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To think the worse thing about staying at someone's house is trying to get the shower to work?!

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EatDereksCorpse Thu 30-Oct-14 12:13:51

Why doesn't every house just have the same shower, same settings and same heat control?!

I was dog sitting last night and it's shower time for me. I don't have a shower at home and I'm excited! But can I fuck as get it to the right temperature!

Might google it and see if there's an online manual grin

It's also a wet room so now I'm panicking that I will somehow flood the bathroom then open the door and a wave of water to just flow out and drown the dogs and me!

If that's not the worse part of staying at another house then add your own!

Enb76 Thu 30-Oct-14 12:16:08

I can never work other people's TVs. Neither can they when they come back as I have somehow mucked the whole system up. I no longer watch TV at other people's houses if they are not there.

EatDereksCorpse Thu 30-Oct-14 12:16:49

I have also messed this tv up! I tried tuning it in and now I'm sure there's channels missing

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 30-Oct-14 12:20:08

No not has to be drinking instant coffee with real milk. That's the worst part. When all you want is a glass of squash and a proper coffee. Why do people get ff milk. I can just about cope with semi but knowing there's ff milk in the coffee makes me nauseous. I am.polite and drink it though but it's hard

cassie1051 Thu 30-Oct-14 12:30:05

Whenever I have guests to stay do a super-clean on our bath/shower before the visit, and give them towels etc in the spare room. A few times various guests haven't actually had a shower during their visit, and I've felt a bit baffled (I can't go a day without a shower) and miffed that my effort has gone to waste. But your post has now made me realise maybe they just don't like the hassle of working out a new shower?

I've had the TV thing at someone else's house. My friend slept in with a hangover so I was up first, couldn't for the life of me work out her TV so just sat in the living room playing on my phone instead.

Bonbonbonboo Thu 30-Oct-14 12:31:18

YANBU about the shower. Happened to me just this weekend. Could not for the life of me figure out how to turn the damn thing on.

BeyondPreparedForHell Thu 30-Oct-14 12:33:28

Agree with the shower, can i also add weird mixer taps that dont seem to go to cold no matter which way you turn them, so you have to brush your teeth with warm water <bleugh>

Rinkydinkypink Thu 30-Oct-14 12:36:13

This is so true!

Showers, nightmare! Tv's, annoying! Cookers and microwaves are just as annoying. Keys and doors that you need wiggle about to get to work.

And yes yes yes to the wrong milk. It can ruin a perfectly decent cuppa.

I should just stay at home wink

EatDereksCorpse Thu 30-Oct-14 13:37:28

I managed the shower eventually!

Burnt myself then froze myself but eventually I found the right temperature. Then it was coming out super fast so had to change it then it trickled!

Next time I will ask to be shown!

manchestermummy Thu 30-Oct-14 13:46:51


Years ago my DH shared a shit hole house and the shower was not only impossible to work, it was held into the shower cubicle with a black bin liner. I could never work out how to use it without dislodging the bin liner.

I eventually decided to shower before I visited, and shower at home. And ultimately, when he got some awful bug from the state of the house, I insisted on him staying at mine.

YY to TVs too. Any more complicated than Freeview and I'm lost.

Fillybuster Thu 30-Oct-14 13:49:30

YANBU. Same goes for hotels, especially in forn parts.

I've learnt to make let dh go first. He's far better at figuring out the settings than I am.

Watto1 Thu 30-Oct-14 14:45:33

I can never flush Mil's loo properly. For some reason, the handle is on the left (no left handers in the house) and I can't get enough 'oomph' to get it to flush. Mil's helpful instruction of "You have to surprise it Watto!" doesn't work for me either. I usually have to get DH to flush it for me!

SacreBlue Thu 30-Oct-14 14:53:23

Used to have this problem - guests saying they had skin removed from the heat <eek>

Now have lovely new bathroom & all guests so far saying they would like it for themselves.

I hated my xbf's shower - trickle of semi cold water sad I have long hair and it just never felt properly washed.

manchestermummy Thu 30-Oct-14 15:49:36

Filly same here: DH always has to use the shower first.

At home it's usually me in case he uses up all the hot water unless we forgot to turn the immersion on, in which case DH mans up.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Thu 30-Oct-14 15:53:47

we had a funny shower in the last house - when SIL came to stay I started telling her how it worked and she said not to worry...she was cabin crew and after a while there wasn't a shower in the world she couldn't master grin

pretty handy skill I reckon!

cluttercluttereverywhere Thu 30-Oct-14 17:47:03

YANBU. We are staying at my DMs place at the moment, and couldn't get the hot water to work at all this morning, so gave up & took the kids swimming instead, so at least we could all have a hot shower. God knows what we'll do tomorrow morning. I think DM just waves her magic wand at it on random occasions to get it to work.

bodhranbae Thu 30-Oct-14 17:57:48

But getting unwilling toilets to flush is also a bugger.
The ones that need a special "knack".

Brassrubbing Thu 30-Oct-14 19:39:41

Nonsense, OP, showers are fine, it's when you're staying with someone whose front door lock has a 'funny knack' that your heart really sinks. At worst with a strange shower, you wash at the hand basin, whereas with a lick that needs you to jiggle it a bit, then turn it anti-clockwise, then pull the door sharply towards you while pushing the key in and waiting for the click, you could end up sitting in a flower bed in the cold for a loooong time...

Wh0dathunkit Thu 30-Oct-14 19:41:24

YANBU! Our cat sitter, who has regularly cat sat for a couple of years still phones up if the tv / broadband / two remote controls combo needs a bit of assistance, and DP still occasionally cleans his teeth with hot water. He's been living here a year now!

PIVOT Thu 30-Oct-14 20:52:15

Staying with PIL this weekend and they are not shower people. They have one but only three of the holes in the shower head work. I've adjusted my hair wash schedule to do it at home tomorrow, bath at theirs on sat night and wash it when I get home Sunday. I'm on my period too so will have to get rid of my stuff when I can on the sly (not prudish about that kind of thing but there's no bins in the bathroom, main bin is in the kitchen but it's an area set up for sorting of recycling and going near it invites question from FIL).

60sname Thu 30-Oct-14 21:46:11

Try being super short-sighted too...a definite recipe for flooding an unfamiliar bathroom

DomiKatetrixortreat Thu 30-Oct-14 22:00:19

Yes! Why aren't they universal?!
Stayed over at a friends, a lukewarm trickle came out so I just stood there avoiding it for five minutes, came out pretending I was all refreshed. Why didn't I just ask?!

Janethegirl Thu 30-Oct-14 22:22:32

The worst thing is staying at a friends and the bathroom is so filthy you wouldn't go in the shower or bath and there's no cloths or cleaning products to sort it out. I always ensure I take baby wipes with me now as a backup hmm

IrenetheQuaint Thu 30-Oct-14 22:30:47

Oh God weird showers. Strip off. Stand in the shower. Fiddle with controls. Nothing for ages, then a violent Jet of freezing cold water. Give up. Dry self and get dressed. Go to find friends and inquire, looking v thick, how shower works. Friend gives hmm look and explains how easy it is.

Return to bathroom. Remove clothes. Get in shower. Spend 5 minutes trying to remember friend's instructions. Attacked by sudden boiling jet of water that then immediately goes cold. Give up. Get out of shower. Dry self and get dressed again.

Friend asks if you managed to get hang of shower. Lie.

WitchWay Thu 30-Oct-14 22:32:02

Agree - I hate other people's showers. It's compounded by the fact that I'm very short-sighted so I can't read the dials without my contact lenses (not in yet as first thing in the morning) or glasses (who wears glasses in the shower?)


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