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To think this is a new low for the Sun?

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seasavage Mon 01-Sep-14 20:18:41

They are raffling a date with a page 3 model!
Apparently this is a bit of a laugh (according to neighbour I am now having a rethink about getting to know better).
I think it's objectifying women.

OneNight Mon 01-Sep-14 20:25:10

Sorry. I don't think it's possible to sink lower than 'Gotcha'. The Sun itself withdrew it.

Dazedconfused Mon 01-Sep-14 20:27:00

The sun has always been pretty low. Not the worst thing they have done really but is not surprising and pretty demeaning.

Sallyingforth Mon 01-Sep-14 20:27:05

I think it's objectifying women
Of course. That's what page 3 is all about.
Why be surprised?

Andrewofgg Mon 01-Sep-14 20:28:58

Who loathes the Sun more than the DM and vice versa?

LittlePeaPod Mon 01-Sep-14 20:29:55

YABU to take any notice of anything written in there or take notice of anyone that reads it and then further advertise that pile of rubbish by starting a thread.

(Flicks hair whilst stripping off) wink

Shakirasma Mon 01-Sep-14 20:30:14

Not it's not a new low - I speak as the wife of a Liverpool supporter who was at Hillsborough that fateful day.

The Sun is a bottom feeding newspaper who makes no apologies for degrading and objectifying women on a daily basis.

XiCi Mon 01-Sep-14 21:28:39

I agree with shakirasma. You are very naive if you think this even comes close to the Scum's low.

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