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Bus driver wouldn't let dog on empty bus

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Hubblez Wed 03-Sep-14 09:36:46

I have been taking one of my dogs to work for the last 2 weeks (I work 9.30 - 3 so usually just leave him at home, but the office has been empty and so I was allowed to bring him for company

The office is about a 20 minute walk away, but up a very steep hill all the way, for a while now my knee has been locking and so I've been getting the bus rather than walking (knee is in process of hopefully being fixed!), it's about a 2 minute bus ride literally, it's 2 stops away from where I get on the bus, but up the massive hill

Anyway last week and this week the drivers have let me on with my dog who is Labrador sized, the bus has always been empty except sometimes 1 or 2 elderly people, I go and sit far away from them if they are on as I'm aware some people don't like or are scared of dogs. Have had no problems with drivers or passengers at all though

Today the bus came around the corner and was totally empty, it pulled over to me and the driver told me that my dog wasn't allowed on the bus as he 'would probably' bite people!! The bus was EMPTY, my dog was standing next to me on a short lead and behaving himself, I explained that he behaves well on buses and has been getting them with me for the last week and a half, and that we were only going 2 stops anyway and the bus was empty

The driver still said no because he 'thought the dog was dangerous', and then drove away leaving me to walk up the steep hill and be late for work whilst being in pain from my knee constantly locking

My dog is a rottweiler cross so I suppose he fits the stereotype of a 'dangerous dog' breed, but for the driver to judge him on that when he was clearly next to me, under control and behaving, and the bus was EMPTY! and I only wanted to go for 2 stops, has really annoyed me!

AIBU or is the bus driver? I am worried now about getting the bus with him tomorrow, but it's much nicer for both of us for my dog to be able to come to work with me

Obviously if the bus looked busy for whatever reason then I would understand and probably not even try to take my dog on, but I've been getting the same bus for 3 months now and have never seen more than 2 people on it at a time. I could have put a muzzle on my dog but in my opinion people see dogs wearing muzzles as dogs who will bite and so are wearing them for a reason, and then avoid them further, so don't see how that would have helped my cause

ChickenMe Wed 03-Sep-14 09:39:49

That is silly. The bus driver was wrong. If you need to use the bus frequently I would find out from the company their policy on dogs.

CinnamonVanilla Wed 03-Sep-14 09:40:08

I think that legally, it's at the drivers discretion - so he was probably allowed to deny you access, even if it was unreasonable.

I know someone who made an agreement with a bus company that if they muzzled the dog, all the drivers would let them on as long as it wasn't busy. You could try that, although I've always felt a bit sorry for the dog needing to be muzzled - two stops isn't too bad, though.

nipersvest Wed 03-Sep-14 09:40:11

i think you are at the mercy of the driver with this, as far as i know, policy is yes dogs are allowed on buses but its at the drivers discretion.

primarynoodle Wed 03-Sep-14 09:42:15

my lamp wasnt allowed on a bus so your dog had no hope hmm

bloody buses

nipersvest Wed 03-Sep-14 09:43:39

was your lamp on a lead? wink

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Wed 03-Sep-14 09:43:54

Well our bus company says it's at the drivers discretion whether they let a dog board so I guess here he exercised his discretion on the basis that you dog is quite large and is partly a breed that has a reputation for being aggressive. You dog was under control at the time you tried to board but the driver was entitled to decide he didn't want to take the risk of letting him board. Generally drivers seem to admit small dogs but be more wary to admit larger ones.

ohbladee Wed 03-Sep-14 09:44:30

YABU for not getting a dog big enough to ride to work.

ICanSeeTheSun Wed 03-Sep-14 09:44:56

In my area dogs must be muzzled when on public transport and I think you have to pay a child's fee as well.

