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Husband sulking is he BU?

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mumof2wonderfulboys Thu 18-Sep-14 07:46:53

My 4 year old bought a doll in the supermaket last night which my OH was very unhappy about, he says dolls are for girls, he doesn't appreciate the toys he's got and expects too much.

Last night he told our son he is f*cking furious and this morning has ignored him every time he has tried to speak to Daddy.

Is this behaviour being unreasonable?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 18-Sep-14 07:48:07

Err yes it is and you know that. What are you going to do about it?

Sirzy Thu 18-Sep-14 07:48:35

Of course he is being unreasonable. On more than one level.

Coughle Thu 18-Sep-14 07:49:45

No, it's actually called being emotionally abusive. Has he done this before?

Triumphoveradversity Thu 18-Sep-14 07:50:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ledkr Thu 18-Sep-14 07:50:15

He said those words to your 4 yr old?
He's an abusive cunt and a sexist one too.
I'd be out the door.

Sunna Thu 18-Sep-14 07:50:48

He's horrible, what are you doing to protect your son from this creep?

CheesyBadger Thu 18-Sep-14 07:52:02

Disgusting behaviour. Your poor son. What are his grounds? I mean what harm does he think a doll will do? Oh no, your son is learning to be loving, caring, empathic and imaginative. Disaster!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 18-Sep-14 07:52:39

Awful behaviour.

mumof2wonderfulboys Thu 18-Sep-14 07:54:59

Triumph, yes he did, those exact words. Silence is his way of showing dissaproval sad

Vitalstatistix Thu 18-Sep-14 07:55:42

He actually said to a 4 year old "I am fucking furious"? Over a doll?
And now he is giving the child the cold shoulder?

And you even have to ask if he is unreasonable? There is doubt?

yes. He is unreasonable.
furthermore, it is abusive to treat a child like that.

imagine how terrifying it must be to a small child to be ignored when trying to interact with their parent. How insecure they feel.
it is cruel , it is nasty.

TheWanderingUterus Thu 18-Sep-14 07:56:00

I take it your husband never once held your son as a baby.

Judging by his behaviour your son will not be learning how to be a good dad from him, just as well your little one got a baby doll to practice on instead.

Oh and your husband is a prize winning, shit stained, cockwombling dickhead.

MidniteScribbler Thu 18-Sep-14 07:56:27

You have to ask yourself, is this how you want you son to grow up, being emotionally abused by this man?

JustALittleBitLost Thu 18-Sep-14 07:56:35

I would be out the door too. How upsetting. Please defend your son from this horrible behaviour.

KatnissEvermean Thu 18-Sep-14 07:57:45

Your husband sounds like a horrible man. It is awful to treat a child like that.

Vitalstatistix Thu 18-Sep-14 07:59:25

You should read the stately homes threads.
read the views of people who are now adults , how they feel about their parents, how their parents fucked them up.
what your husband does now to that child, that child will be dealing with for a long time. That's why we all have a responsibility to be the best parent we can be.
that means no effing and blinding at them and no silent, anxiety creating, treatment.

GilesGirl Thu 18-Sep-14 07:59:43

Wow. Your husband is a dick.

Does he have any good qualities?

treaclesoda Thu 18-Sep-14 08:00:58

I loathe sulking, it's so childish and selfish. But sulking with a child? What an arse.

Itsfab Thu 18-Sep-14 08:01:02

What a twat

Your poor son

My child had a doll AND A BUGGY and guess what, he isn't gay!! Because we all know that it is the possible reason he has for this twattiness. buying him a doll might turn his son gay.


JohnFarleysRuskin Thu 18-Sep-14 08:02:50

That's not sulking or unreasonable. It's really really horrible.

Your poor little boy.

Does your DH often behave like this towards the children?

LadyLuck10 Thu 18-Sep-14 08:03:13

You really even have to ask???

And your title seems to be about your husband and his feelings rather than about your poor son who doesn't deserve this hmm

shushpenfold Thu 18-Sep-14 08:03:48

Good grief. I don't usually join in with the 'dh did something wrong' threads but he is displaying abusive behaviour and I would be having some pretty serious words with him and also considering personally as to whether I wanted to observe this kind of abuse for the next 30 years.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 18-Sep-14 08:05:54

did he ever carry your ds as a baby? Did he push him in his pram/buggy? Your son will not 'turn gay' by having a doll and yes he is being unreasonable (and mean and nasty)

Aherdofmims Thu 18-Sep-14 08:07:12

Horrible behaviour. If he doesn't change and apologise and ensure it never happens again you will have to leave.

simontowers2 Thu 18-Sep-14 08:08:11

Nice partner you got OP. Good luck with that one confused i. Is he the real dad?

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