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WIBU at the playground?

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catkind Sat 01-Nov-14 16:42:58

A bit of a WIBU and a bit of a WWYD.

We were at a small playground this afternoon, with our two kids (5 and 2) and a load of other toddlers around.

There were two bigger kids (guess 12 and 7?) zooming round on bicycles. I wasn't happy to start with, and as more toddlers arrived it felt really dangerous so I worked out who they were with and asked him politely to get them to cycle outside.

This grandad started effing and blinding at my husband, told the kids "rules are made to be broken" and me that "we were here first".

WWYD then? I told him he was being childish and indulged in some lovely PA tutting with DH but felt a bit pathetic. Okay, the PA bit might be U. But what do you do?

The playground is set in a large field so they could perfectly well have cycled round outside it. There's even a track area there which is perfect for cycling (and indeed we took DS to cycle round when we'd finished playing).
The chap didn't have any younger kids with him or anything.

Poor kids didn't even have helmets on sad

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 01-Nov-14 16:45:15

* "rules are made to be broken" and me that "we were here first". *

What a tit!

I would have said something too.

Iggi999 Sat 01-Nov-14 16:45:19

I would feel sorry for the kids if that is the gps response to a perfectly reasonable request. No one cycles around playgrounds.

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