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Prank stories!

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AlwaysLurking38 Sun 28-Sep-14 03:24:01

Not an AIBU or maybe it is depending on how funny you think the prank was lol. Does anybody else have any prank stories that have gone wrong ( or not )

Last week it was my mums birthday. Sister lives far away so got flowers delivered. She asked me to take a picture so she could see if they were like the picture online.

I thought it would be incredibly funny to get a bunch of flowers my mum already had, get a few twigs and leaves out of garden and send them as a picture instead! I thought my sister would know it was a joke.

I emailed her the pic and said "mum said thanks for the flowers but why is there a twig in it" didn't hear anything back from her so waited in suspense.

Few hours later sister rang mum upset and angry saying shed rang the florist and gone mad about them. I was shock blush and immidiatly owned up and sent the real pictures. Sister was not amused but did calm down after a while lol.

Still makes me chuckle imagining her face as she opened the email haha. But I do wish shed emailed me back instead of ringing up the florist blush

Picture included for your entertainment! Share your stories ladies I'm in the mood for a good laugh grin

pombearsforbrunch Sun 28-Sep-14 08:09:12

I wouldn't have called the florist, but I do think this was a crap thing to do to your sister.

SassySugarCane Sun 28-Sep-14 08:12:29

Yeah I do think that was a bad idea. Meanie.

Charitybelle Sun 28-Sep-14 08:19:22

Ha ha, this is very much something I would have thought about doing and then chickened out! Hilarious but did your sis have to ring back the florist to apologise, or is she just going to avoid them forevermore?

MokunMokun Sun 28-Sep-14 08:22:39

I think it's quite funny but if I were you I'd ring the florist and apologise and perhaps leave them a great online review. I'm rubbish at practical jokes so I could see this happening to me.

Myhensareladies Sun 28-Sep-14 08:24:41

I think it's soooo funny!

helensburgh Sun 28-Sep-14 08:26:06

It's something I would do and then regret!


Cric Sun 28-Sep-14 08:26:45

This is something my family would do.... We would all know it was a joke! It is funny!

Only1scoop Sun 28-Sep-14 08:28:11

Love it .... I love practical jokes I'm so immature

Angelto5 Sun 28-Sep-14 08:41:46

My db did a good prank on my uncle.
As they work together they used to regularly drive up the local town to get dinner in his car.
While my brother was left in the car he changed all his radio stations to kerrang(my uncle detests it) & turned it up really loud then switched it off.
So when he was driving home alone he switches it on & .........grin

KnackeredMuchly Sun 28-Sep-14 09:08:59

Not a prank but when my DH was at uni doing exams I bought him a massive Dominoes to be delivered to his flat as a surprise.

A hoohaa with the driver later - he knew it had been paid for but figured it was on his account so sent it back for a refund sad

ScrambledEggAndToast Sun 28-Sep-14 09:30:59

Staying in a hotel room once and got into bed at 10pm. At midnight, the radio alarm clock came on at full pelt with the local radio. We nearly hit the roof with the shock gringrin

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Sun 28-Sep-14 16:05:42

When my uncle got married my dad and his brothers and sisters and their spouses decorated the car with the usual bits and pieces (ribbons, shaving foam, tins etc.) But they also added a few more 'adornments' in the shape of fresh fish. A few on the engine, some in the boot, some slipped under the front seats, in the glove box, in the box in the bit between the seats, in the door pockets, in the pockets behind the front seats. My uncle and aunt were on a driving holiday round France for their two week honeymoon and it took them days to find all the fish and they couldn't find the one that my other uncle had put in the springs of the back seat and he had to tell them where it was when they got back.

ThirdPoliceman Sun 28-Sep-14 18:31:26

When I got married a guest treated my ex and I to a bottle of champagne to open when we went to our room. We put the chilled bottle into my case. My cousin got the key to the room and stuffed loads of confetti into the suitcases. Unfortunately as the bottle had been chilled, moisture from condensation caused the dye from the confetti to bleed all over my new honeymoon clothes, ruining about half of them.
How I laughed when I unpacked. Laughed until tears ran down my face. Sobbed my heart out.

fluffyraggies Sun 28-Sep-14 18:51:19

Not a great fan of practical jokes. The fish in the car was nasty, i think, and thirdpoliceman's one are the reason why i stay away from 'hilarious pranks'.

