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To HATE people that smoke under bus shelters

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PepsiTwirl Mon 13-Oct-14 06:37:23

This really really annoys me......

Why do people have to spoke under a bus shelter??

I dont smoke, it's a disgusting habit and Frankly, I don't want to smell of it.

If I were a smoker I would have the decency to smoke away from the bus shelter

angry angry angry angry

ProudAS Mon 13-Oct-14 06:56:31

YANBU and it's not only annoying but, in some cases, illegal. I think the legality depends on how much wall the bus shelter has but it's inconsiderate and there may be individuals with respiratory problems in the queue.

Pippioddstocking Mon 13-Oct-14 06:57:17


GahLinDah Mon 13-Oct-14 07:02:43

YANBU, however you'll get some people telling you that you are.

It's so inconsiderate, I especially hate it when it's raining, they pop into the bus shelter light up, smoke their cigarette then go on their merry way.

There's a bus stop within in the grounds of the local hospital, it's no smoking on site - with designated smoking shelters dotted around.
There are poorly people commuting to and from their appointments, yet people smoke in the bus shelter, staff in uniform too.

I'm asthmatic so it does irritate me quite a bit. And I don't like stinking of smoke.

ElleMcFearsome Mon 13-Oct-14 07:11:32

Round our way, there are stickers in each one reminding people that it's illegal - presumably it comes under the purview of the 'smoking in public enclosed spaces' legislation.

ByTheWishingWell Mon 13-Oct-14 07:15:31

YANBU. It's just selfish and inconsiderate. I used to do it as a (selfish and inconsiderate) teenager because it just never occurred to me that people would have a problem with it. I of course stopped when I grew up a bit.

Now I don't smoke, I can't believe it didn't realise how awful the smell is. Our bus station is more or less enclosed, and people still fill it with a big cloud of smoke. It makes me especially angry when I have DD in the the buggy in there and people light up next to me.

Reformed smoker and mum of PFB all rolled into one....blush

gamerchick Mon 13-Oct-14 07:15:45

Threads like this always make me want to blow smoke through people's letterboxes.

hazeyjane Mon 13-Oct-14 07:18:27

Yes, the bus shelter outside the hospital particularly annoys me. If it is raining and ds and I are waiting for a bus and have to choose between getting soaked and waiting in a smoky fug. It is just inconsiderate.

Sirzy Mon 13-Oct-14 07:19:48

Yanbu, it's as annoying and people standing right outside doors of shops/offices/hopsitals to smoke.

poolomoomon Mon 13-Oct-14 07:35:27

Yanbu. I did used to do it though when I was a smoker blush. I was very unaware that I could be causing anyone distress and tbh I was pretty selfish pre-DC and just didn't care. This was also before the indoor smoking ban and smoking was much more prevalent so chances are I wasn't the only one at the bus stop doing it.

However now I have DC I realise how horrible it is and agreed about outside shops and hospitals too. I used to hate walking into the maternity unit and have to walk past the smoking pregnant women or new mothers at the door sad.

Bearfrills Mon 13-Oct-14 07:43:23

If there's no one else at the bus stop, I don't see the harm. Likewise if there are a few people at the stop and they're all smokers/smoking. Sparking up at a bus stop next to people who aren't smoking though is rude and they should have the manners to stand outside the bus shelter.

In the grand scheme of things though, smoking at a bus stop - three walls, not fully enclosed? - isn't that bad and people have the option to move away from the smoker. I'm not saying it's right that they should have to, simply that they have the option. Far worse is people smoking in cars with children or in the same room as children.

Charitybelle Mon 13-Oct-14 07:47:17


When I recently had to have a blood test at our local hospital phlebotomy unit, people were going outside to smoke right outside the window. It was a boiling hot day and all the smoke was coming back into the room through the windows. Plus it was so busy in the room there was nowhere else for a lot of us to sit. At six months pregnant doing a gtt, I wasn't really in a fit state to stand.
I wish people would think a bit more considerately about others, but unfortunately as someone else just said, I think often smokers don't realise how horrid it is for non-smokers to be in a smoky environment. We're not just being dramatic, the smell makes me feel physically sick and always has done sad

Greenrug85 Mon 13-Oct-14 08:30:51

Yanbu. Also shop doorways and similar places.

