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to be expecting a lot of compensation from Thomas Cook

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zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:19:10

Have came back from Tunisia and my full family, me, do and dd(2.5) have been diagnosed with cryptospridiun. I've had to take 2 weeks off work, hubby at least 2 weeks and dd is off nursery for at least 2 week's. When I called them up to complain they said it will take 25 days for them to get in touch with me. What amount of compensation would you expect. The holiday cost £1,800 (*edited by MNHQ*), and my loss of earnings is 400, dhs 500 and dds nursery fees are 50.00. Would it be unreasonable to ask for the loss of earnings as compo?

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sat 11-Oct-14 15:22:20

18000 for a holiday? YABU

zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:25:26

Should of checked what I'd wrote should say 1800

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 11-Oct-14 15:25:35

How can you prove where you got it from?

It can be up to 12 days before symptoms show so if you've only been away for a week it is possible (unlikely I know) but possible that you picked it up here and have been merrily spreading around their resort.

It is annoying but unless there is a major outbreak int he resort you were in that can be traced back to a particular point then I don't think you have a case on your hands.

BitchPeas Sat 11-Oct-14 15:25:35

Did you mean £1800?

So that, plus loss of earnings and nursery fees are £2750?

WhoLetTheDogsOut Sat 11-Oct-14 15:25:59

That's what I thought! Maybe a typo?

Sounds dreadful, hope you are all feeling better soon.

Would your insurance cover any loss of earnings? Are you/DH not entitled to SSP at all.

nomorecrumbs Sat 11-Oct-14 15:28:37

Wow, did you not mean to type 1800, OP?

zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:30:27

We went on the 14th sept came back on the 28th and became Ill the week returned. Environmental health have confirmed it's 99% sure it's from our holiday. I'm giving all the figures to try and get a 2nd opinion on claim amount we were going to ask for just loss of earnings and nursery fees.

Sallyingforth Sat 11-Oct-14 15:33:10

Did you eat or drink outside of the hotel while at the resort?

Iced drinks at a bar or cafe are the most common source of infection. It's quite possible that Thomson are not responsible at all. They will know by how many other complaints they get from the same hotel.

raltheraffe Sat 11-Oct-14 15:33:57

The going rate for food poisoning is 2k per person. However just having food poisoning is not enough to win the claim as you need to prove it was caught from the hotel restaurant/water and not when eating out. You would need medical evidence and ideally witness reports from other people at the hotel who also got ill. There has to be a 51% burden of proof. I went through this and got nothing because I did not get the correct medical evidence.

zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:36:09

Didn't leave the hotel for the full two weeks.

Anewmeanewname Sat 11-Oct-14 15:40:22

What about travel insurance?

Optimist1 Sat 11-Oct-14 15:40:25

Didn't have anything to eat or drink at the airport on the way home?

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 11-Oct-14 15:42:51

You didn't leave the hotel for 2 weeks! <<considers posting things that have sod all to do with the question>>

Well if the relevant agencies have traced it back etc then good luck.

zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:44:15

A can of 7up for me, and can of coke dh. Dd didn't have anything as she had a cup full of juice from the hotel.

Anewmeanewname Sat 11-Oct-14 15:45:17

No offense intended op, just genuinely curious: why go all the way to Tunisia to just stay in a hotel for two weeks?

Anewmeanewname Sat 11-Oct-14 15:45:44


ilovepowerhoop Sat 11-Oct-14 15:45:47

which hotel was it so we can avoid it?

zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:45:52

IAM, we went to Tunisia and it had everything we needed/wanted to do on the complex ie beach, waterpark, market, 7 pools...

borisgudanov Sat 11-Oct-14 15:47:30

" Didn't leave the hotel for the full two weeks."

Aye, right.

YABU to expect a court to believe that.

ihavenonameonhere Sat 11-Oct-14 15:48:12

That will be from the swimming pool. It's passed when people leave poo particles in swimming pools. It's hard to see if a pool has it as when you test the water it has to be in that specific test.

It's a nasty bug, I was a holiday rep in a hotel that got it and we had people hospitalised with it.

I would see a lawyer otherwise they will fob you off

zobey Sat 11-Oct-14 15:50:33

Ihave thanks for the information. Our daughter had a fave pool that we spent the full two weeks in with her and have proof of this of a member of hotel staff that we are still in contact with.

TheStarsLookDown Sat 11-Oct-14 15:52:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDeVere Sat 11-Oct-14 15:59:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sallyingforth Sat 11-Oct-14 16:02:39

If you stayed at the resort then the pool is the most likely. But there will be lots of other sufferers from the same source.

Have you asked a member of hotel staff that we are still in contact with if anyone else caught it?

If Thomson have not had any other complaints you will not have much chance of compensation. Have you claimed on your insurance?

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