HighwayDragon Wed 03-Sep-14 09:45:45

haha noodle you're still bitter about the lamp aren't you! grin

Spanglecrab Wed 03-Sep-14 09:47:00


Your mitigating circumstances are about as valid as saying "what do you mean no petting at the pool? " can't you see my boyfriend is really good looking so I really want to snog him and besides the pool is empty most of the time"

You would be laughed out of the pool! In fact you should avoid going swimming if that's how you feel (ignores content of the op)

SistersOfPercy Wed 03-Sep-14 09:47:38

I remember being on the bus to college when I was 17 and a man got on with an Alsatian. He sat on the front seats. 5 minutes later the dog was sick, so much sick that when the bus started to go uphill it flowed down the bus.
I got off and walked blush

QuintessentiallyQS Wed 03-Sep-14 09:47:54

Maybe the bus driver was scared of dogs? Allergic to dogs?

I dont think that a dog standing quietly for a moment is any indication of future behavior though.

You should get a cart to let your dog pull you up the hill! wink

tryingtocatchthewind Wed 03-Sep-14 09:48:17

That's annoying. I'd have thought he was even less likely to let your dog on with a muzzle though as even as a dog owner and lover I'd be less than keen at sharing a bus with a muzzled rottie cross. Non muzzled I wouldn't care. Stupid isn't it but I assume they are muzzled because they are mean!

QuintessentiallyQS Wed 03-Sep-14 09:49:49

It must have been a dangerous and out of control lamp breed primarynoodle!

I managed to get a massive huge Mitre Saw on a bus, it was tied up in string, does that count?

ClaimedByMe Wed 03-Sep-14 09:50:45

Dogs have to pay to use the buses here but I've never heard of one being refused, the driver was a bit ott!

A lamp not allowed on a bus...did I miss something??

ICanSeeTheSun Wed 03-Sep-14 09:51:07

I don't like dogs muzzled either.

mausmaus Wed 03-Sep-14 09:52:36

actually I think yabu.
imo dogs shoukd be muzzled on public transport (requirement in many countries btw)

have a read through the t&c of the transport provider.

Hubblez Wed 03-Sep-14 09:53:11

Lamps are very dangerous noodle! I could easily muzzle my dog and take him on, he's used to a muzzle (used to chew furniture when I was out when he was younger) and would only have to wear it for 2 mins anyway. I just got the impression that if I brought him on the bus with a muzzle then people would be afraid of him trying to attack them as it kind of implies he is dangerous

Surely that must have to work though - he can't bite when he can't open his mouth so the driver can't really argue against it? I understand it's at their discretion whether the dog goes on or not, just think it was silly when the bus was empty and it was a 2 minute journey

Muzzle time tomorrow then, will see what happens!

BucktoothedGirlinLuxembourg Wed 03-Sep-14 09:53:51

The bus might've been empty when you boarded but others may have got on at subsequent stops. Agree with others saying that the driver exercised his discretion re your dog on his bus.

QuintessentiallyQS Wed 03-Sep-14 09:54:25

Try without the muzzle first, and if busdriver tries to refuse him entry, offer to muzzle maybe?

Hubblez Wed 03-Sep-14 09:54:59

I would have absolutely no problem paying for a ticket for him either, that has never been given to me as an option though. The bus driver didn't mention a muzzle either today, I would have thought he would have if it would have allowed him on, still will muzzle him tomorrow though smile

Hubblez Wed 03-Sep-14 09:56:11

Yes Quint I can always have one in my bag ready to clip on, it only takes 2 seconds to put on him so hopefully won't be an issue if I offer that

ClashCityRocker Wed 03-Sep-14 09:59:36

Our bus drivers are discretionary too, but I've never seen one refused.

It's a PITA and YANBU to feel annoyed, but the driver was in his rights to do so - it's a moot point how friendly and placid you know your dog is - the driver doesn't, and he chose to exercise his discretion - assuming your local bus co have a policy of drivers discretion.

allowme Wed 03-Sep-14 10:18:12

I took a king size wrought iron headboard on the bus once nobody batted an eyelid.

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