice pubs iirc, chain eaterie types. Harvester up the road. Very quick and easy to get into Lakeside from CH on train, one stop. As mentioned above, Bannatyne's gym.

There is a swimming pool down the road in Blackshots and I think you'd find good dance groups and football in the area generally as both are popular. I'm not sure at all about schools, but there is a good separate 6th form college in Grays where lots go from all areas.

Basildon has more leisure type things too and is only up the road, kids might also head there when older. I would say that Basildon is more a similar type of place to Crawley, (new town), though Crawley is nicer IMO.

Ch is quite a nice estate but houses very close in, small gardens, don't think the crime rate is outstanding either, but Essex is very friendly.

bloomfieldtj Mon 03-Nov-14 13:58:50

Have a look at Upminster. Also on the Fenchurch St line (20 mins to FS) plus the District line underground, nice park and high street shops, good primary and secondary schools, especially Upminster Primary School and Coopers secondary school. A short drive to Lakeside.

Alwaysforever2009 Mon 03-Nov-14 22:39:07

I've lived in chafford it's a nightmare !
The schools are really oversubscribed U will have a job getting your children in the waiting list is huge. It's been in the local papers how bad it is with parents protesting outside the council about school places .
The area is like a rat run and is gridlocked over Christmas trying to get out onto the a13 or to lakeside you can forget it .
Everyone tends to keep themselves to themselves but you have problems areas surrounding chafford grays is a dump and no go area south ockendon is a dump too I've just moved from there dog poo city I called it lol :D
I couldn't wait to move out the area the houses / flats are so cheaply built hear everyone's noise through walls and around you . The gardens are like a postage stamp and driveways are too

Aveley is ok which is close lived there too lol

Seriously really look into things before moving there ask your family what it's like look up online the Thurrock Gazette ususally has pleanty in it about chafford

Can you tell I don't like chafford hehe sorry xx

Alwaysforever2009 Mon 03-Nov-14 22:44:47

This was 2 years ago but nothing has changed

whathaveiforgottentoday Tue 04-Nov-14 01:50:35

I'd like to recommend Upminster (or Cranham, the cheaper end of upminster).
Great schools (the 2 mentioned above plus engayne primary and Hall mead which got outstanding in its last ofsted) and it has a proper town centre.

I'm not keen on chafford hundred, the houses are crammed in and have to agree that it is nightmare around christmas time as the roads become gridlocked. Its not really a town, more of a large housing estate with a couple of pubs.
Aveley is ok but you have to get a bus to Upminster or lakeside to get the train but does mean the housing is slightly cheaper.

BlessedandGratefulMommyWife Tue 04-Nov-14 04:23:39

@MassaAttack No you were not being curt! smile No we are not moving until he completes his GCSE's in May. So basically looking into Sixth Form in the area; hopefully somewhere that also offers Football as he is really quite good.

Sorry for delayed response chores and tele got the best of me!

BlessedandGratefulMommyWife Tue 04-Nov-14 04:35:04

@ Hoedown @ Alwaysforever2009 @whathaveiforgottentoday @bloomfieldtj @ spookgremlin Thank you all so very much! The info is quite helpful and I will research the other areas suggested. Also how do I find Mumsnet local page for the area - I am a Mumsnet Newbie! (shame face :D)

Again Thank you all very much!!

whathaveiforgottentoday Tue 04-Nov-14 08:36:00

If you are looking for 6th form, than coopers has an excellent 6th form and is a specialist sports School. I don't know whether that would help with an application in 6th form' it's quite hard to get a place. Alternatively I hear good things about about Palmers 6th form college in grays, but mixed reviews on havering 6th form college.

BlessedandGratefulMommyWife Wed 05-Nov-14 02:27:18

Thanks Much will look into these schools and areas!

MassaAttack Wed 05-Nov-14 18:16:27

Mumsnet Local smile

oreosandmilkrule Wed 05-Nov-14 18:56:25

Upminster is v expensive/ overpriced imo, and lacking in facilities.

If you need to be on the Fenchurch St line, Rainham is worth a look (but avoid the area near the station as that's not great. The other end of the village is nicer. Overall it's slightly better than Aveley/Purfleet/Grays and is Zone 6 (as is Upminster) so your travel will be cheaper.

BlessedandGratefulMommyWife Thu 06-Nov-14 01:01:54

The information you are provide is fantastic!

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