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to agree with sir lord sugar that Gordon brown should replace edd

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bonded Sat 01-Nov-14 07:00:37

Anyone else agree that Gordon brown should come back as the labour leader? I really miss him, and don't think edd can even compare to him with his economic ability.

Even lord sugar would be better, he has the brains and know how to be one of the world a most successful billionaires.

minifingers Sat 01-Nov-14 07:13:51

No, I'd replace him with Ed Balls who I have an inappropriate crush on

But you know, it's policies that matter in the end, not personalities.

minibmw2010 Sat 01-Nov-14 07:58:14

Dear God No !!! He made a dreadful mess of it the last time. Get rid of Ed, bring back David Milliband or make it Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham.

FunkyBoldRibena Sat 01-Nov-14 07:59:46

No. No. No.

And Ed Balls? What?

socially Sat 01-Nov-14 08:00:01

Jesus are you fucking kidding me?

The man is a useless, spineless lump of lard.

And if alan sugar became PM I'd leave the country.

My god is that what uk politics has come to? Are we completely out of ideas?

bonded Sat 01-Nov-14 08:04:38

Gordon brown is one of the worlds most respected economic experts, the IMF have given him work ffs!

He turned down the lucrative tours that tony Blair does in order to do charity work. Wonderful man.

minibmw2010 Sat 01-Nov-14 08:06:59

I didn't say he's not a wonderful man, however it's very clear he was out of his depth the last time, with nothing obvious to suggest he'd be any better this time !!! He was chancellor at the start of our worst recession ... That says enough I think.

SavoyCabbage Sat 01-Nov-14 08:07:41

Sir Lord Sugar grin

Misssss Sat 01-Nov-14 08:09:05

So the international recession is GB's fault?

YY to Balls!

bonded Sat 01-Nov-14 08:10:18

And if alan sugar became PM I'd leave the country.

That is pretty disrespectful, its Sir Lord Sugar!

ToAvoidConversation Sat 01-Nov-14 08:12:10

Actually no but only because Gordon Brown has done so many better things since he stepped down. The work he does for human right is great. He also seems to be pretty visual in his local community. Would he actually want to go back that kind of job?

hiccupgirl Sat 01-Nov-14 08:14:00

I think GB did a good job in very difficult circumstances....despite Tory propaganda it was a worldwide economic crisis not just caused by Labour's policies. And Tony Blair did an amazing job of running away at the right time too.

But unfortunately politics is all about personality and spin in today's world and GB hasn't got it there. But neither has Miliband. Ed Balls would be a million times better than either of them in the personality stakes.

UncleT Sat 01-Nov-14 08:14:07

Oh yes, how we miss that characterless lump of misery going around the place calling the electorate bigoted....

Greenrememberedhills Sat 01-Nov-14 08:20:06

Well, separate but related I'm furious that this mornings BBC headline contain a government warning for all UK residents to be vigilant abroad, because of potential reprise attacks. Thanks Tony Blair. Perhaps we could borrow your security.

Not that any of the others are better. Yes, I did prefer GB- but wasn't he unpleasant to voters behind their backs?

kerstina Sat 01-Nov-14 08:21:49

I didn't want Gordon Brown to go in the first place so yes I would be happy to see him back. Although I like Ed Milliband Gordon Brown speaks with far more passion and has more gravitas.
Unfortunately most of the population in this country can't seem to see further than their own nose and are totally ignorant, getting their views on life from the gutter press and prefer a puppet of a man with all the smooth and false charm of a tv show host!

silveroldie2 Sat 01-Nov-14 08:23:05

bonded 'Gordon brown is one of the worlds most respected economic experts, the IMF have given him work ffs!'

Ha ha ha great joke, very funny. He was a fucking disastrous Chancellor - and sold off our gold reserves on the cheap.

As for Sugar, there is no such thing as a Sir Lord - he is either Lord Sugar or Sir Alan Sugar. Whatever he's called, no he should not be PM.

Still, thanks for the laugh.

buggerthebotox Sat 01-Nov-14 08:45:39

I'm a big fan of GB but as politics seems to be about "personality" rather than anything else these days I'd say "no", sadly to him as Labour leader. On the other hand I fail to see what's wrong with Ed Milliband either. However I'd happily give Cooper, Balls, Burnham a go too.

SpuffySummers Sat 01-Nov-14 08:48:18

Gordon Brown's a big fluffy teddy bear. as in utterly useless

And for that reason, he was fired.

drudgetrudy Sat 01-Nov-14 08:56:57

I am pleased to hear that other people have a lot of respect for Gordon Brown.

I remember Paxman at the last election asking him the ridiculous question, "Why does nobody like you?"
Clearly not true. He is an intelligent and principled man.
I am not sure what the media wants us to require in our politicians these days.
Gordon Brown had the misfortune to become prime minister at a time of global recession and tends to get blamed for that.

I can't see what is wrong with Gordon Brown's personality. It's an improvement on Tony Blair's permanent grin and David Cameron's smarmy snail trail.
Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham also get my vote.

OOAOML Sat 01-Nov-14 09:09:16

I think Ed Miliband should step down, but imagine that will be after the election (unless they somehow manage to scrape it). Gordon Brown I think has far too much baggage. He is though a good orator (especially considering he has a speech impediment) and a 'presence' - when I think about politics when I was a child, it seemed full of people who had 'presence' and could debate with passion, now it seems much more about being slick. Debates have been reduced to soundbites.

Snapespotions Sat 01-Nov-14 09:09:35

Actually, I liked Gordon Brown and I have always had a lot of respect for him. I think his post-PM conduct has demonstrated what sort of person he really is - we lost a leader with genuine values and a real commitment to making the world a better place. But I don't think he can come back. The media was very harsh to him, and too many people (falsely) believe that he was to blame for the economic crisis. I don't believe he could get past that now.

Having said that, Miliband is lacking something too. I am sympathetic to Labour but don't find him convincing as a leader. I actually wanted Alan Johnson to take over when GB left, but sadly, that didn't happen.

I agree that Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham now seem the best candidates. I really doubt whether Labour can win the next election with Miliband still in place. It's a pity, I'm sure he is a decent man, but somehow, people just don't have that sense of connection with him.

Shlep Sat 01-Nov-14 09:09:43

No way in hell. Gordon Brown was inspiring at the Scottish referendum speech, and seems like a genuinely nice person, but he made a mess of he I a prime minister. Ed Miliband needs to be replaced, though. Maybe with David?

sassytheFIRST Sat 01-Nov-14 09:13:53

Gordon brown needs to lead Labour in Scotland, IMO. He commands real respect there and could just save the party from being annihilated if he were in charge of the campaign. Balls has the reputation of a bully but is tough; Cooper also strong. David M would have been a good candidate for the country but the unions wanted Ed: shot themselves in the foot there as I think it incredibly unlikely he will be elected. Hope his (likely to be) brief stint as Labour leader was worth damaging his relationship with his sibling for.

CFSKate Sat 01-Nov-14 09:18:16

A couple of weeks ago the Daily Mail had a rumour,

sassytheFIRST Sat 01-Nov-14 09:23:08

Too late for a change now. Will have to be post election. And the L party have a v complicated leadership procedure to follow.

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