If people who smoke are happy to do something that could kill them, fine, but they shouldn't do it in places where they could pass the risk onto others! People who do this are inconsiderate idiots.

PunkrockerGirl Mon 13-Oct-14 08:38:29

gamer grin

I was thinking only yesterday that the hysteria surrounding people smoking outside seems to have died down on here. Seems I was wrong.

TheStarsLookDown Mon 13-Oct-14 08:38:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StepCatsmother Mon 13-Oct-14 08:43:25

It's odd because as an occasional smoker I feel just as odd lighting up when there are non-smokers in the vicinity.

There's a café I go to a lot with outside seating generally used by the smokers (every table has an ashtray). However, naturally in nice weather, non-smokers sit out there too.

The last time I was there sat with coffee and my book, with plans for a crafty ciggie, a lady with a small child came and sat on the table next to mine and I just couldn't bring myself to light up. Maybe I'm being daft but it wouldn't have felt right. Not sure if that was because of the small child or the fact she had food.

I think that because there seems to be less smokers about some have become much more conscious about when and where they partake?

GahLinDah Mon 13-Oct-14 08:43:53

It's not hysteria really. If you're a non smoker it's pretty unpleasant to have it blown all over you.
Imagine if somebody sat next to you at the bus stop and proceeded to let rip loads of noxious farts, it's raining outside so moving isn't an option, no matter where you stand in the area you're breathing in eggy arse gas. It's sort of like that.gringrin

ByTheWishingWell Mon 13-Oct-14 08:49:08

Good points from Bear. My comment was made about people smoking while I'm next to them, particularly in our quite enclosed bus station. I'm not precious enough to object to people smoking under an open, empty bus shelter. grin

Latara Mon 13-Oct-14 08:50:25

This has annoyed me too so YANBU.

But I hate everything about smoking - at present I'm caring for women aged 60s up to 90 with Exacerbations of COPD who can't move away from their beds because they need oxygen. All were smokers.

PunkrockerGirl Mon 13-Oct-14 08:50:57

It comes across as hysteria. Smokers were hounded out of public buildings and now people complain when they smoke outside.
It's the filthy looks and hand flapping which are offensive, imo, not the smoking.
I don't smoke, btw.

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Mon 13-Oct-14 08:52:25

YANBU. There are a lot of people who have to use buses for reasons of ill health. Breathing in someone else's second hand smoke is only going to make it much worse. Not that healthy people want to breathe in smoky air, either. Bus stops are not big enough to 'just move away'. Why should the non smoker have to move from the queue/seat and be the one to move? What if they have a condition that makes it hard/painful to stand?

They are like dog owners who leave their dog's dirt on the pavement. No consideration for others.

Surfsup1 Mon 13-Oct-14 08:56:10

Like farting in a lift really.


Greenrug85 Mon 13-Oct-14 09:04:54

Smokers were "hounded out of buildings" because their smoking habits were being inflicted on others.

BramwellBrown Mon 13-Oct-14 09:06:33

YANBU. I smoke and get the bus everywhere, if I want a cigarette whilst waiting for the bus I walk away from the bus shelter, if its raining i either get wet or don't smoke.

Baaaaaaaaaaaa Mon 13-Oct-14 09:14:53

Ah, well, I'm the sort who, if there are signs which stipulate 'No Smoking' and a person then lights up, I'll point it out to them and ask them to put it out. Most often they take offence, but I reiterate the point and enforce it with the fact that it is illegal.

If the shelter has no signs then they are free to smoke to their heart's content.

Dirty, smelly disgusting habit which should be confined to people's own homes and not inflicted on anyone else.

If only smokers realised how truly awful they smell, they'd be giving up in absolute droves. But they're usually too arrogant to give a toss because it's all about them and their dirty little habit.

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