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To go swimming at 40 weeks pregnant?

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Stripylikeatiger Wed 22-Oct-14 11:44:22

I'm wondering if there is any unwritten rules about this, I'm mostly concerned about the risk of my waters breaking in the pool and contaminating the pool.

It's pregnancy number 2 and my waters didn't break until I was in labour with dc1 so it's probably very unlikely that they will break in the pool!

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Wed 22-Oct-14 11:45:55

I'm impressed that you're contemplating moving at all. Are you having any niggles? If not, I don't see why not. No worse than a kid doing a poo I suppose.

EmmaGellerGreen Wed 22-Oct-14 11:46:22

Not sure if I was meant to, but I swam 12 hours before my waters broke which was the day before my due date. It was sheer bliss. Waters breaking in the pool didn't cross my mind!

SignoraStronza Wed 22-Oct-14 11:47:05

Go for it. I swam right up to the bitter end with dc1 - was the only thing that kept me sane! I was huge too and the lifeguards used to look at me in horror every time I walked past. Didn't end up having a water birth though. wink

Madlizzy Wed 22-Oct-14 11:47:17

Go and swim, you'll be fine. ☺

caeleth84 Wed 22-Oct-14 11:47:18

Have you lost your plug? I think I remember reading that you shouldn't go swimming if you've lost it late in the pregnancy due to risk of bacteria.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Wed 22-Oct-14 11:48:02

Go for it. There's much worse than some amniotic fluid in the pool anyway I'm sure wink that's what the chlorine is for!

AuntieStella Wed 22-Oct-14 11:49:06

Amniotic fluid is sterile, isn't it? So you wouldn't be presenting a risk.

No idea if pool water up your foof when labour could start at any time is a good idea or not, though

Mammanat222 Wed 22-Oct-14 11:52:39

I am sure it is fine!

I am impressed, when I was 40 weeks with DS I was at home eating cake cake

Satsuma25 Wed 22-Oct-14 11:52:56

I swam until I was a week overdue with DS.

Take a water bottle to the pool side so you dont have to get out for a drink,and don't over do it obviously

Stripylikeatiger Wed 22-Oct-14 11:54:07

Oh good! My plug seems to still be intact, I was having painful contractions every 5 minutes last night but that only lasted about an hour. I have a "busy" toddler to entertain and I think swimming will be an easier option than standing around at the park for an hour in the rain!

I was thinking maybe swimming when that pregnant might be a big social faux pas like breastfeeding in the pool, it would be so embarrassing to have to tell the life guard my waters had broken!

whippetwoman Wed 22-Oct-14 11:55:33

I remember going swimming with my toddler on the due date of my second
DC. It didn't occur to me not to! I think it'll be fine if your waters haven't gone. Enjoy smile

thesparkthatbled Wed 22-Oct-14 11:56:46

Emma, I read that as 'I swam for 12 hours shockgrin

FrazzledFandangenstein Wed 22-Oct-14 13:20:38

I went to aquanatal the night before I was induced.

The same midwife took the class and then discharged me from the ward. It was nice.

breakfastinbread Wed 22-Oct-14 13:23:49

I've just been and I'm 39+3! I've not had so much as a twinge yet though, not sure if I'd go if I was having contractions the night before though?

Also, the showers at the gym are larger than my one at home, so it's often the only place I can still shave my legs!

FreckledLeopard Wed 22-Oct-14 13:25:43

I went swimming the night before I went into labour. It was great. I could bob about in all sorts of positions.

GiantGraspingCeramicFist Wed 22-Oct-14 13:25:58

Go for it OP, just don't forget to put your tankini bottoms on grin

SistersOfPercy Wed 22-Oct-14 13:26:39

Idiotic question time....

My waters were broken by the evil midwife and I have little memory of it, but if your waters went when swimming would you necessarily know?

SocksRock Wed 22-Oct-14 13:28:40

I was swimming 6 hours before DS was born and he was 10 days late... Possibily pushing it slightly, but it was for the same reason - to entertain his older sister.

HemlockStarglimmer Wed 22-Oct-14 14:22:55

I went to an aqua natal class at 41 weeks. I got teased for still being pregnant by the midwife and other pregnant women smile Then the class was suddenly cancelled as about ninety* children swarmed into the pool.

I spent the rest of my paid for time bobbing about in the deep end enjoying the weightlessness.

*Probably twenty. At least a coach load at any rate.

BarbarianMum Wed 22-Oct-14 14:24:37

Amniotic water isn't necessarily sterile - it can be full of meconium for a start! That said, Iswam up til 40 +9 w ds2 in a desperate attempt to get him to pivot (was OP). Just swim - as long as you're still got your 'plug'. V unlikely that anything will happen.

PiperIsOrange Wed 22-Oct-14 14:28:10

Go for it, going by the reply it may even start labour off.

foreverondiet Wed 22-Oct-14 14:34:10

Go for it! My sister even asked her midwife is it was ok after she had a show and was told it was fine as long as waters hadn't gone! And she swam 60 lengths, and gave birth that day smile

PenelopeChipShop Wed 22-Oct-14 14:35:29

Enjoy it, I'm another one who was floating around (swimming is probably stretching the truth) the day before my planned CS. I was so huge the water was one of the few places I was actually comfortable. I still remember the dragging feeling on my back as I climbed out and took on my weight again!

Stripylikeatiger Wed 22-Oct-14 18:03:53

Swimming was lovely! I sat ds on a big float and swam around with him on his "boat" for a while, we then went to play in the little toddler pool which was empty apart from us so I sat under some sprinklers and ds ran around me.

My waters didn't go (as far as I know! My friend'a waters went in the shower, or that's where she assumes they went as when she got to hospital she had no watersshock) I'm having quite regular tightenings but they will probably subside soon, this happened for about a week with ds's pregnancy, very frustrating!!

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