While on the subject i've noticed that many of the prank videos on youtube etc these days are simply some stupid wanker thinking it's ok to pull a gun on someone or put on a mask and jump out of the bushes at lone women and then go 'oh - it's just a prank' ..... hmm ha bloody ha.

PiperIsOrange Sun 28-Sep-14 18:55:08

There is a time and a place for pranks.

Some are just pure mean and not funny at all.

phantomnamechanger Sun 28-Sep-14 19:18:04

blimey the one setting someone's car radio to loud is downright dangerous, they could have jumped out of their skin and caused a nasty accident!

the fish in the car is also disgusting and not a bit funny. genuine health hazard there. yuk.

Bulbasaur Sun 28-Sep-14 19:23:07

When I was a teen, I thought it would be funny to get all the fish out of our fish tank and leave them in our drinking glasses in the cupboard. It was. My mother was very confused when she opened up the door and there were a bunch of fish swimming in the glasses. grin

Yes, the fish were fine.

No, we did not get diseases. smile

jellybelly701 Sun 28-Sep-14 19:28:18

My mum once had a stinking cold and begged my stepfather to buy her some Vicks to help ease congestion. He gave her a tissue with the Vicks on and she took a nice deep breath. It was stink bomb. Not only did it unblock her nose but she could still smell 'rotten eggs' hours later.

CatKisser Sun 28-Sep-14 19:38:29

Last year my delightful year sixes pranked me. I had six of them in for pre school SATs booster and I was walking down the corridor to the classroom. Two of them came out looking really shamefaced and upset - they were apologising saying they were "really sorry, it was an accident."

Apparently they'd been messing around and shattered my computer screen. My jaw dropped when I saw it.....until I realised they'd simply changed the wallpaper to a broken screen picture! They laughed themselves silly. I should have bollocked them for touching my computer but they were good kids and it was quite funny!

On the less funny side, a friend of mine started work in a busy kitchen and the chef asked him to pass a plate. It had been in the oven for fifteen minutes.

MokunMokun Sun 28-Sep-14 20:31:06

I hate mean pranks. My boss once gave me a phone number to call and it was a recording of a guy yelling at you but I didn't realise it was a prank and ended up crying in the toilets. I had been having a bad day.

Our family is still not allowed to mention the birthday where they thought it would be hilarious to use those magic candles on my birthday cake that you can't blow out. They know I have no sense of humour about these things!!

For April Fool I was going to do the prank where you put your child's bowl of cereal in the freezer over night with the spoon in it. I think that kind of prank is ok. Or putting food colouring in the milk. Another one is to call your DH through when you are having a bath and then slipping an empty bottle under the water so it looks like you are doing a massive fart. Silly pranks can be fun.

FreeWee Sun 28-Sep-14 20:53:52

Love it! Sometimes pranks are mean or wanky but I think that was genius! The twig should have made it a dead give away. I'd possibly phone the florist and apologise but I wouldn't lose sleep if I was you. I'm not a fan of practical jokes but sometimes it's just a bit of fun.

AlwaysLurking38 Mon 29-Sep-14 00:01:34

Ooh some of these are a bit shock but I did like the fish in the glasses lol.

Whenever I tell her something she always assumes I'm joking so I honestly thought shed know the flowers were a joke. I havnt spoken to her for a few days so don't know if she's rang the florist back or not, I shall wait and see what her next email says,

TeracottaTurtle Mon 29-Sep-14 00:12:06

Thirdpoliceman...I wouldn't have viewed that as a 'prank' as such. More someone's unrealistic expectations that it would be nice when you opened your case and confetti burst everywhere like snow iyswim.

TeracottaTurtle Mon 29-Sep-14 00:13:17

I don't think the car radio is dangerous at all as it would have come on as soon as you switched the engine on. The handbrake would still be on, you couldn't crash as wouldn't have driven anywhere.

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