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To refuse to buy DS 7 any electronic devices

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babybarrister Sun 07-Sep-14 11:27:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babybarrister Sun 07-Sep-14 11:28:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CadleCrap Sun 07-Sep-14 11:30:35

My DS is 7 soon and he won't be getting any electronics either so YANBU IMO.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 07-Sep-14 11:32:18


I think there are better things that kids could be doing in their free time than playing electronic games. The longer you can restrict his usage, the better.

Brace yourself though, OP - we're gonna be on our own here. grin

littlejohnnydory Sun 07-Sep-14 11:32:56

My 7 year old doesn't have any of these but he does have an iPad that he shares with his 2 sisters. He plays minecraft on it mainly. We do limit the time strictly and he is only allowed to use it in the living room where we can supervise - you can definitely set limits if you choose to have these things! DS is the only child we know who doesn't have a games console.

treaclesoda Sun 07-Sep-14 11:32:59

if that's your decision then that's your decision. It's not what I've chosen for my dc but that doesn't mean I would tell you you're wrong.

Not unreasonable at all.

youbethemummylion Sun 07-Sep-14 11:34:32

How about a laptop? Computers are integral to our lives now and the more practise our kids get the better. My 7 year old is learning computer coding at school!
In terms of being worried he will be on it all the time and in his bedroom that's simple just parent. Say turn that off now you have been on too long or say the laptop/tablet or whatever is not allowed upstairs. Its easy really you don't need the device to do it for you.

EatDessertFirst Sun 07-Sep-14 11:36:27


I'm totally against a lot of screen time for children. We too don't have a PC or iPad. Kids need to be using their imagination and developing motor skills through physical play IMO. They don't need to use technology this young so as koala rightly says, the longer you can hold them off, the better.

WorraLiberty Sun 07-Sep-14 11:36:35

I fear that if he had his own device - of any kind- that he would be on it for hours and probably in his bedroom.

Which would be down to you as his parents to police.

It's your child and your choice but having gadgets doesn't have to mean he'll spend all his time on them...unless you allow him to of course.

seasavage Sun 07-Sep-14 11:37:51

My girls do have their own tablets (at Christmas they were 6 and 7). They wanted them lots for about a fortnight now they barely show an interest other than taking photographs. So no, YANBU they would be utterly wasted.
I am frustrated but as we got them for a 1/3 of their price mostly I am frustrated they have minimal use.

Meglet Sun 07-Sep-14 11:39:16


But I held out until DS was 7. Then I realised a handheld would be a godsend for his hospital allergy appointment waits (all day!). So I bought a second hand nintendo DS from Game and it's really helpful when one of them is ill or during swimming lesson waits. It also takes the pain out of A&E waits, we've had 3 this year hmm.

I made it quite clear it is my console so it's hidden until I say they can have a play on it. It's not a free for all.

seasavage Sun 07-Sep-14 11:41:09

*I am frustrated becsuse they both claim to enjoy IT and I hoped the "educational" games might interest. They are not allowed any games that have no point / where points are avcrued by time spent on them.

Nanny0gg Sun 07-Sep-14 11:48:11

I fear that if he had his own device - of any kind- that he would be on it for hours and probably in his bedroom.

Which would be down to you as his parents to police.It's your child and your choice but having gadgets doesn't have to mean he'll spend all his time on them...unless you allow him to of course.

Why do people demonise 'electronic toys'? They can be just toys, they can be educational, they can be fun!

How long a child spends on it is down to the parents, so limit to half-an-hour, just weekend, whatever.

They are not allowed any games that have no point / where points are accrued by time spent on them.

Oh. God forbid they should just enjoy playing them!

EmeraldLion Sun 07-Sep-14 11:57:17

Dh has a PS3 that the dc are allowed to play on.

I think even the most unlikely looking computer games can have an educational aspect to them, and moderated use can be a good thing, not something I would ban my dc from.

As an example - ds1 (6) has been part of his school football club for 3 years. They have regular training sessions and have been taken to watch professional matches many times. For the past year he's also been playing in the local schools league with matches most weeks.

