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Sending my husband on a foot-rub course?

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seagull70 Sat 01-Nov-14 19:50:57

Because he's flipping rubbish at it!

It starts off well but quickly descends into a nervous grabbing, poking action.

Every evening for the last 18 years I have presented him with my beautiful feet.

You'd think he would have perfected it by now grin

I wonder if the Open University have something suitable wink

EatDereksCorpse Sat 01-Nov-14 19:52:56


Feet are not there to be touched. Errrr I couldn't think of anything worse!

StarlingMurmuration Sat 01-Nov-14 19:55:50

My DP's ex used to demand foot rubs then snatch her feet away saying, "No, you're doing it wrong!" He's well shut.

VileStatistyx Sat 01-Nov-14 19:55:54

Derek, you don't know what you're missing. A good foot rub is better than anything.

Yeah. Including that.

And that.


It took me years to train my husband how to stroke feet. But now he's an expert. I could let you borrow him for a bit if you like. See if he can train yours up grin

Discopanda Sat 01-Nov-14 19:59:41

If you find one, let me know. At least he's trying!

seagull70 Sat 01-Nov-14 19:59:45

Thank you for the offer vile I'm happy to chip in for board and lodging grin

VileStatistyx Sat 01-Nov-14 20:04:52

grin his needs are simple. A can of guiness and cnn and he'll do you for hours

VileStatistyx Sat 01-Nov-14 20:05:03

your feet.

he'll do your feet for hours.

VileStatistyx Sat 01-Nov-14 20:05:16

rub your feet.

<leaves thread>

seagull70 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:11:58

Laugh vile does he know what you're signing him up for? grin

HermioneWeasley Sat 01-Nov-14 20:16:01

God, I loooooove a foot rub. DW obliges half heartedly about once a decade.

seagull70 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:19:47

Hermione, that is just unacceptable!

Calloh Sat 01-Nov-14 20:23:29

Oh god I want one so badly right now, I'm looking at unsuspecting DH reading a football thing and I'm aching for it.

He's either too light like a gerbil padding up and down or finishes really quickly. My poor bunions.

londonrach Sat 01-Nov-14 20:26:10

Vile thank you xxx

GnomeDePlume Sat 01-Nov-14 20:26:30

I agree with Derek, our feet were put on the ends of our legs for a reason. they are not there to be touched.

HermioneWeasley Sat 01-Nov-14 20:29:01

OP, do you think I should leave her?

She does have other redeeming features.

londonrach Sat 01-Nov-14 20:29:21

Vile now got dh laughing too and giving me a foot rub. Thank you... (Blisss)

HermioneWeasley Sat 01-Nov-14 20:29:36

Perhaps we could form a foot rub circle?

VileStatistyx Sat 01-Nov-14 20:31:03

grin you're welcome.

god, pimping my husband out on the net. New low for me. grin

MindReader Sat 01-Nov-14 20:36:48

I have plantar fasiciitus (sp!) and trapped nerves that are in my feet so a foot rub can make me cry with relief.

I persuade H sometimes..... he's not really keen even though my feet aren't gross.

I have hopes for tonight as he is in a good mood due to being looked after all day.

Kids playing up re bedtime though so I might be asleep before the opportunity arises.

And yes, I agree it IS better than 'that'. grin

MindReader Sat 01-Nov-14 20:38:48

calloh 'like a gerbil padding up and down* grin
My H tends to sandpaper my feet if I'm not careful..

vile - your H sounds fab grin

seagull70 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:46:52

Hermione nooooo! She sounds like a keeper regardless grin

HermioneWeasley Sat 01-Nov-14 20:52:06

Alright, I'll hang on to her a bit longer then

redexpat Sat 01-Nov-14 21:09:16

I once kicked DH because he was squeezing my other foot so tightly I honestly thought it was going to break. DH was oblivious to my sharp intake of breath and bulging eyes. We did go on a massage course together - everyone else in the room was saying ooh aahhhh. I was saying OW OW OW!

So a course is a nice idea in theory, but just be prepared for the fact that it might not work in practice.

seagull70 Sat 01-Nov-14 21:43:00

DH sounds similar, he starts out doing well but then gets grabby!

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