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To not do any work today

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OublietteBravo Fri 31-Oct-14 08:39:04

I phoned in sick this morning. I have a horrible cold. I went to bed at 8pm last night and I've only just surfaced. Although I'm feeling slightly better, I still have a temperature and I'm so bunged up I can hardly hear anything. I'm definitely not in any fit state to be in the office. However, I have my laptop at home, so I could do some work.

AIBU to just go back to bed instead?

(No one else will need to cover for me - I'll just have to catch up on the stuff I didn't do once I go back to work next week).

allypally999 Fri 31-Oct-14 08:43:36

bed for sure and no YNBU

hope you feel better soon

addictedtosugar Fri 31-Oct-14 08:47:04

If your not well enough to go into to work and work, your not well enough to switch the lap top on.--although I tend to do 30 min-an hour first thing to set everything in motion for the day--
rest, recouperate, and be properly better for next week.
Hope your feeling better soon.

CaulkheadUpNorth Fri 31-Oct-14 08:48:55

My theory is I get better quicker if I actually rest rather than trying to do something and not doing it well!

I vote for relax, sleep, drink tea etc

OublietteBravo Fri 31-Oct-14 08:50:21

I'm going back to bed (just having brew first). I might check my email next time I wake up. Even though I'm genuinely ill, I still feel guilty about not working. Which is surely crazy (this is the first day I've been off sick this year, so it isn't like I make a habit of it).

FunkyBoldRibena Fri 31-Oct-14 09:08:38

If you do some work, then it looks like you are perhaps not as ill as you said.

Keep the laptop closed until better.

MrsPiggie Fri 31-Oct-14 09:25:51

You've called in sick, you are sick, no-one is expecting you to do any work. Off to bed!

Notbythehaironmychinnychinchin Fri 31-Oct-14 09:28:06

Go back to bed. If you're feeling shitty, odds are you'll balls up your work anyway.

Having said that, I'm not feeling in a very work-friendly mood myself as Ive spent my annual leave this week picking up shite from others (all date related stuff I could've ignored but would've been an absolute nightmare next week). So, I might not be unbiased.

Balaboosta Fri 31-Oct-14 10:08:25

Bed! No guilt!

AtrociousCircumstance Fri 31-Oct-14 11:09:44

No work - don't be daft! Go to bed. Leave the emails until tomorrow!

JennyBlueWren Fri 31-Oct-14 12:25:55

Bed. If you're feeling better then sofa with a hot drink and daytime TV, DVD or catch up stuff. Hope you've got treats in or someone who can bring you some.

bonded Fri 31-Oct-14 12:50:03

I hate this, at my work people usually come in sick for the morning disappear off at lunch and work at home for the rest of the day.

If I'm sick, I phone in and forget about work. Of course sick pay is at their digression so I probably wouldn't get paid and the others will.

WeAllHaveWings Fri 31-Oct-14 12:55:33

I would probably start up laptop to put on an out of office message and forward anything urgent only.

BauerTime Fri 31-Oct-14 13:03:02

If you phoned in sick then you are sick. End of. Its a sick day and will go on your record as such.

If you phoned in and said you didn't feel up to coming in but would work from home then you should at least do emails and make sure anything urgent doesn't get missed if that's all you feel up to doing.

I dont tend to feel guilty about being off sick unless I know its going to be a headache for others. I also don't agree with people dragging themselves into the office when they are clearly ill and either moaning about it all day and being unproductive or making everyone else ill too.

daisychain01 Fri 31-Oct-14 15:11:32

Dr Daisychain here, all concerned, on the afternoon / teatime shift. How are you feeling?

Now I hope you rested up (looks over horn rimed spectacles) and slap wrist if you opened your laptop for anything to do with work.

Why not stay in bed until tomorrow so you have a ready made excuse for not getting up to answer the door for trick-or-treaters

(evil cackle) ----

OublietteBravo Fri 31-Oct-14 15:15:51

Slept for most of the morning. Haven't opened my laptop. Just had brew and toast and paracetamol. Going to try sitting on the sofa and watching crap daytime TV, but still feeling sleepy, so might doze off. I'll be leaving DH to deal with Halloween tonightthlwink

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