For the past year or so the coaches of his team have been trying to concentrate on teaching them the rules as well as practically playing the game. But it's surprisingly complex (I never used to think there was any more to football than kicking a ball, but that is so so wrong). It's been a very slow process and is a lot for a 5/6 year old to take in.

Anyway...a couple of months ago dh bought the new FIFA game for the ps3. Ds1 showed a great interest and since the beginning of the summer holidays, has played it probably 3 times a week for an hour. His knowledge of football rules has rocketed, literally. To the point where at 6 years old, he could now sit you down and give you a ten minute lecture on the offside rule, red/yellow cards, various bits of football history, how league tables work and so on. He's pretty much become an expert, and far ahead of what his club expect for his age, in 6 weeks...his coach was astounded.

It's not only increased his knowledge but helped him in his practical play too.

So to me, some games can have very beneficial effects in rl too, and they're not something I would ban completely.

DogCalledRudis Sun 07-Sep-14 12:14:43

We do have plenty of gadgets at home, and they have plenty of screen time. No need to buy a young child something "of his own", well maybe a NintendoDS or PSP at that age only.

Pancakeflipper Sun 07-Sep-14 12:15:42

As the curriculum at school uses IT and many careers use some sort of IT, I have relaxed my own "no gadgets" rule.
My 9 and 6 year old are allowed to use the IPad on apps I have checked. They play on it about 1 hour on a weekend.
I share a laptop with them and both have produced PowerPoint presentations for school topics.
The eldest plays minecraft and stuff on CBBC. He researches stuff linked to his outdoors interests. He probably uses it 1-2hrs a week
We have a wii. It is played on rainy evenings often with their friends after they've done other stuff.

My 9yr old is brilliant at self-regulating himself. He has a variety of interests so this is just an another.
My 6yr old cannot self-regulate as well so I do it for him.

I think it's a balance. I think IT is here to stay and advancing so I want my children to be able to use it sensibly. None of the IT stuff goes in their room.

I think my stance on this comes from having a mother with defined views, very principled who didn't let us do lots of things that she felt inappropriate. I felt odd compared to my peer group. Although I am not letting my children be sheep (because there's part of my mother's attitude in me), I think there's a sensible balance.

fuzzpig Sun 07-Sep-14 12:17:43


My DCs have limited access to an old 2nd hand iPad that we were given (couldn't have possibly afforded even a used one) and the Nintendo DS/wii that were originally ours. So I'm not against it. But there's no way I'd be buying them their own yet, they don't need it as they'd still only get their 30 mins a day anyway.

fuzzpig Sun 07-Sep-14 12:25:57

That said I think now my DD is in junior school it's about time I did a bit more computer stuff with her like typing etc. I'm not sure what the new school expects really. Having said that, DD was pretty much the only one to handwrite her homework projects in yr 2, and despite being a naturally scruffy writer is one of a handful to get a much-yearned-for handwriting pen grin so maybe there's a link there? I didn't want her to rely on typing everything too early if she didn't have to IYSWIM. But I don't want her to be behind either! The couple of times she's tried typing homework it was like pulling teeth...

Sorry went off on a tangent there. Everything in moderation I guess, just like other aspects of life really (but then if we all agreed that was the case, MN would be bloody boring wouldn't it? grin)

Nanny0gg Sun 07-Sep-14 12:35:15

The couple of times she's tried typing homework it was like pulling teeth...

Nanny0gg Sun 07-Sep-14 12:36:11

Sorry, what I meant to put was:

Dance Mat Typing

fuzzpig Sun 07-Sep-14 12:36:27

Yes exactly! blush

fuzzpig Sun 07-Sep-14 12:36:46

Oh sorry x post will check that out thanks

fuzzpig Sun 07-Sep-14 12:38:12

That looks fab, thanks nanny! I was actually going to start a separate thread asking for ideas, but that looks perfect so we will start with that thanks smile

ElephantsNeverForgive Sun 07-Sep-14 12:38:47

All I know is my total tec addicted DD2, is also my sportiest and most active DD.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Sun 07-Sep-14 12:41:21

As long as he has access to a laptop, tablet or smart phone I think it's fine. My DD is 6.5 and I can't imagine she'll be getting her own gadgets for a few years yet.

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