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To buy maternity jeans even though I'm not pregnant?

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Twinklestar2 Mon 06-Oct-14 01:44:54

Had my baby boy 8 weeks ago but I've seen some maternity jeans and I really want them! They're a lovely colour and in the sale and I find an elasticated waist so comfortable these days.

They'll be great for summer next year.

So AIBU to wear maternity clothes even when I'm not pregnant? They're just like jeggings, aren't they?!

AlpacaMyBags Mon 06-Oct-14 01:48:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Butterflywings168 Mon 06-Oct-14 01:54:03

Hell no, YANBU. I LOVE my jeggings and I am not yet and have never been pregnant. They are so comfy.

ILoveGlyfada Mon 06-Oct-14 01:54:10

Go for it! I have been thinking about buying some new ones as my stomach stayed rather large and I am so uncomfortable in normal jeans.

ScrambledeggLDCcakeBOAK Mon 06-Oct-14 02:08:16

I love maternity jeans.

They are great for my ibs stomach

I don't wear the massive belly ones as without a bump it reaches my bra grin

steff13 Mon 06-Oct-14 02:51:52

I wore my maternity capri pants for a whole year after I had my daughter. Go for it!

Aherdofmims Mon 06-Oct-14 03:00:48

They are v nice. But you might not feel the same way about it next summer. Plus 8 weeks is v early and you will undoubtedly lose weight by the summer.

I would probably not but wouldn't judge you if you did!

Twinklestar2 Mon 06-Oct-14 05:59:08

Thanks all! Think I'll order them grin

MoominKoalaAndMiniMoom Mon 06-Oct-14 08:13:10

I progressed from mat jeans going into the hospital to jeggings coming out and there's no difference (other than mat jeans being expensive). I'd never worn jeggings before, but i loved maternity jeans and now I can't imagine fastening buttons and zips grin

Lagoonablue Mon 06-Oct-14 08:14:48

I bought 2 maternity cardigans from Next in 2006 and still wear them! Lovely material and colours and nice and flowing so though they covered my bump they still look nice without one!

KittyandTeal Mon 06-Oct-14 08:18:28

My maternity linen trousers are still my holiday trousers of choice, and dd is 2.

I am now pregnant again (early days) but as looking forward to getting a whole new maternity wardrobe, some comfortable.

My topshop maternity jeans lasted till dd was almost a year old!

jendot2 Mon 06-Oct-14 08:45:24

I buy maternity jeans and ds is 10....lmao
My tummy is a size 20 but my legs are about a 16... Normal size 20 fits my tummy but is baggy everywhere else....size 16 fits everywhere else but is too tight on the tummy, size 18 don't fit anywhere!!!!
Size 16 maternity are perfect smile next are especially good for being discreet maternity clothes.

roundandround51 Mon 06-Oct-14 08:47:25

I had the most incredible Paige maternity jeans. The leg was fab but I gave them away when I was done. Wearing elasticated waists is never good for weight control !

DealForTheKids Mon 06-Oct-14 08:48:28

I've never been pregnant and one of my favourite dresses is a stretchy jersey dress from Topshop (think the type that reallllly shows off a bump).

I bought it in the sale and didn't realise it was from the mat range - I've got a long torso so the extra material is fab!

I have, however, cut the label out wink

MrsMook Mon 06-Oct-14 08:52:12

I had to buy a new set of maternity trousers after DS was born by CS. My bump was too big to wear over the bump styles, but they were then unwearable because the waists put pressure on my wound so I had to buy over the bump for comfort. They were used for a few months until I bought the next size of standard trousers before I returned to my normal size. Both sets of trousers were used in my next pregnancy. It was more comfortable in the bloat phase having a stock of bigger trousers than it was the first time.

upduffedsecret Mon 06-Oct-14 10:49:32

I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and have never had maternity clothes sad

WorraLiberty Mon 06-Oct-14 10:55:59

Nor me upduffed

cherrybombxo Mon 06-Oct-14 11:01:44

I love maternity clothes and I've never been pregnant and hope not to be for at least five years! The trousers keep all my wobbly bits in check and I managed to get a gorgeous ASOS Maternity dress, exactly the same dress as one I'd seen in the "normal" range, £10 cheaper in the sale and a size smaller than I'd usually wear. Winner grin

ScrambledeggLDCcakeBOAK Mon 06-Oct-14 13:21:25


If you want some for cheap

Charity shops
New look (esp the sale)

I never pay full price for anything! grin

upduffedsecret Mon 06-Oct-14 14:33:11

I fitted in my ordinary clothes all the way through both pregnancies. No idea if I'll manage it this time yet.

travisbrown Mon 17-Nov-14 15:29:11

My wife still wears her <a href="" rel="dofollow"> maternity jeans</a> even though she's not pregnant anymore. So yeah, I think it's okay.

LokiBear Mon 17-Nov-14 15:30:50

I think it's fine. Although you might find them a little baggy with no bump!

DoJo Mon 17-Nov-14 15:38:47

I don't really know why trousers don't all have elasticated waists - no matter what size I've been from an 8 to hugely pregnant and a size 16 post birth, I have never found that normal clothes can cope with even small differences in movement. So standing up might be fine, but kneeling down gives me builders bum and sitting means trousers are gaping at the back and digging in at the front. If I get trousers which are comfortable when I'm sitting, I constantly have to hoik them up if I want to walk anywhere and need to adjust my belt if I expect to stand for any length of time. Am I just oddly shaped, or is 'fashion' so ingrained that comfort doesn't get a look in at all any more? (Quite prepared to believe I am oddly shaped BTW, but if there are any more of us out there maybe we could kickstart some kind of stretch waist comeback!).

whitesandstorm Mon 17-Nov-14 15:43:20

I love wearing anything stretchy round the waist, the only trouble is I tend not to notice when I've put weight on, until the day I put my normal jeans on and struggle to fasten them.

Sarkymare Mon 17-Nov-14 15:48:14

I had my DS a year ago now and I still like to wear my maternity jeans. They are so comfortable. I can't wear them out of the house though as my bum and thighs were bigger during pregnancy than they are now which stretched the material and has left me with a saggy bottom. With a brand new pair though that wouldn't be a problem.

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