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To call our baby Huckleberry?

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queenmools Fri 17-Oct-14 21:12:12

We are really struggling to think of boys' names for our second baby (due in 3 weeks.) We have no idea if it will be a girl or boy. The girl's name is all sorted but we already have one boy and have kind of peaked with naming him. My husband came up with Huckleberry and says he is not joking. I really like it but don't know if I'm brave enough. We are not American and feel it is a very American sounding name so maybe would be out of place. Also would it work for an adult? Would an adult named Huck sound like a complete tosser? I should point out that we live in a very alternative area with lots of unusual names around.

Azquilith Fri 17-Oct-14 21:13:01

Let me guess, surname Finn?

MaryBerrysLostCherry Fri 17-Oct-14 21:14:31

I'm not sure of this at all. You have to think that this will be the name that your baby carries through all the years of his life.

Secretblackandmidnighthag Fri 17-Oct-14 21:15:01

I'd feel a bit of a twat because - same reason as you said - it's very American and I'm not. But there's not really an equivalent here is there. Gooseberry? grin

HowsTheSerenity Fri 17-Oct-14 21:15:35

Huckleberry Hound?

DPotter Fri 17-Oct-14 21:15:36

Please - for the love of whichever deity you worship - don't.

WeirdCatLady Fri 17-Oct-14 21:15:48

You're kidding right?

vestandknickers Fri 17-Oct-14 21:16:03

I hope you're joking!

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Fri 17-Oct-14 21:16:19

I quite like it. What's your other child called?

PacificDogwood Fri 17-Oct-14 21:16:24

Skip the 'Huckleberry', go for 'Finn' grin

ariadneoliver Fri 17-Oct-14 21:16:43

I wouldn't just in case of a resurgence in popularity of retro cartoons.

ThatBloodyWoman Fri 17-Oct-14 21:17:13

Bear Grylls has a son called Huckleberry...

GilbertBlytheWouldGetIt Fri 17-Oct-14 21:17:20

Bloody awful.

He will one day be a teenage boy. He will get called Fuckleberry in high school.

MairzyDoats Fri 17-Oct-14 21:17:22

I'm dying to know what your firstborn is called.

Shakirasma Fri 17-Oct-14 21:17:51

I like it, especially Huck for short.

BOFster Fri 17-Oct-14 21:18:09

Stick with a more British berry and call him or her Rowan grin

Guitargirl Fri 17-Oct-14 21:18:36

What's your husband's name? Would he like to be called huckleberry? You really would be setting up your child for a lifetime of teasing.

zeezeek Fri 17-Oct-14 21:19:13

It sounded good - until you mentioned the shortened version! My two have unusual names (one very Swedish and the other one of the seasons) and they've had no strange reactions - but then, neither are easily shortened....Anyway, you could always give him a more traditional middle name and the option of choosing which name to use.

ByTheWishingWell Fri 17-Oct-14 21:19:40

Fuckleberry grin

Amazing nickname. Just go straight for that.

Smartiepants79 Fri 17-Oct-14 21:19:57

Huck is ok it a bit American try hard for me.
Huckleberry is awful. Please don't.

PureMorning Fri 17-Oct-14 21:20:13

No its wanky.

joanofarchitrave Fri 17-Oct-14 21:20:20

I like Huck but not Huckleberry.

Charles nn Chuck?

Thurlow Fri 17-Oct-14 21:21:01

No. No, no, no, no, no.

In the nicest possible way - dear lord, no.

I'm trying to imagine how hard it would be to keep a polite and non-shocked look on my face when told the baby/toddler before me was called Huckleberry...

It would, however, be an awesome dog's name.

Bartlebee Fri 17-Oct-14 21:21:45

No! People will think you're idiotic.

bauhausfan Fri 17-Oct-14 21:21:52

Huckle on its own, like Huckle the lovely cat-boy from the Richard Scarry books. If you want an American name, I like Forrest. DH vetoed it for our boys because of Forrest Gump but I love it (though I'd probably spell it with one 'r').

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