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AIBU to agonise over which iPad to buy??

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RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:26:38

I acknowledge that this is a first world problem, but I am genuinely frustrated!

My existing iPad is now over 4 years old and just doesn't work anymore. So for my birthday I've decided to treat myself to an iPad with the money I've been saving up.

I absolutely cannot decide whether to buy the iPad Mini or the iPad Air. All I know is that I want a white one blush

Please could someone help me out?? Any suggestions from people who have used either or both?

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:38:56

Meant to say that I use my iPad all the time and everywhere- at home, while travelling, on my work to work etc. And I also tend to use it to store a lot of pictures and to watch videos

Glastokitty Sun 28-Sep-14 02:39:25

I have an air and love it.

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:41:51

Well, to add to your confusion the new ones should be out mid October grin

However, you will still need to decide which size you prefer.

I like the Mini because it fits in a bag really easily - it's small and light, so I wouldn't think twice about taking it with me. The iPad is the sort of size that I think about whether I need it or not.

I like the Mini because I can hold it for ages without my hands hurting - not so the iPad.

I wouldn't be without a laptop so my use at home is mostly in bed or if I just want to read something, book something, check something quickly... so a Mini is perfect.

I think if it's the only thing you use you might be better off with the slightly bigger iPad?!

What would you mostly use yours for?

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:42:17

do you find it easy and light to carry around or do you reckon the mini would be better for that?

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:42:29

xposted with your second post smile

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:44:18

are they really coming out with the new ones in October??

Gosh that is annoying. angry I hate it when you buy a brand new Apple product only to have your bubble burst because a new one is already out!

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:46:57


Thanks for the inputs smile

I'd use my iPad for everything really- browsing the net, watching and downloading vides, reading books, facebook, sending emails, etc etc.
And I use mine constantly. I even use it in the kitchen while I'm cooking. I basically can't be without it.

The one I have is the iPad 2 and it's bloody heavy to carry around, but I have still done it.

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:48:46

Supposedly, yes. But you know what Apple is like for confirming anything!

I'm waiting to see if the iPhone 6 works out or is too bendy, if there continue to be too many issues I'll either go for the 5s or go cheap and get the motoG.

So I want to upgrade my phone first and then see if I still want a Mini or not. I think I do, but it's a lot of money (upgrading my phone, getting a new laptop and a new mini - eek).

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:49:27

So are you MNing on it now?

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:51:40

I've been using a friends Mini, it's great for browsing, it's good for booking stuff etc, it's fine for reading MN, but I really dislike typing on it. The keyboard is quite small and takes up a lot of the screen. I couldn't MN on it like I do the laptop - hmm... maybe a good reason to do without a laptop grin

I know if I got the iPad I wouldn't take it out anywhere near as much as I would if I had the mini, but I don't know if I get a good phone if I need a mini or not as well - gahhhhhhh

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:52:23

My laptop needs replacing too sad I'd love the new iPhone but I just got the 5s this year (I'd been using the 3G until January and it was getting embarrassing)

Ideally, I would also like to buy the new iPhone, an iPad and a new laptop grin But I really don't have the money for it!

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:54:01

I'm working on the theory that I don't know which one I'll get, but the ones out now will be cheaper when the others are released - so I'll either spend the money and get the latest one, or spend less to get what's available now. I hope they release them on the 13th as I'd like to have it for half term! IF I get it ... need to sort the bloody phone out first.

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 02:54:50

Currently on my laptop because the iPad's battery died.

You make a good point about the keypad and the ease of typing. I might pop into an Apple store tomorrow and try typing on both the Air and the mini. I do want the option of being able to type easily on my ipad!

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:55:11

You want embarrassing? My current phone isn't even a smart phone grin

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 02:57:21

I think it depends what you are used to. I have a 7 yo HP laptop which I love (I'm only looking to replace it because it just can't handle the storage now) and I don't have a smart phone or tablet, so I find them bloody annoying to type on and the mini is just grrr. But if you are used to the ipad typing the mini might seem fine.

The new mini looks to be an air - so much lighter.

RoseWater5 Sun 28-Sep-14 10:51:49

I'm no closer to deciding which one I want out of the two. In fact, I am now thinking I will buy neither and see if the new one releases in October/November sad

It's really disappointing and annoying to have wait though, because my existing iPad is not very workable.

Joshuajosephspork Sun 28-Sep-14 10:59:27

My son has the air and compared to the 2, which I have, it's soooo much lighter so, if you are used to the 2, unless size is a real issue for you (oooer missus) I'd go with that. Or you could wait

Preciousbane Sun 28-Sep-14 11:05:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Username12345 Sun 28-Sep-14 11:28:52

YABU Apple is a pile o' steaming shite!

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 11:57:33

Morning Username - your usual cheerful self I see smile

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 28-Sep-14 11:59:19

I've been waiting the the iPhone 6 & the new iPads ages. It's only a couple of weeks now Rose , we just have to nurse the current ones through a bit longer smile

RoseWater5 Mon 29-Sep-14 00:02:33

OK, decision somewhat made.

I read online on Macrumours that the new iPad mini is coming out mid-next year while the iPad air will release around November before Christmas time.

So if I decide on the mini then I will buy it now. But if I decide on the Air then it makes sense to wait another few weeks for the new one.

At the moment I am leaning more towards the mini. It's so cute grin

dalekanium Mon 29-Sep-14 00:22:06

Mini retina.

Crisp display and supremely portable. I find the ipad too big. My mini fits in my dressing gown pocket. I can loll in bed or in the garden reading one handed, bit it is plenty big enough for watching iplayer with.

Guess what I'm using to type this.

ElizaCBennett Mon 29-Sep-14 00:27:16

I'm in the same boat. My iPad is the original and struggles on lots of new websites. I also need a new laptop and intend to go Apple for that also.

I don't know whether to get a new iPad (air or mini) now and wait for the MacBook Air refresh the trades are taking about or just bite the bullet; buy the MacBook Air and wait for the iPad refresh. First world problems I know but very frustrating all the same that I can't seem to make a decision.

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