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to want to tell someone I might be pregnant?

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CheerfulYank Sun 21-Sep-14 05:14:05

I don't want to tell anyone in RL. I don't want a baby now but we would be fine.

I just wanted to say it out loud. Which I didn't. But typing is okay too. smile

...that's it, basically.

musicalendorphins2 Sun 21-Sep-14 05:20:01


PotteringAlong Sun 21-Sep-14 05:20:04

Ok smile

May I offer tentative congratulations (Just because you said about not wanting a baby right now)? Or is that not appropriate?

lettertoherms Sun 21-Sep-14 05:20:21

Oh, CheerfulYank! I didn't expect your name when I clicked on this.

Have you tested yet?

We're here for congratulations or hand-handholding. thanks

CheerfulYank Sun 21-Sep-14 05:22:19

No it's fine. If indeed it turns out I am, I will be happy smile But I'd rather not be, to be totally honest.

I have a seven year old and a 16 month old. Even though I didn't it feels like I just had a baby, you know?

We did/do want more, but I was thinking of trying in the winter or early spring. Trying to shift this weight.

LatteLoverLovesLattes Sun 21-Sep-14 05:23:37

Hey you, long time no chat - it's an old friend in a new (temp) coat smile

Pregnant huh... sounds good to me. I'd love newborn snuggles so feel free to FedEx the baby over to me - I'll send photos back grin flowers

Of course you'll be OK if you are - you can always tell B Dog to watch Peter Pan and put him on Nanny duties grin

CheerfulYank Sun 21-Sep-14 05:25:27

Hi letter! I haven't tested yet, I will if o don't get my period in the next few days.

I certainly don't feel pregnant but I don't feel like I have PMS either. confused Usually one day month I feel like life is terrible and DH and I are headed for divorce blush and then I get my period the next day or so and think "ohhhh..."

I don't know. By my reckoning I'm about five days late. When would I have conceived? I don't understand how it all works which might explain a pregnancy

CheerfulYank Sun 21-Sep-14 05:26:17

Latte who are you?? grin Message me!

LatteLoverLovesLattes Sun 21-Sep-14 05:41:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LatteLoverLovesLattes Sun 21-Sep-14 05:44:14

See that was meant to be a PM... sleep deprivation is not my friend! I've asked MN to delete it for me smile

CheerfulYank Sun 21-Sep-14 05:46:37

Hahaha! Of course I remember you grin

LatteLoverLovesLattes Sun 21-Sep-14 06:03:05

So will everyone else now grin FFS.

mathanxiety Sun 21-Sep-14 08:32:56


I will raise a glass for you if it turns out to be true, Cheerful wine

You would have conceived 12 to 16 plus perhaps three days ago, plus the five days you are late, unless I have completely forgotten everything about these matters, which is entirely possible.

LatteLoverLovesLattes Sun 21-Sep-14 11:14:58

Thank you MNHQ - GIN on the way smile

scouseontheinside Sun 21-Sep-14 13:09:44

Ooh Cheerful! That sounds exciting - will wait to see how things go for you!


Deftones Sun 21-Sep-14 19:26:09

Congratulations! I fancied getting pregnant in the winter/spring due to my weight...fell first bonk!

DH is over the moon, I'm a bit more apprehensive!

Hope you get the result you want grin

CheerfulYank Mon 22-Sep-14 07:33:58

Still no sign of AF.

Shit. You guys...shit.

Still, I don't think it's possible given the time frame. confused

I feel terrible but think I'm.just coming down with something.

CheerfulYank Mon 22-Sep-14 07:34:34

Oh and congratulations Deftone! smile

GilesGirl Mon 22-Sep-14 07:51:53

PAOS. Only way to know for sure.

Tentative congratulations from me.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Mon 22-Sep-14 07:54:15

Another tentative congrats. At least another baby is on your future plan - sometimes the blighters just like to pop along a bit earlier than we expect is all.

Fingers crossed whatever the outcome you are a cheerful Yank.

CheerfulYank Mon 22-Sep-14 08:16:01

DD's birth was rather brutal and still fresh in my mind. sad

DH has the audacity to be thrilled at the thought.

I'm terrible with my dates but we went on holiday last month at this time so I know for sure that I'd just finished my period this time last month.

Sigh. I feel very strange and ill right now. I'll just keep babbling nonsense at you all smile

I'd love a baby. But...I feel like I'm going to be fat forever if I don't take a stand now.

Thanks for the tentative congratulations grin On one hand I think, I'm so silly, I can't be pregnant and AF will come tomorrow and I'll feel ridicilous.

On the other hand I feel v late and strange.

My ' I'm just coming down with something' is 5 months old wink

ChippingInLatteLover Mon 22-Sep-14 08:52:52

It's not as though you don't want more lovely, snuggly, new born babies! It's just a little sooner than you planned, a little sooner, that's all! It's a good thing. 2 years between DD & the next one would be lovely wouldn't it?

There's plenty of time after this one (if it's even one!) to lose some weight if that's what you want. You can still eat well, not cram too much cake in or whatever & keep exercising <though with DD not sure you have the time or energy for that! grin

Just because DD's birth was hideous, it doesn't mean the next one will be! flowers

Look if it arrives and you decide it's really all too much - just fed ex it over to me grin

fanjobiscuits Mon 22-Sep-14 08:54:54

This book is good for doing what you can for weight and figure while pregnant:

If you are, congrats!

Tiredmumno1 Mon 22-Sep-14 09:49:54

Hiya Yanky smile just wanted to say congratulations, hope you get the answer you and DH want smile

Thinking of you

Massive hugs x

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