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WIBU not to double-check price?

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HelloLA Fri 31-Oct-14 13:15:22

So annoyed!

Today I went for my first haircut and colour in about a thousand years (or at least since the 90s). Booked at a local chain salon, because the receptionist told me there was a 50% discount on hair colour. She was enthusiastic. I was enthusiastic. What could possibly go wrong?

At the end of today's appointment, I get charged full whack. Apparently the special offer doesn't start till Monday; the receptionist is new and made a mistake. I'm £40 down. Have a very awkward discussion about it with the stylist. The manager is too busy to come out. End up paying the whole thing, like a total mug.

But... should I have confirmed the price at the start of my appointment? The stylist and I chatted about the details of cut/colour; it didn't occur to me to double-check the price. It's a long time since I was in a hair salon. The receptionist had seemed perfectly confident. I didn't haggle for the discount -- she offered.

AIBU to email customer services and complain, or should I suck up the £40 difference because it was naive of me not to confirm price at the actual appointment?

futterwacken Fri 31-Oct-14 13:19:31

I’d complain, it’s not your fault.if the receptionist told you one price that’s what I’d expect. It’s worth following it up.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 31-Oct-14 13:21:10

Follow it up, not your fault at all.

LemonadeRayGun Fri 31-Oct-14 13:21:36

This has happened to me several times in hairdressers, I think sometimes they try it on you know. I have always refused to pay the full price, I pay what I was quoted on the phone, but it is always so awkward. Now I do confirm the price before having it done but only cos I have been stung before!

Definitely complain, take it to the manager, this isn't on, for all you know it could be a common scam...

AimlesslyPurposeful Fri 31-Oct-14 13:22:22

Yes follow it up. You were not charged the price quoted.

Rafflesway Fri 31-Oct-14 13:27:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelloLA Fri 31-Oct-14 19:52:51

Thanks for the replies.

I followed up. Called and complained politely to the manager himself. He claimed there'd been a 'miscommunication'; he was perfectly happy to refund the £40. hmm

For bonus points, I had to go back to the salon for the refund, and the manager was very abrupt. Not even a passing sorry-for-the-mixup, or hope-you-didn't-travel-far.

Why? WHY be so shit at customer service? I'll need to have my roots redone in 6-8 weeks, and my arse if I'm going back there. Countless salons on the same road. Glad to have the refund, but -- aargh, come on!

HermioneWeasley Fri 31-Oct-14 19:58:33

Glad you got the refund. Extraordinary isn't it? I went to the same salon for years - £38 every 6 weeks, I dread to think what that adds up to. Often kept waiting a few minutes, 10-15 being the norm and 30 mins not unheard of. The one fricking time I am late (entirely my own fault) the stylist gets huffy with me. Not been back since.

futterwacken Fri 31-Oct-14 19:59:49

That’s a bit shitty but glad you got your refund.

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