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To want to know if I'm pregnant or not?

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DressingGownFrown Fri 17-Oct-14 22:20:40

I've had pregnancy symptoms for a couple of weeks that have dwindled, I have continued testing and everything has been negative or a very, very faint positive that I may be imagining.
I went to the doctor when my symptoms were at their worst to say I have every pregnancy symptom other than a missed period or positive pregnancy test and was told to come back if I missed a period or got a positive.
I expected my period wed or thurs (am on the pill) only got it today (fri) but for a couple of hours this afternoon and I have now stopped bleeding.
Tests still negative.
Anyone have any ideas?

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plentyavino Fri 17-Oct-14 22:22:54

What are your symptoms?

NewEraNewMindset Fri 17-Oct-14 22:28:35

Honestly? I would say you aren't pregnant. Perhaps you had a chemical but if you are around 16dpo and generally producing negative tests and bleeding it doesn't sound great.

loulou282 Fri 17-Oct-14 22:35:30

I had very small bleed for a day when I was 2 - 3 weeks pregnant. Thought I was miscarrying but midwife said its normal to bleed a little when embryo implanting to lining of the womb. Maybe it's that? TTC for baby no. 2 at the moment. Really want to do a test myself now but I think it's too early! Good luck x

BlinkAndMiss Fri 17-Oct-14 22:39:06

I think that sounds like a chemical pregnancy, I had similar. With my chemical I had exaggerated symptoms, negative tests, a very light positive and then bled. With my viable pregnancy I had very few symptoms and they came on gradually.

I'm sorry you're in limbo, I hope you gets clear answer soon.
Keep testing.

AuntieStella Fri 17-Oct-14 22:41:02

Being on the pill can alter the nature of you periods and give you various hormone-driven side effects. If yo ar sure yo have taken I properly, have had no D&V, and are taking no other medicines, it's very unlikely you are PG.

How long have you been on this pill?

DressingGownFrown Fri 17-Oct-14 22:41:19

Thanks, sorry if I'm not making much sense, had some wine tonight after not drinking for weeks (was worried about possible pregnancy) and then getting a period made me think I was safe to!
I was feeling sick, with a crazy sense of smell, period like cramps, mood swings, tired, pretty much every symptom you see when you read online.
Should add I missed a pill, took a pill, then missed a pill quite near the beginning of my pack and had sex then too.
It's not a good time to be preg, have a fiance and a house (rented) but we are still in uni, so was hoping to be a lot more stable before a baby - I've almost got used to the idea of it now though so feeling quite sad / upset at my confusing body sad

DressingGownFrown Fri 17-Oct-14 22:42:14

Been on the pill for 4 years, only on this one for 4/5 months.

Dragonfly71 Fri 17-Oct-14 23:09:19

It's really horrible to be in limbo.Even if it's not the right time for you to be pregnant, it's still sad when you start to think you might be ...and then you're not. If your period continues to be light or thin dark blood and you get faint positives though I would go back to GP just to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Unlikely I know, but this did happen to me so felt I better mention it. Don't want to worry you further though, it is pretty rare! Hope things are less confusing soon x

MsPavlichenko Fri 17-Oct-14 23:09:33

If you have more bleeding/continuing symptoms please go back to the doctor. It could be ectopic. Don't want to worry you but best to get it checked out.

DressingGownFrown Fri 17-Oct-14 23:18:35

That's definitely something that has been worrying me, which is why I've been following everything so closely. I am gluten and lactose intolerant which I'm quite bad at 'cheating' with plus probable ibs, so stomach pains are pretty much a daily occurrence for me, so difficult to use as a reason for other things

Dragonfly71 Fri 17-Oct-14 23:35:17

The pain you get with ectopic is very sharp, stabbing pain and on one side only. The bleeding is like "prune juice". Dark and watery. If your period starts up again as normal and tests are negative then I think you can rule it out. But maybe check the nhs website? I have also had very early miscarriage where tests showed slight positive for a while. All a bit of an emotional rollercoaster isn't it? Hope you're ok.

Serenitysutton Fri 17-Oct-14 23:42:32

It doesn't sound as though you are pregnant. Pill bleeds aren't really reliable especially when you've changed brands, but even so you've not missed one or had a positive test. It seems very unlikely

MsPavlichenko Sat 18-Oct-14 00:29:16

Well I had an ectopic pregnancy and is started with light (bright red) bleeding, and continued on and off like a period. My GP originally thought I was miscarrying, Pain was grumbling rather than sharp, and I still felt pregnancy symptoms.

Please don't rule this out, no need to worry but bear it in mind.

MsPavlichenko Sat 18-Oct-14 00:30:46

I was on the mini pill (as it was known then) when I had my ectopic.

DressingGownFrown Sat 18-Oct-14 16:57:21

So, I still haven't bled again.
Assuming I don't start to bleed again, would I count this as a missed period?
When I say I bled, I wiped and there was a little blood, and expecting my period, put a tampon in. A few hours later I could just tell nothing was happening, so, rather painfully, removed the tampon which had a little dried blood on it.

DressingGownFrown Sat 18-Oct-14 20:55:00

Cheeky bump? blush

Serenitysutton Sat 18-Oct-14 22:18:29

I think all you can do is a proper decent quality test (CB digital
So there is no buggering about worrying about faint lines) in a day or two and go to the GP in a week if nothing has resolved itself. The pregnancy tests are always your most accurate measure, not what your body is doing (particularly as strange bleeds on the pill aren't unusual. Don't forget they're not real periods)

Gem124 Tue 16-Dec-14 20:01:08

Hope you got it all sorted out xx

divingoffthebalcony Tue 16-Dec-14 20:36:55

Why bump a two month old thread? If the OP was pregnant she'd certainly know by now grin

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