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In the number of treats my kids have each week?

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deliverdaniel Sat 01-Nov-14 22:03:05

So every week, my 4 year old has 1 ice cream (we live in a hot place and it's a regular weekly treat) , 2-3 yoghurts (usual flavoured individual kind) for dessert on weekends, probably 1 cookie type thing and probably 1 other treat- cake/ sweet someone gives him or at a birthday party etc etc. He rarely eats sweets or chocolate- just the occasional thing that someone gives him or on special occasions. The rest of the time I mostly cook from scratch- boring easy stuff like spaghetti bolognese, chicken, fish etc etc and he has sandwiches and fruit or carrot sticks/ cherry tomatoes for packed lunch. He is not great about eating vegetables but will usually eat at least some vegetables with dinner and lots of fruit during the day.

Is this a lot of treats/ sugar/ a very bad diet compared to what other people give their kids? I am wondering because I started reading the other fish finger thread and suddenly started to worry that his diet was unusually bad?


MonsoonInBelize Sat 01-Nov-14 22:07:56

No it sounds fab as diets go.

DoJo Sat 01-Nov-14 22:26:58

That thread was surreal - I don't know anyone who considers peas and sweetcorn to be 'unhealthy' in real life, and if your son is healthy, happy and growing at a reasonable rate then those are more important indicators than what people on here are likely to say!

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